Tuesday, 22 November 2011

One swap done and one more to go

First of all, I'd like to say thank you for all the really lovely comments, and all the much appreciated encouragement you've all given me to stick with the not smoking.  It really has helped so much.

I've got my Brit Quilt "Pillow fight" package done, wrapped, and ready to go.  I really like the cushion, and I sincerely hope my partner likes it too!  I've been feeling a bit sheepish that its not something directly related to her inspiration mosaic, but it was very much chosen with her in mind so I hope that counts for something! Wish me luck....

the Chocolate Orange Snail Mail Pillow...

I also had some fun trying this tutorial to make the wee extra.  Admittedly I'm not a big fan of batik, but my secret partner I know likes them, so maybe she'll like this?

Lets hope so!!  If all that fails, there is chocolate in there too....

I'm not going to blether much today as my news is all crappy.  My man left on Saturday, away for the next 3 months or so, and he managed to leave me with his man flu too so I've been a big snotty teary mess.
Not to worry though, I'll snap out of it and in the mean time I've still got a mountain of sewing to get done this week!
This'll keep me smiling though....

Trudi - Quilting Prolifically

I take the mickey out of Trudi and her "rotten jelly", and she sends me some to try!!   I am not worthy...  

Trudi, you are WONDERFUL!  
And so is your rotten jelly....  
Thank you xxx  

Mmmmm, I'm off to have some more now, on some hot toast...


  1. Aw, poor you snotty teary thing :-(

    As said before - you obviously work best Under Pressure! Bet you're pleased with that there cushion then eh?! Fab.

    get well soon (& don't fall asleep whilst eating Trudi's jam or you'll be a sticky snotty teary thing........and that would be just Too Much) lol.

  2. Your cushion is brilliant! I'm going into Flickr to favourite it so that I can stare at it some more. You never fail to amaze me. Now beat those germs into submission and enjoy your jelly. Or do you need a care package with Lemsip and Vicksburg in it?

  3. Stupid iPad turned Vicks into Vicksburg in my previous comment!

  4. That is a great cushion - hope you get a fab one too to cheer you up. I have finally shrugged off a foul cold after about 10 days!!

  5. Oh stick a slice in the toaster for me too! I'll be round in a jiffy with some hot honey & lemon! So sorry you're poorly chick. Get snuggled in under one of your gorgeous quilts and take it easy. Your cushion is stunning btw, love how you've quilted it. Your partner will be crazy not to love it. Jxo

  6. Lol @ susans comment. I could send you some strepsils and Switzerland if it would help at all? ;-)

    The cushion looks amazing honey. You've done such a great job... your partner will totally love it!!!

  7. The cushion is beautiful and love the autumnal colours. Hope you are feeling better soon and enjoy the rotten fruit jelly!

  8. Oh, petal, don't be sad. You've got us (as in the whole internet!), stinky jam and those Swiss nancies to keep you in high spirits. *waves a tiny smiley face flag and blows a party trumpet* Geez, aren't you lucky. Heh.

    Your cushion is magnificent!! It would be perfect in my living room. And I've pinned yonder drawstring bag - never have too many patterns for them!

    Stay warm, cuddle E.C. (Edward Cullen? *snorts*) and think happy thought. No smokin'!! xox

  9. Hugs to you at arm's length...sorry I just don't need any more germs ;-) so sorry your man's away again. I hope the time passes super quickly! your cushion is fabulous and I can't imagine how your partner could do anything but love it!

  10. I am sure this cushion will be really loved.
    Get sewing (not smokin') and the time will fly by til chappie is back xxx

  11. If your partner doesn't love it I will personally have to confiscate it but I don't believe I'll get that chance!

    Hope you feel better soon - I am the only one who hasn't gone sick yet in this house - but it may be my turn soon! Have a hot toddy!

  12. My magic potion for colds is aloe vera, although its better as a prevention rather than a cure and it couldn't fight off the swine flu but apart from that its great.

    Lovely cushion and little baggie, I'm sure your partner will be delighted.

  13. Your cushion is really lovely Sarah! You have a very lucky partner :)
    Hope you feel better x

  14. what a great cushion and accompanying goodies, your partner will love it.
    sorry to hear about your man flu!

  15. That's such a great cushion and bag - your partner is going to be thrilled!! Sorry you're not well and feeling sad - I hope Elliecat is doing her best to cheer you up?

  16. Oh you did good!!
    Chin up, with food packages from Trudi, you'll be OK xxx

  17. I'm sure the jam will help your man flu!! Gorgeous cushion, I love the colours and it has a great name!
    We're all sick in my house too so you have my empathy!

  18. lovely, lovely and lovely, all apart from the man being gone until the spring :-( The cushion is lovely colours, and the bag is fab - have you got instructions for that?

  19. Hmm, well I'm sure I can find a place for that cushion if your partner doesn't want it ;o) I do love the idea of the chocolate bribe mind you :oD Hope the man flu buggers off soon! Are you escaping off the island for Christmas if he's not there?

  20. I have to say I envy your partner :)
    And although I'm not really into batik I just love the drawstring bag.
    As for the flu, my Mum always fed us garlic (on a piece of bread with butter) so if you don't hate it too much you could try it while your man is away (wouldn't recommend it otherwise, unless you make him eat some, too ;))
    Anyway, I'm sending you a warm hug and get well wishes.

  21. I think that pillow is lovely and I also love that bag! The jelly sounds like just the thing you need.

  22. i wish i could give you a great big hug, and a candy cigarette! ;) just kidding on the candy cigarette... it would probably be too much temptation! :/

    love love love the pillow. i think the quilting on it is fantastic and i am with you on the batiks but it looks really great!

    hope you feel better soon friend. it makes me sad you are sad and a bit lonely. good thing you have my adopted ellie cat to cheer you up. do you still have your bed parked next to your sewing machine?

  23. Awww, hello lovely. Firstly, that cushion is F.A.B! love the quilting, quite inspired I think :) Sorry, you're on your own for a bit, that's rubbish, I get a bit wobbly when James goes away just for a couple of days so I can quite see why you might get a bit mizzy :( we're here to make you giggle though...want a bad joke? Did you hear about the scarecrow who got a masters degree? He was "outstanding in his field" :) x

  24. What a cool pattern for the pillow swap!

    Enjoy your jelly - I love gifts like that! Usually mine come from my dad; I need to have him teach me how to make them myself too.