Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Domestic Numpty

Last I wrote I was anticipating the return of my man.  He called on the Friday night to say he'd gotten safely off the ship and was awaiting flights, "what have you been up to?" he asked. 
"Well, I've done 2 loads of laundry, some ironing, done the shopping, cleaned the oven, the grill, the fridge, the microwave..."
"Why?"  He says, "Its not like I'll be going anywhere near any of them!" 
I know I probably shouldn't encourage him but he doesn't half make me laugh.  He did then say that as long as there was beer in the fridge and the living room looked tidy he'd be more than happy.  Phew!  Cos after all that on Thursday and Friday the Crash came big on Saturday...  Eventually managed to stay awake for a wee while in the evening so I thought I'd make a start on the Welcome Home dinner, and do a cheesecake.

Got the base made, and thought I'd tidy as I go and get everything washed, wiped and put away before I started on the creamy filling bit, you know, proper housewife that I am... 
Next thing I know, I'm standing over by the bin.  The base tray is in my hands.  It is empty.  The base is all over the top of the closed bin, and all over the floor beside it, and even in Elliecats food dish.  Around me, the dishes are done, the counter is wiped, the crumbs and empty digestive packet are in the freezer, and I binned the cheesecake base.  '*$"&!^%*@!!!  Unbelievable.  Elliecat seemed quite pleased with it though!
I don't know, when I was working I had been known to answer the phone and apparently be quite helpful in my sleep - at home I blank out for 2 minutes and things go POO.  Snot fair!!!

Anyway...  Been a little distracted so not a huge amount of sewing done ;-)  Did have a few minutes here and there, so I used up some scraps and did some practice.

Bleugh scraps but I do so need Triangle practice.  Nope, still hate 'em! 

Had a go at this idea which I have to admit was great fun...

Did my first Mug Rug, and practiced sewing circles.

Did a cushion cover sized scrap block and I'm going to use it to practice Free Motion Quilting. 

Might need to do this a few more times...  Just as well I've got a few more ideas for scrappy cushion cover blocks!


  1. I'm sorry, but I admit to giggling over your cheesecake! At least you made Elliecat happy! You have been a busy girl, though! I especially love your mug rug - great quilting!

  2. I'm sure your man will be happy to be back, cheesecake or no cheesecake...how annoying for you though! I love your mug rug too!

  3. Yay, it is always wonderful to get your honey back! Mine just got in on Saturday and I was so anxious to pick him up from the airport. Too bad about the cheesecake, at least you tried (which is more than I can say!). Your circle quilting looks great!

  4. Great to hear from you again. Think of it this way...the cheesecake prob would have sucked anyway. LOL Anyway...don't you guys have other things to catch up on? hehehe

  5. Tesco do a good cheesecake - Trust me i know these things. Gave up trying to cook fiddly things years ago, they end up in the bin anyway! Remind me to tell you about the corned beef fritters sometime.
    The triangles look perfect by the way, and the circles are brilliant. Haven't dared to try circles yet

  6. Your blocks are looking good!

  7. Loving the mug rug! I'm sure your man will just be happy to see you, cheesecake or no cheesecake.

    BTW I have been so inspired by your quilts that I went to a patchwork quilting workshop today. It was so much fun!