Thursday, 24 October 2013

Random Thursday!

I'm having a go a joining in with the Random-ers at Live a Colourful Life this week!

I dont like Mango. 
I've spent years, decades avoiding the stuff when need be. 

For some reason, I picked one up with my shop the other day. 
I just ate it.  

I also got some Persimon fruits. Very tasty! I wonder what else I should try.... (no mum, not doing courgettes. *shudders*)

Also got some quilting advice from my granny, who doesnt quilt, last night.  Apparently someone told her that Denim needles are the best sewing machine needles for quilting!  Anyone heard that before?  I've got some kicking around somewhere so as soon as I next sew I'll try it.

I got myself a little "cheer up misery guts", totally pointless pressie.  (I'm so good to myself!)

A beautiful box of 100 postcards, each showing a cover of a 1950's comic book.  Freakin AWESOME.   Random enough?!


  1. Yes those cards are pretty random--but cool! I usually use microtex needles. Let me know what you think about the denim needles.

  2. Love the cards. Took me till way into my 30's to like blue cheese, pears & wine.
    Not all together (well, not all the time :) )
    Still HATE yoghurt, blerchhh!!!!
    Lush x

  3. Almonds - I've always left them gathering at the bottom of a bowl of mixed nuts (all the while swearing blind that I can't stand them). I tried one about 6 months ago and really liked it and had a hard time owning up to John and my folks.....but I still really dislike anything with almond essence. Persimmon fruit? - never tried one. Juliex

  4. The jeans needles are probably great for machine quilting, especially if you want to use thicker thread. They are sturdy needles and suitable to go through thick materials. If I have them, I use specific quilting needles for machine quilting, and always thin (60 or 65) microtex or sharps for piecing. Schmetz have a good overview of machine needles at Love the cards!

  5. I tried Persimmon for the first time last year - Loved them but then couldn't find them again :-( Already bought a few packs this year and even had one for lunch today - very tasty.

  6. I keep thinking I should like mango - then I eat it and still don't. But I used to hate tapioca, and now I love that. I had to look up courgettes - we call it zucchini. Maybe you would like it better if you called it zucchini?

  7. Love the Exotic Romance cards! Too funny.

    I used to chop up mango and whiz it up with a hand blender. Instant baby food both girls loved.

  8. Yeah, I use jeans needles when machine quilting - but only because I am really still a beginner and they are the sturdiest needles I have. I also use jeans needles for inserting zips into garments and they work a treat!

  9. I love mango, but it has to be a *good* mango. The lovely, sweet, perfectly ripe kind, rather than the underripe floury things that often turn up here in the supermarkets! I was spoiled living in Nigeria for 2 years as a baby, my mum and dad used to strip me and pop me in the empty bathtub with a mango, then rinse me off when I was done :oD

  10. Great cards! my recent food conversion was rice pudding, avoided it since primary school, but discovered tis year i really like it, well i certainly like the muller pits

  11. Love they cards, funny about the mongo. Love courgettes but HATE celery.

  12. Love they cards, funny about the mongo. Love courgettes but HATE celery.