Thursday, 31 May 2012

This time tomorrow...

This time tomorrow... I will (hopefully!) be at the airport, collecting my over-stuffed suitcase at baggage claim, looking out for Jude and Terri who are coming to meet me.  They will hardly fail to recognise me.  The "hairdo" was a disaster... I don't like the cut (squint too short straight line fringe...ewww) and they hardly put any purple or red in at all, so when I told them I was a bit disappointed with that, they offered to put some temporary blue in...  Which has completely taken over....  so now every blond hair I had is some shade between blue and snot green...  And you still can hardly see the purple and red....  And I really don't suit dark hair, I need my blond...  Oh well!  Lesson learnt.  No blue again, and no last minute hairdo's again...  Anyway.  I've got rather a lot to sort out and pack in the mean time, so its laptop off till I'm all ready!
If I don't get the chance to read your blog, or reply to your comment, I apologise - I am still so unprepared its stupid!!

I can leave you with a finish from last week though...

The Not-so-hidden Stars Quilt

No, not my bee quilt.  That is finished, but its also too big for me to get a decent photo of by myself!!  Its coming with me to London though so hopefully my bee mates with assist with a photo shoot, so the mental bee-ast will be revealed soon.

I also got my partners tag done a while ago, and I've heard that it has been received so that's a relief.  I don't think she'll mind if I show you that too.

Tag made for Kat of Mummas time to create

the dolls are not upside down, not if you're Kat and you're wearing it....

And finally, I just made hands down the best summer smoothie...

1 Banana
Large handful blueberries
Large handful frozen raspberries
2 inch piece cucumber (which I hate, but the taste was mostly hidden so it worked okay)
1 pear
1 1/2 tsp cocoa powder
2 tbsp fat free natural yoghurt
half cup orange juice
fresh mint

(tsp honey if the berries aren't entirely sweet...)

Right, have to go sort my "supplies" out!


  1. yaaaay! Cant wait to see you on Saturday, whatever colour your hair is!! Have a safe trip x

  2. I wanna see that bad-hairday-picture! Hope y'all gonna have a great time!

  3. Not so hidden stars looks fabulous! Well done on another major finish! And your smoothy sounds yummy! You can make one for me anytime. See you tomorrow! Squeeee! Jxo

  4. Hehehehe awesomeness!!! Yeah I haven't packed a thing yet... eeekkk!

  5. Stars great. Seeing you tomorrow - Better!!!

  6. Wooohooo! One more sleep! Squeeeeeee! See you tomorrow, stars fab, smoothie, I'll book one for when I'm passing yours next! lol

  7. London baby yeah! Am getting very excited but haven't started packing yet either. Can't wait to meet you xxx

  8. See you Saturday xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  9. Travel safely, see you soon.

  10. Have fun!!! It'll be great! As usual, love puritty....

  11. I'm all packed and good to go! I've had a hair cut but it's not blue!

  12. Awesome looking quilt! I hope you have a great time! =D

  13. Go Girl!
    Send pics & remember to wave when you get to Gatwick ;-)...... (Jude knows)
    have utterly fab time - woot! xxx

  14. Oh arse on the hair, although I'm sure it looks okay. I got mine cut tonight - the colour is fine, the styling, err... well, it'll wash out lol

  15. Try cheap dish soap mixed in with your shampoo. Should take some of the blue out. It will lighten the reds out to though.

    I can't wait to read all the posts about this when you all come back. Luck beans getting to meet each other. Jealous!

  16. i hope you are having a fabulous time! xoxo i love my wallet by the way! xo

  17. Hope you got home safely - lovely to meet you.

  18. So lovely to have met you ----- and I thought your hair was totally fab!

  19. Funny , you shared one of my all time favorite shows! Great quilt....but they usually are when you make them.

  20. Love your stars and loved your bee quilt Sarah!

  21. LOL love that clip!
    Thanks so much again for my nametag :D Loved it.
    Also pfft about the hair. You looked great to me. I got some stunning photos of you - you are really photogenic. I shall email them through :)
    Lovely to meet you miss. Only sad we didn't get to chat more.
    Kat xx