Sunday, 3 July 2011

Charms away!

Its been quite an exciting weekend for those of us in the Brit Quilt Swap, parcels have been flying off all over the UK and there's been many reports of "happy dances" and jiggles and I told you all about my bouncing and squeaking episode when I got mine

another pic for you cos it is so awesome...  lol.
The quilt I made was sent off on Friday morning, along with this

and I had a really lovely couple of thank you messages from Terri (I can say who it was for now!) which brought a wee tear to my eye...  I'm such a sap!  She liked it!  Woohoo!  Happiness all around.  This swap was my first ever swap, and I cant get over just how much fun it was.  Big thanks to the mamas in charge, and the organiser Uber Mama, for everything!

It was a pricey trip to the post office on Friday as I was posting a sackful..  The Brit Quilt Swap parcel.  A special order bag for sister-in-law, pics to follow, once she's received it of course!  Another bag went to granny...  and, I got these little cuties posted.

My 1 yard of 100% cotton Japanese Import fabric, painstakingly cut into 56 x 5" charm squares...  Never been so careful with the rotary cutter before!  Seriously, there was NO room for error.  It would be nice to say that I'll continue to put that much effort into precision cutting in the future...... but I sincerely doubt it, it was hell!  However...  Charms sent off to Cindy for Japanese fabric charm swap - done.  

Its been a chaotic week what with a deadline to meet (and we know how utterly pants I am with deadlines) and the bathroom still out of action...  Progress is being made...  There are boxes of bits of bathroom everywhere!  
Elliecat, its not even a box its 4 sides of cardboard!! lol

I was hoping I'd have a bit more progress on my next project to show you, my third attempt at a design,  with a bundle I put together, but no...  been too sleepy...  I have made a start though, cutting in to this pile of loveliness....

I've just noticed there's a print missing in this photo... you'll see more next time!

Its great, it feels like ages since I last made a quilt top!  (lets just forget for now that there's still a finished top waiting to be basted and quilted....and two lame ass attempts at projects started that I'm not in the mood for...)  

Actually, wee bit of news there.  Whilst I was out at the post office I couldn't stop myself having a wee wander along to the Local Quilt Shop. The lady there was very nice and friendly, she always is, and they've offered me the use of their massive table for basting if I want it!   Now if I can just get over the thought that people will see me, see what I'm doing, and might even talk to me (the horror!) and steel myself to try and stay wake for more than an hour....    Oh I know, I sound terrible.  Antisocial little hermit.  Cant help it!  Being out of the house, being in front of strangers, being polite and chatty, trying not to be shy, trying not to fall asleep, trying to concentrate on just one thing for a long time... these are all things that I know will make me very, very tired.  Now that I don't HAVE to do all that for work, I guess I put off having to do it at all!   But yes, I should probably get out a bit more...  We'll see...  


  1. You have sent a lot off in the post! I hope you go and use the large table, your quilts are beautiful, no need to be worrying about what people might think or say, just know that they are thinking "that is lovely work".

  2. Totally agree with Leanne. Sometimes people look at you and want to talk for you for good reasons!
    I have a sneaking suspision that could be one of those serendipitous chance encounters that may just lead you down a new path....embrace it lovely lady and see what happens :)

  3. Shy? You shy? Reeeeally? I'd say you were more of a "cheeky bugger" meself! LOL - yep, am listening to your podcast at the mo over at Quilter in the Gap (thanks Hadders for the linky) -

    Off to quilt class tonight, guess whats coming along with me? One guess. - your BeeYouTeeFull Quilt.......yep gonna share the love sweetie :-)

  4. I think I would feel the same, but without the falling asleep bit, but adding in a foreign language! But honestly, the people in there will be fellow crafters, and they will be really interested in what you're doing. Like us only real not virtual. And you might meet some fellow quilters locally that you didn't know existed.

  5. Go for it! It'll be interesting. Just go on a weekday so it'll be a bit quieter than a weekend, maybe a Monday, or ask them in the shop when their quietest day usually is and go for hat if you're truly worried. Like Miss P. said you just don't know what might come out of it, and yes it will be something nice! ;)

  6. Loving your new fabrics - v.grown up! Get your big girls pants on and get back out into that not so scarry big world. Just imagine that anyone who comes up to talk to you is me, or Hadders or Susan etc. in disguise!! (On 2nd thoughts, you might want to run a mile!). One step at a time my friend, and before you know it you're there! Jxo

  7. OK Sarah let me add an additional thought to all these lovely thoughts these lovely ladies left (thanks Terri for the podcast plug)...if one of your main reasons for starting your blog is awareness...then what is stopping you from being YOU at the quilt shop. Simply inform the nice people there of who YOU ARE and work on those quilts!! I agree that it could open doors you didn't even know existed!! Just a thought!

  8. I am not going to be bossy like Rhonda!! but make the most of the offer, it would be a shame not to make use of the table; if you are actually not feeling too tired you could just pretend and when you 'wake up' they may have even basted it for you!!

    I bet they have biscuits too, and a functioning bathroom!

  9. I'm scared of cutting my charms too!! I will put a fresh blade on the old cutter tonight and will just have to jump in. I'll let you know when your little cuties arrive here :)

    Oh, go on and baste at the LQS. You can take naps under the table - no one will notice ;)

  10. That wrap thingy to hold your embroidery thread is is clever, and cute too! Going on my make list methinks! And it's so nice of the quilt shop lady to offer her your table, definatly take her up on that, it will be much easier than your kitchen table :)

  11. Back from hols and catching up on my blog reading, I can't believe you were the recipent of Hadder's quilt! How cool is that?! Loving your embroidery wrap and think the quilt store thing is a fab opportunity, without being bossy, I just think you should try it, you don't have to go back if it's awful. Plus, I bet you'll get chatting to other like minded stitchers and whoooooooo knows what'll come out of that :) x