Monday, 21 March 2011

I laughed till I cried...

I had a go at a wee bit of a re-style...

£1 from a charity shop, light purple suedette top
 I know I moan endlessly about all the crap that goes with Narcolepsy, but in doing this re-style it was actually handy for once!  Instead of just plowing on and struggling to get things to work, each time I had to stop for a nap I woke up with new ideas, remembered things I'd read, and was able to try things differently.  I guess what I'm saying is that for once having to stop for naps all the time didn't have its usual effect of making things take sooooo much longer - having a chance to rethink so often actually helped things along!

I think its kinda cute.  And I must point out that the hem isn't squint, the doll is propped up squint.  Honest! It's lined too...  As you can no doubt tell, I'm rather pleased with it!

I did have the WORST cataplexy episode so far, for me anyway, on Friday.  (Cataplexy - secondary condition that sometimes but not always accompanies Narcolepsy, means sudden loss of muscle control due to change in emotion.)  I lost control over my eyes so my sight went, my face went, arms, hands, absolutely everything.  I tried to fight it, but it just got worse and worse.  Thankfully I was sat down so no injury or anything, but my head dropped at such an angle that I couldn't breathe and I panicked.  I managed to control it for a second or two which was just enough to move my head enough to breathe again, but ultimately the cataplexy took over again and I was completely paralysed for 5 minutes.  Not long, but it felt like forever to me. 

So what on earth caused it?  Little Miss Ellie cat, that's what.  Or who.   You see, I'd brought a cereal box upstairs to use to make a template.  Buy cardboard?  Nah...  Recycle ;-)  Anyway.  I'm sat at one end of the bed quietly reading blogs, and cereal box is at the bottom of the bed.  After getting her fill of attention from me, Ellie cat decided to explore the cereal box.  Cats seem to like cardboard.  Cats seem to like boxes.  Score! 

So, she had a good sniff, then had a closer sniff, then attempted to sniff a bit further into the box.  Little Miss Ellie cat got stuck in the box.  Not entirely happy about being stuck in the box she skooshed backwards, and, thinking that oughta do it she sat down and lifted her head...  With the cereal box still on it.  Ellie cat now had a cereal box for a head.  She tried to shake it off.  I just saw a cat body with a cereal box for a head, and this cereal box was shaking its head at me...  I think the weight of it maybe caught her out cos next thing I see is her tipping over onto her ass with her back legs going up in the air...  Turns out the edge of the bed is not the place to do that Ellie cat...  Cue slow motion cat with cereal box for head and back legs in the air ever so slowly slip off the end of the bed, ass first.... 

We are not amused...
So.  I've also been busy trying to catch up with my Single Girl Quilt...  I got a back made...

And I got it basted tonight. 

This week I shall be attempting some hand quilting...  And doll needs shoes...  And I have a quilt top I started last week to get on with...  And hopefully I'll manage to settle on a selection of fabric for the Lilys Quilts QAL.   Lots of sewing to be getting on with eh?  YAY!   :-)

I do like to see a sea of safety pins...


  1. Your single girl quilt is wonderful! And your cat is hilarious and purple shirt is also most excellent. I am sorry to hear that such cat antics had such a bad effect and am glad to hear you are not worse for the wear.

  2. This quilt is simply amazing! I love the rainbow colors!

  3. Love the angle of that last photo! Really shows off the detail.
    Ellie Cat should be on You've Been Framed.You could have a nice little earner there...;)
    Doll's dress is really cute!

  4. I'm sorry you had a fright, at least you can laugh at Ellie cat instead of remembering that. I like her look of 'nothing happened, I'm a sophisticated cat'!

    Really love how the bright colours pop against the grey, that's going to be one fab quilt!

  5. What an episode! Glad you are ok and have Ellie cat to laugh at! Your Single Girl quilt is awesome! Happy Quilting!

  6. Thanks everyone for such lovely comments! Cataplexy might freak the hell out of me but I certainly did have a bloody good laugh :-)

  7. I love your doll, she's so cute! And your quilt's looking great!

    So sorry about your cataplexy incident, but you have painted such a hilarious picture of your kitty's accident that I couldn't help but giggle out loud ;o)

  8. Cataplexy? Involving a cat? You couldn't make this stuff up!! *g* Seriously, that sounds a bit scarey, I'm glad you didn't get deaded nor nothing. Tell Miss Ellie to be more careful in future. And keep a web cam handy - we want to SEEEE crazy-headed-cat!

    Your Single Girl quilt is amazing. I am jealous. That is all.

  9. Lynz, would you believe it the camera was right next to me at the time and I couldnt pick the damn thing up!

  10. Please go check out my most recent blog won't be disappointed

  11. Hi Sarah,
    Found you via Rhonda @ Quilter in the Gap. The doll dress is darling! I checked out your photos and Flickr-you are so very talented!

  12. Reading about Miss E's cardboard box antics made me laugh so much I cried... Your quilts are amazing!