Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Seasons greetin's.....

Molly Christmas
and a 
Nappy New Year!   

Monday, 22 December 2014

1,2,3,4 and done!

Sorry this is a bit late, stressful time of year!  I  used the random thingy and did the draws, we have some winners!

First up, the mini charm packs go to Jan of Isisjem.

Next up we have the winner of the cushion, Helen aka Archie the wonderdog!

Now to the hoop....  which will be embroidered to say "not all who wander are lost', its Flo of Butterfly Quilting!

And last, but by no means least, the winner of the Fancy Moon gift voucher.....

goes to the lovely Katy of The Littlest Thistle!  Yay!  

Commisserations to the rest of you, thank you so much for all the comments xxx

Friday, 5 December 2014

Four years / Day Four

********** CLOSED**************

Welcome to day four of my four years four day giveaway!

If you are here for the first time today please have a nosey, a wee read at other posts, and hopefully a wee bitty of a giggle too.
Today I am so excited to bring you what is, in my opinion, an absolutely amazing giveaway!
I am so pleased to be able to celebrate my Four Years blogging in style.

Some of you I know will be familiar with this shop, and I'm hoping that if you weren't before, you'll enjoy a good browse today!

Fancy Moon Fabrics rock.
You know me, you know I love my fabric.  What I also love, is to find SOMETHING DIFFERENT! And there is no shortage of that here!

I'm loving these Dragons....

And who doesnt love Unicorns and Rainbows?!

And Kitties... such cute cute wee kitties...

And for the less sugary, how about one of the latest Ghastlie prints from Alexander Henry?  I am such a Ghastlies addict!

If anyone fancies making a tote for me that Home Sewing II is jsut screaming out to me... so loud it may yet reignite my long, long lost bag mojo...  Then again, I could just stretch some over a canvas when I get my new sewing room wall.... oooh now there's a plan.

The Golden Garden Oriental is just beautiful, I love the teal especially.

Ooooh and dressmakers, how about a 1950' circle skirt (did I mention they do sewing patterns?) in Paola Floral or Melody Millers Skates?

As well as a wonderful range of sewing patterns they also stock some quality notions and batting too.  Blimey where did the last hour go?!

Well now its your turn.  Fancy Moon are offering one lucky winner £50 to spend!  

The rules and regs.

All I ask is that you "Like" their facebook page, and or  "follow" them on Twitter @fancymoonfabrics.  Come back and leave me ONE comment telling me which you did.   I'd love to hear what you'd fancy putting in your basket too if you have the time!  (I'd totally be filling it with ALL of their Fabric Treasure Scrap Packs!)

Fancymoon fabrics have very generously agreed to ship worldwide, so this giveaway is open to one and all!
YOU MUST CHECK YOU ARE NOT A NO REPLY BLOGGER!  If I cannot contact you, you wont win.  My non sleeping no Molly time is limited, I'm not spending hours chasing you.  If you win and I dont get a response from you by christmas, I'll redraw.  Honestly, I'm that mean.  I've said this each giveaway and still I've had over a dozen no-reply entries.  It makes me feel bad...  Dont make me feel bad.....

Giveaway will run til December 18th.


*********EDITED 10TH DEC***********

I'm aware many are having problems with facebook.  I am not, and neither is the shop owner, so we are unable to help :-(
If you cannot facebook or twitter, please still enter - just visit the shop and tell me what takes your fancy!

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Four years / day three


Welcome to day three of my four years four days of giveaways!
 (this post contains bad language, NSFWorKids)

In my third year of blogging, I fulfilled my Spiderweb dream...  or at least I designed the block I wanted, did a tutorial and asked my bee mates to make it!  Lets just say it was met with mixed reception, but everyone did send me blocks, I even got a couple from friends outside of the bee.
Well, for a March 2013 start, we have a November 2014 finish!

Instead of signature blocks I stamped the name and blog name of each contributor on a strip in their blocks, and I love that, I can see right away all my friends names jumping out at me!
Its free motioned in the solid, and I did 2 or 3 rings of hand quilting in various bright perle cottons in each web.  And I bloomin love it!!!

But back to the free stuff!
For day three, I'd like to giveaway an embroidered hoop.

Yes, its empty just now, to win just tell me what you'd like it to say! Here's a wee reminder of some I've done already.

Again, giveaway is open to one and all, just make sure you are not a NO REPLY BLOGGER, I am not chasing you, I need to be able to contact you!  Giveaway will run til the 18th December.