Wednesday, 1 December 2010

It's alive!

I've had a few good days in a row, and I've got a lot done for a change!  My man agreed to swap our meals over in the hope that I might get a bit more awake time and it seems to be paying off.  Normally I'd be useless all morning, have lunch and sleep for an hour or so after eating, then have an hour or so before I needed to think about what to make for tea, cook and eat tea, be utterly useless or fast asleep for another hour or more after eating, maybe have a couple of hours before bedtime.  Now we've swapped lunch for tea.  Now I'm still pretty useless all morning, but I am managing to have the main meal of the day ready by 2pm, so by 4pm I'm set for doing some sewing.  What's more, with the main meal so early neither of us are all that hungry at tea time so I'm not having to make anything else!  Also, Gran Turismo 5 was finally released so my man is now only too happy 

for me to bugger off and amuse myself elsewhere.  Its all working out pretty good for squeezing in more sewing time! 

Unfortunately I've also had almost a weeks worth of really crappy nights...  Productive days and crappy nights always equals CRASH... 

It hasny happened yet, but its in the post. 

Ah the joys of Narcolepsy...  Its not just "that thing where you fall asleep a lot", the kick in the teeth is that we cant bloody stay asleep!  When I try to explain it to people they often sympathise and well meaningly tell me about the last time they weren't sleeping all that well at night.  So as not to sound like a complete cow I bite my tongue and am as nice as possible, but evil me is saying "you WUSS, I haven't slept through the night in 20 years!"   I honestly no longer have any memory of what it felt like to wake up in the morning and NOT feel exhausted.    

A-n-y-w-a-y...  I have got a lot done so when the CRASH comes I wont feel too bad about it.  I quilted Monkey Quilt! 

Okay so I chickened out of free motion quilting, but I can try that out later when I'm not in a rush to get things done. 

Also probably should have thought things through a bit better.  I thought I was being really clever changing the white back for a darker more forgiving green back since it will probably be used as a play mat.  But I forgot this would also highlight my dodgy stitches... 

Still, only one pucker (I'm christening them "puck-up"s) and one annoying little bottom thread knot.  Not bad for me! 

I love my teeny tiny iron...

I got the binding cut, sewn and folded in one day.
I got the binding hand stitched in two evenings in front of some rubbish telly.  And job done, Monkey Quilt ready to go!

I also got Rocket Boy embroidered and basted.  (Did I mention how much I hate triangles?) 

I'm dreading quilting it, I anticipate quite a few puck-ups...

And, AND I got all the pieces cut for the third and final Christmas present quilt! 

Haven't thought of a name for it yet. 

Its a Beatles/60's/Peace/psychedelia theme...  Its a lap quilt just big enough for two to snuggle under watching telly. 
I should probably take a day off sewing to do some housework.  Ellie cat spewed up thread this morning, and my man has now worn everything in his wardrobe as the ironing pile is only a foot off reaching the ceiling... 


  1. Hey Sarah, on the matter of the green backing, if you're machine quilting, I'd change the colour of the bobbin thread to match the backing (or the top thread if you're sewing it the other way up!). They look GREAT though. You've got LOADS done, and "puck ups" made me chuckle!
    Miss P

  2. Hey Miss P,
    Thanks! I didnt want a dark thread on top and all the quilting advice I found online said always to use same colour thread top and bottom... :-( However, Rocket boy has a navy back so I'm going to use navy bottom and blue on top - so I'll find out soon whether they had a good reason to be so definite about same colour thread!

  3. Wow! I'm really impressed by both of those quilts, you've worked really hard!

    Still haven't cut the pieces for the quilt I want to make...hope the baby doesn't come early so keeping a close eye on the mum-to-be!

  4. Thanks very much! I'm thinking of using fleece to back this next quilt, so we'll see how that goes... Good luck with yours, getting the cutting done is the hard bit, first step and all :-)

  5. Ben is the luckiest boy ever!! Now that I've seen the photo it's even more amazing! Thank you again so much - as mum said "she has her mum's talent!". Love it so much. Looking forward to reading your blog and seeing all of your beautiful creations x
    (PS have to hand it to you for the name of the blog - fantastic and made me laugh!!) x

  6. Thanks Lynds, I'm just delighted you like it! :-) xxx

  7. I want that quilt! Oh wait its on my couch right now! yay me