Thursday, 27 January 2011

Nicey Thoughts

One of the many, many joys of Narcolepsy that is never really mentioned (I've spoken to others with Narcolepsy and they all confirmed its not just me!) is that you tend to catch every bug that's going around.  I guess it's down to the fact that we're permanently sleep deprived and therefor not 100% up to strength when it comes to fighting off passing germs.  I'm so thankful not to be working anymore - dealing with the public I ended up coming down with whatever was going around all the bloody time!  Last year, first year not working, I was hardly sick at all.  Seem to have picked up a right doozy this time though - some virus or other that leaves me looking like I've got a severe case of chicken pox, that the doc said isn't serious, isn't catching, isn't permanent, but isn't treatable and I just have to wait for it to go away of its own accord, which could take 6 -8 weeks....  I've had my day of feeling sorry for myself, so now its time for some "bright side" thinking.  Bright side number one, its not like i need to go out or be anywhere.  Bright side number two, spots all appeared the day my man left, so he didn't get to see me looking like some kind of star trek alien! 

More happy thoughts, what was one far, far too big baby quilt top is now two perfectly sized baby quilt tops!

Unpicked and split in half...

One of two same size!

Another happy thought, my wee Ellie cat gives me plenty of cuddles no matter how spotty I look!

Another happy thought, I make rather yummy chocolate chip cookies....

I got another Andy Griffiths DVD for Christmas...

For those of you unaware of The Andy Griffith Show (I don't remember it ever being shown on telly in UK) it is the tv equivalent of being wrapped up in a warm and cosy quilt on the sofa with a mug of cocoa and some chocolate chip cookies on a cold, dark, rainy afternoon. 

And sticking with niceness, I've cut into my stash of Heather Bailey's Nicey Jane range for another baby quilt. 

I love this range, it so suits its name, its just so nice!  Gorgeously girly but not too pink, flowery but not too twee, so sunny and bright....  Cant wait to get this quilt top going! 


  1. Nicey thoughts indeed. Have you hemmed anything yet?? Hem something!!
    I saw this and thought of you:

    Have a good day!


  2. Woah there! I will hem something, just havent got round to it yet... The shirt I want to do is too flimsy and there's too much of it... its too hard... I can do doll clothes! Just not hippoass big clothes...

  3. Tell me more about this TV show! Love you sis

  4. Lol, I was only kidding. What would be an acceptable 1st project to get you on your way in dressmaking then? Shortening the sleeves on a shirt maybe.....? Not much involved there!
    How are you anyway?