Friday, 14 September 2012

Bad (be warned.)

There will be swearing, dont read if it offends you.  I'll delete any comments that complain about it...  

No blogpost for over two weeks? Bad. 
Weekend with good friend - Good. 

Loch Lomond
Day out at Loch Lomond with a little Thistle
Day at Aberdeen Beach with my man.

Journey home - Bad. 

ferry home
Not rain, this is seconds after a massive wave covered the window...  it was a rough night on the ferry home!

Welcome at home - Good. 

kickin back
Do you think Ells is comfy?!

Woefully late in posting my Brit Quilt Swap 3 - Bad, very bad. 

The "stars and stripes" mini and the super geek sewing zippy I made

Reception it got despite its lateness - Good, very very good! 

My mini quilt from Narcoleptic in a Cupboard!
Closey up of the mini (picture knicked from Mr Curly Boy himself, hope he doesnt mind!)

Late in posting photos of what I RECEIVED for BQS3 - Bad. 

Received BQS3 goodies
Perfect, wonderful swap parcel from AlexsallyDaisy

What I got in Brit Quilt Swap 3 - Good, really very good :-)

Received my BQS3
PERFECT!!!  Awesome touch!  Thank you!

Shamefully late in posting my Sailors Mouth Swap - Bad. 

Pin cushion
Pin cushion for my Sailors Mouth Swap partner

Language used in Sailors Mouth Swap - Bad. (Good!!!)

Sailors Mouth Swap
"Does a Hexie Fuck in the Woods?"  

Usual "I left the house" sickness - Bad. 
Cheer up fruity brunch - Good. 

Waffles, with fruit salad, plain yoghurt and Maple Syrup.  This is mans plate, not mine... Honest... It is!!!

Backlog of bee blocks to catch up on when less snotty - Bad.

The first week of Japanese Charm Pack Swap parcels arriving.... Woohoo!
Charms arriving thick and fast - Good. Good. Good!


  1. So tell me what you really think.

  2. Now that is not too, too bad.......

    glen: ah, the universal curse word!

  3. Love this post, what a great mini you got, love it and love your pincushion so much. How exciting to get those charms through the door!

  4. LOL! Loooove that pincushion (major Futurama fans in this house). And I can read the hexies now! Very, very cool (although perhaps not the freaky ferry ride home...)

  5. yes, i do think a hexie fucks in the woods. gawd, i hope that is coming to my house! xo

    1. also, i love the heart shaped waffles! awesome!

  6. Hahaha great post- brightened my commute this morning no end. Sometimes there is nothing else to be said. ( oh and yes please on those waffles too)

  7. What a great post Sarah. Lots of lovely pics in there of all those lovely makes, but Ellie cat steals the show for me :-)

  8. omg those WAFFLES!!!!!!!! Can I come for breakfast some time?

  9. Great post Sarah - I may just do all my posts like this and would encourage others to follow suit. It's all good...very very good!

  10. I'd say most everything in this post was good good good. Except Ells. She is awesome. And could do with a little censoring. Tart.

  11. Welcome back and thanks for the great post! You are not bad, you are good! Elliecat sure can relax, I loved that photo.

  12. Great pics. I'm glad the good outweighed the bad. I guess you need some bad to really appreciate the good stuff? Your cat is a tart btw!

  13. Mad woman! Great post - nothing bad in it at all!

  14. All looking good to me, apart from the news about the wave! Shudder!
    I love the mini quilts and your pincushion is fab!

  15. So nice to hear from you even if it was....bad. oh I crack myself up (no. Not really)

  16. Loved this post! All good, even the bad :)

  17. This post was good! Very, very good!
    Love your sailor mouth swap piece especially!

  18. Fabulous post - I laughed right the way through. Well, except for the snotty part! Hope you feel better soon xx

  19. Wow, you've been a busy bee! Excellent post!

  20. So much awesome in this post!
    I freakin' love that geeky zippy that you made. LOVE.

    And the stitching on that pincushion. Holy shit.

    Feel better!! I hate being snotty.

  21. A lot of good and a little, completely legitimate, bad. Take care and feel better soon. Juliex

  22. Major love fest for the geek zippy!! Good, soooo good!!!
    The snotty?? Not so great.
    Swear words?? Good in our house.
    My Japanese fabric coming your way next week. Great!!!

  23. Ha! The girl is back! Goodoh!!
    Star Makes! You're getting betterer & betterer & BETTERER!!!
    Hope snot phase passes soon :-) xxx

  24. Oh gosh, all thse highs and lows, I'm feelingsea sick, glad I wasn't on the ferry with you!!! Some lovely swap staff!

  25. Such a funny post, we all have one of those weeks!! You should make it a link party! I love the geek pouch 'these are not the fat quarters you're looking for' Hilarious!!
    The pincushion is awesome!! The mouth is so cool!
    Some great swap goodies both sent and received! =D

  26. So glad you had a brill w/e. I LOVE your mini, and you got a lovely one in return too! Hope you feel better soon, jxo

  27. Not enough swear words in this post - re-do!!!! ;) hahaha Looks like a lovely beach. And wow I love the mini you made for BQS3 and for the Sailor Mouth. Can't wait to see all the charms together in a neat little pile when they arrive back!

  28. Och, all the swap items look fab! As for the ferry *boak* Hope you're back to 100% soon!

  29. I expected much worse!!!! Great post and I love the hexie comment. You seem to have been rather busy!

  30. Interesting and funny post and I love the Sailor's mouth hexie

  31. Oh my goodness I can hardly keep up with your emotional roller coaster! I'm exhausted :)
    Love this post!

  32. I've heard you swear more than that on a train ride! You get about don'tcha? All that swappy goodness stuff looks great. Especially love the Sailor pincushion, and Curly Boy's goodies. Love that pouch you did for him. Getting excited about that Japanese swap!

  33. As usual love everything but especially that pin cushion. Can't even imagine how you did that. Is it some kind of computerized machine embroidery thingy? Or by hand??

  34. I wondered why it had been so quiet of late!

  35. First time visiting you and I have to thank you for making me laugh this morning! I kept waiting and waiting for the swearing (yes, I'm like that) and thought maybe you just meant bad, then I saw it almost fell off my chair laughing!
    Great post, great photos!
    Off to read more......again, thanks!

  36. Oooh, I am LOVING your work! I got married in Loch Lomond (not in the actual Loch, but in Luss) and I l'oeuf it, I think it's my favourite part of the country.

    I would give ANYTHING to be able to do hexies as good as you do them!


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