Monday, 24 January 2011


All is not rosy at the home of the sewing cupboard.  Not rosy, more blue.  In mood and in language!  My other half has gone off to earn the money and will be away at sea for the next 4 months or so, so its back to just being me and the kitty.  As if I wasn't miserable enough, I seem to have managed to catch something - quite an achievement for an almost recluse like myself.  I feel rotten, and itchy.  I would google it, but I'd only end up convinced I have leprosy or something.  I prefer to keep my overactive imagination as far from medical information as possible, its safer that way...  Am actually considering consulting a doctor - so it must be bad!  Bit worried I might be allergic to new purple hair, am having visions of a shaved head...  Eeewwww must change subject...

I have done some sewing believe it or not.  Unfortunately I haven't exactly been happily enjoying it, I do feel pretty pants, I've just been trying to keep my brain busy with something! 

Sew squares into pairs, sew pairs into strips, join strips!
 I've been following Crazy Mom Quilts zig zag tutorial, except I'd re-worked the sizes and quantities so that I could use up a Jelly Roll.

My mathematical skills have proven to be non-existent, again, and my zig-zag quilt has turned out rather larger than intended....

Pretty much twice the size I had intended...
Which has lead me to the following brainwave - split whats done in half, add another zig (or zag) to each half using what i had left over (plenty thankfully), and make two!  Rather handy as it turns out, as I know two sisters who have each had a wee boy in the last couple of months.  It's a bit of an annoying thought to have to cut more and do more squares and strips and such when I thought I'd finished.  But on the other hand I'll end up with 2 quilt tops done!  Man I love sewing!!  Always something to be happy about ;-) 


  1. Yes indeed! Always something ;)
    Nice to hear from you again. Was wondering where you'd got to!
    I am loving that quilt. By the end of the year you'll have me quilting and I'll have you dressmaking...Purple hair huh? Fab!
    Purple is a much nicer colour than blue...

  2. Thanks Portia, I've been here but just moping too much to write. Great idea though, by the end of the year you make a quilt and I make something to wear!