Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Falling behind

Ah to be back in the cupboard....  I do so love my cupboard.  And boy oh boy has Elliecat missed me!  She took 48 hours to accept I was home and detach herself from my leg.  Awwww, it's awffy nice to be missed. 

I had a lovely week with mum and dad, and granny of course.  Even got a little sewing done.

I got most of it done with mum at the iron, steaming away, and I only had to sew a few strips together and add a border once I got home.  Tired as I was, I thought I'd get the borders done today...

Yup.  Should know by now not to sew when I'm tired.   Ho hum, need to remove the borders tomorrow and try and put them on the right way around this time.

I wish I had a completed single girl to show you...  I have made a start on the hand quilting but ohmygod it is tough!  If I attempt it again on another quilt it will only be on a quilt done in super soft cotton, as the cotton on single girl, although perfect for machine quilting, is quite tricky to get the needle through more than one stitch at a time.  I'm getting it done, but oh so slowly...  I can only draw on one ring at a time cos it takes me so bloomin long to stitch it that the vanishing marker vanishes before I'm done sewing!  I've got one full circle done, so only another four halves and four quarters still to go...  I think you might be waiting a while to see that one.  Have a holiday photo instead.  Here's some deer...

See the teeny tiny specks on the top of the hill?  Them's the deer...

The Lily's Quilts QAL seems to be flying along, as yet with out me!  I just cant seem to decide on my fabrics...  I've got another couple of projects in mind that I'm dying to get started, and I'm going to be doing a fantastic swap with the lovely Magpie Mimi so that needs to be organised - really looking forward to that one, I'm quite excited about it!  Also, it would seem that I've got rather a lot of tidying / dusting / hoovering / laundry / baking / shopping etc to get done.  I don't know...  I go away for a week, thinking my man will be home in May, I come home and find he's apparently going to be home this weekend!  Obviously I am excited, this is very good news, but, well, I was looking forward to a week in the cupboard now I've got 2 weeks worth of home preparations to get done in a few days!  D'oh!  Now where on earth am I going to put (hide) all the fabric that's snuck out of the cupboard?

P.S.  Thanks for all the comments on last post, it was lovely to come back and read them :-)  Did anybody like the songs or was that just me being a bit too daft?  Most likely...


  1. I like your innocent crush quilt!

  2. Love the quilt and it is great to have you back. I am glad you enjoyed your vacation (or holiday for you). So where is Mr. Man? I am tell (if you wish).

  3. Thank you both! I did wonder if folk might see it and think "another Innocent Crush Quilt" as I know myself I've seen dozens online... but its just such a pretty line...

  4. So nice to see you back here :)
    I love the quilt, with each innocent crush quilt I like the line more and more :)
    Elliecat has such a funny expression in this photo - as if she's seen a ghost.
    And yay, I can see the deer.

  5. I like this one a lot, I like the way the oblongs switch direction...hint hint! ;)

    Here's something you might like too: