Saturday, 24 December 2011

Secret Santa

The fabulous ladies of Brit Bee could not resist a wee Secret Santa this Christmas.  This is what came to me.

Now, I dont know for sure which lovely bee sent me a pressie, but I have a fair idea!  

We're an organised bunch you know.  We all posted by the deadline, we all received with in a few days, and we all agreed to blog what we received today, so we can guess who made what.  If you'd like to join in with the guessing games, the other places to check are here

                                Miss January              Judith         Rags to Bags
                                Miss February            Jennie         Just a little stitch
                                                                 Terri           Mish Mash Mama
                                Miss March               Ceri            Inspired by Felix
                                Miss April                  Jo              A life in lists
                                Miss May                  Trudi          Quilting Prolifically
                                Miss June                  Fiona          Poppy Makes ...
                                Miss July                   Judith         Needles and Lemons
                                Miss August              (me!)
                                Miss September         Susan         Canadian Abroad
                                Miss October             Laura         Needles, Pins and Baking Tins
                                Miss November         Hadley        Flying Blind on a Rocket Cycle

So, wanna see what I got? Want to see what actually made me a wee bitty teary eyed it's just so very, very thoughtful and spot on perfect?

I got such a fantastic bundle of lovelies that I could hardly believe it.  Really, truly, absolutely Sofa King Cool...  Look....

Fabulous fabrics, including stripes, skulls, kitschy cartoony print (which I adore!), and some really fab stripy webbing for bags.
Then the even more wonderful bits...  

I love it.  I love it. I love it.

I love Lichtenstein, and this wee zippy pouch has seven, SEVEN of his prints featured.  I'm guessing they've been printed from computer onto fabric, so that makes this even more special to me.  Never mind the pouch, the fabric has been made for me!  
And lets not forget the MONKEY...  (impossible, its freakin awesome)

So to the inspired, talented, kind and bloody lovely bee that made me these, 

(If you want to know what I made and for who, go looking and guess cos I'm not telling... lol)


  1. Wowza - Mrs Santa knows you ever-so well!

  2. they are all lovely - especially the monkey: lucky you! Have a lovely Christmas Sarah

  3. Fan bloomin tastic! My guess would be Hadders, but you know, it could so easily be Ceri ! Happy Merry Christmas Eve Sarah! I almost splurted my tea all over the laptop with the sofa comment!

  4. Oh what a fab parcel! I've no clue who made yours cos the person I thought made for turns out made for someone else, and the other person who could have made for me, looks like they made for you!! I'm totally confused! Jxo

  5. Sarah, they're fantastic! My guess is Judith from London, or Ceri. Lucky lady.

  6. Fabulous goodies! I have no idea who made for you but they got you spot on! Hope you have a very happy Christmas xx

  7. Right, I am guessing Laura Jane. When do we find out if we are right or wrong?! It is a wonderful parcel and perfect for you!!

  8. Yay! What fantastic gifts! I think maybe Ceri? But I'm not sure :)

  9. I can't say that I can shed any light on who made them, but they sound a wonderful and very thoughtful present! Have a lovely Christmas!

  10. it is like your partner lives inside your head! what a fun pile of goodies! i hope you have a very happy christmas sarah! xoxoxo!

  11. So perfectly you! I totally see why you were welling up :) Well done Miss Santa!!!

  12. What fun! great gifts!
    When you find out the identity of your secret santa will you ask her where she got that fabulous webbing!! it's just what I've been looking for!
    Merry Christmas!

  13. Oh wow, that pouch is fab, love those prints! The monkey is so cool too, and love the fabric bits! Hope the real Santa's just as good to you :oD

  14. How gorgeous! Merry Christmas! There's a little nod to you on my blog! :)

  15. Thanks for such a lovely write up, lady of the north x