Monday, 7 October 2013

Build up your library...

I'd love to write a book.

Lynne and Kerry have a book coming out.  Laura Jane has a book coming out.  Lucie Summers has a book out.  The fat quarterly team could fill a wee shelf...  but I think the day I manage to write anything other than the odd blog post is about as likely coming as the day I win the lottery and get my dream house in Edinburgh with the quilty studio in the garden, the border terrier and the new hip...  Anyway.
I'm sure I'm not the only one looking forward to the release of Lynne & Kerrys and Lauras books, and I'm sure we'll hear a great deal more about them in the run up to Christmas.   However.  Today I thought I'd take a little time to look at some less well known additions to ones library, courtesy of an afternoons browsing on Abe Books.

For the quilter who's hubby rolls his eyes at "yet another quilty book", see how long it takes him to spot this one on the shelves...

Still Stripping After 25 Years

Eleanor Burns

For the knitters out there who tire of socks and scarves and what not, this beautifully written book is GENIUS.  

For the stitchers amoungst you, get your needles out as there's something for everyone... 

And my favourite embroidery book, which covers the arty, the beautiful, the subversive, and the sublime

For the toymaker, and those who'd like to have a lifesize nylon granny sitting in the corner of your livingroom...  seriously, check it out...  

For the baker who never had time for that Degree in Modern Art they'd always dreamt of...

Modern Art Desserts

Caitlin Freeman

For the crafter that turns her hand to everything....

And for the crazy catwomen who didnt much fancy the 30 day shred...


  1. I don't know what you're laughing at - I do that with my cat every morning!

  2. Oh my God at that cat book! BTW you forgot about Brioni's book!

  3. These did make me chuckle and then I lost an hour browsing through the website :-)
    I'm also liking 'Knit your own Zombie' and 'Dominknitrix' - thanks for cheering me up.

  4. You've been so busy! We'll done for doing blogtoberfest - and I love the tote. The book may happen at some point!

  5. Love them all. John would be delighted, momentarily, if Still Stripping appeared on our bookshelves. Think the crafting with cat hair has to be a wind-up, surely? juliex

  6. I knew there was a reason why I'm not a cat person - they drive you potty! I did actually laugh out loud when I saw the cat hair one x

  7. Hilarious! The Pantyhose book looks weirdly interesting! Did x

  8. I may still own a copy of Still Strippin, but really, crafting with cat hair - bonkers! In fact NO, just NO!!!!

  9. Thanks for the laugh I needed it! But you did miss 'Oven Mitts to Die for and how to make them' I can't believe I saw it in the charity shop and never bought it - life is full of regrets!

  10. Haha! Some very interesting titles there, although I would like to peek inside that slightly sinister one!

  11. How on earth did you find so many wierd books? im so tempted to see if amazon will sell me any of these!

  12. Brilliant! I am something of a cat lady and my dad actually threatened to buy me the Crafting with Cat Hair book for my birthday. Quilt glad he did not...

  13. Can't see my cat putting up with that last one! Eek no protective clothing??

  14. We laugh, but I know someone that makes things from her dog's hair. Makes me shudder every time I think about it!