Wednesday, 27 October 2010


This is Ellie cat, my little shadow, who needed her own space on the shelves to stop her sneaking onto my knee when I'm trying to sew.  She's not your normal independent cat, she prefers to follow me around and take her naps wherever I am, like I do... 
Hopefully this will be a blog about whatever I'm up to in the sewing cupboard, but I'll probably make a few references to my Narcolepsy from time to time - I hope you don't mind!

My new sewing machine arrived last week, and I must say it's a lot of fun to use.  I've got a freehand embroidery foot too, so I plan to learn how to use it soon. 
One of the (many) drawbacks of having Narcolepsy is a fairly limited concentration span, so I tend to have lots of projects on the go at the same time.  Gets a bit messy, but it means I can pick whatever project I feel I have the energy / concentration to do at that particular time.  For instance, some days I just want something to do that doesn't require too much thought (time for embroidery or simple straight line sewing!), and sometimes I need something that isn't in any way repetitive (no point piecing a quilt top then, as I've learned the hard way when I found I'd joined half the squares of a quilt back to front).  And sometimes I just need to give up and go sleep somewhere else, once I've peeled my face off the top of the sewing machine...

At the moment I have 2 main projects on the go.  I'm making a doll which is to be a caricature of my brother (long story) and I'm almost done cutting out the pieces for one of the lap quilts I'm making as Christmas gifts for friends and family.  But I have a good dozen projects in mind, just wish I could stay awake long enough to get on with all of them! 

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