Sunday, 8 February 2015

Quick fixes

What a shame I missed January!  And a shame also that I started 2015 blogging on such a sad note too.  Fingers crossed it only gets better from here on.

This is gearing up to be another big year for my wee family.  We have a new house to get ready for living in, and thank the Lord mum and dad managed to also get one, near by ours.  So they have a move to prepare for this year too.  A whole family relocation!  Blimey...

My grocery totes.  A bag for life might as well be awesome, no?

So funnily enough my mind keeps wandering to fabric, though not exclusively quilts.  Both bedrooms face what is at the moment a very busy road.  Eventually I hope we'll get planning permission for a 5ft fence or hedge so that the garden at the front becomes usable and we dont have to look at the road.  I'm hoping we'll get some thicker double glazing put in for noise reduction, but I just cant think how to do the windows.  Currently they have net and curtain.  Bleurgh!!!!!  An absolute must is to get blackout roller blinds.  Its what to put with that though.  As much as I hate nets, I dont really want to see the main road, or have people walking past see in.  And curtains.  It can feel awffy cold without them.  I dont like to do away with them, but then the radiatiors are all below the windows, and you dont want to cover the heat source.   Could voile or double gauze replace nets?  And would you still have a thicker curtain?

Floor cushion (needs a bigger infil and maybe a button on that back)

And tell me, has anyone had a sofa recovered?  We'll have a sofa and an armchair that I'd really love recovered, but when new costs so cheap is it worth it?  I'm starting to think that at £600 sofa and £450 armchair, PLUS fabric, the answer would be no....  Certainly I fancy doing a quilt style made to fit cover for the back cushions.  I think homemade and "rustic" might be the way to go!
And just how many quilts can I get away with hanging on walls?  And will I ever find a crown version of my beloved Dulux greys?!

So much to think of. All of it utterly boring to others I'm quite sure.  Just as well I've broken this up with some pictures of the easy makes I've managed to squeeze in.  Just enough sewing to keep me sane, but not so much as to need more than an afternoon or two.  I absolutely love my grocery bags.  They are so strong and get filled to the brim and cope fine.  A nice big cushion for the floor for Moo to mess about with.  Currently used to block access to the telly...  I only got a photo of Moo's baby blankie, I did make another two for besties new baby too.  Moos' is a rather lush Dutch needlecord backed with flannel.  And then we have the beanbag....  Supposed to be a beanbag for moo....  Its way too big!  She does NOT like it...  And it took 2 yards fabric, and 3 bags of beans.  It is filled as much as possible and still it does not look like the one in the tutorial.  Not happy with it to be honest, and it became such an expensive mistake too.  And no, its no good for an adult, even one capable of getting up off the floor!  So.  In all, a pretty bunch with mixed success!

Monkey is spoiled...
So this and the last post kinda cover January.  Bit of a low month, but its that time of year, isnt it, I know lots of folk find it a bit crappy.  Oh, Moo turned ONE though.  ONE.  Unbelievable.

Hoping, dreaming, and longing to get back to some quilting this month.  Seriously, going without it has a detrimental effect on my mental health!  Also hoping I get a wee visit from someone I'll be so excited to see.  And if we're lucky, dada should be coming home at the end of this month.
Onwards and UPWARDS 2015 please!


  1. Try window film for your exposed windows.. Very reasonably priced, easy to apply & pretty patterns available..

  2. I struggle this time of year.... No motivation!!! I haven't blogged much. I might tonight if I get my taxes done. Ugh.... Taxes. I wanna go back to bed! I can't believe my girl is one..... Amazing!!!!

  3. Good luck with the house plans!

  4. Hoping things get better and 2015 is joyful! We have wooden slatted blinds that do a good job of stopping people peering in, they were in the house when we moved in but I like them! Recovering is so expensive, a big quilty throw sounds like a good idea. Lovely bags and am impressed with all the sewing you've done! Hugs xx

  5. Yah, January generally blows as a month. But so many exciting things to plan!! I used to have plain voile curtains up at my patio doors for privacy, I'm sure you could do it with patterned, too. Maybe the bottom half of the windows like a cafe rod?

    (Oh yeah. See you Saturday! Squeee!!)

  6. I think Theresa has a top idea - the film can look really good. Moo is one - wowsers (it goes quick huh?)

  7. Great news about mum and dad moving close, and happy happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Moo, happy birthday to you xxxxx

  8. I tuck my curtains behind the radiators, and I've got a pack of radiator reflective film (if you need some, let me know, my mum has a ridiculous amount of it, don't ask why!)

    Great job with the makes and I'm sure Moo will like the beanbag eventually, kids are contrary little buggers like that!

  9. I'm soooo glad to leave January behind too! You've made some gorgeous stuff there S! Can't believe Moo is one already! The bean bag might grow on her, when she's a bit bigger! So pleased to hear you've got a new pad, and M&D too! How exciting! I love all the refurb dreaming too! Jxo

  10. I'm with Teresa & Moira. I have friends who have the film (just plain) on their windows with a small border of clear glass around the edge and it looks lovely. I love the beanbag, but such a shame they aren't loved. The look kind of cat friendly though….Good luck with the move :)

  11. The window film is very effective (know someone who lived in a street house and used it on her front windows) and for months I thought it was proper etched glass until she told me otherwise! You can also get blinds which are made from a special (magic?!) fabric which allows you to look out but not to look in...might be pricey, though! The other option could be a (weighted) sheer panel. Have fun choosing all the things for your new house and good luck with the move!

  12. Somehow missed this post until now! bean bags aren't for sitting on - they are to be placed near a piece of high furniture and jumped upon from said furniture. Or used as a landing pad for a toddler thrown with some force by a male relative. The fun increases proportionally to the mother's terror. I'm sure Molly will get lots of use out of it in the future!