Friday, 18 November 2011

The smoking bundle of lush...

Warning :  not suitable for those afflicted by fabric envy...

First of all, beloved friends and family please have a look HERE

Christmas Gifts for Quilters

as there are all the ideas you could possibly need...  especially in THIS POST...

I don't normally do stash posts.  This is a bit different though.  This is a good one.  This is one pile of awesome I do not and will not feel even remotely guilty about purchasing.  This one I really deserve, I've worked hard for it!

I've been a bit low of late.  The not smoking is TOUGH.  One thing I hadn't considered was the effect it would have on my sewing.  I thought not smoking would be great for my sewing, that I'd get a lot more done!  I guess I forgot that I take so many breaks primarily because of the Narcolepsy, not specifically because I wanted to smoke.

I cant "do" sitting and concentrating on something for ages.  I need to get up, go somewhere else, have a rest, a cuppa or a quick nap.  So when I'm sewing, I start to feel I need a nap.  I've got to really, its no use "powering through it" or whatever nonsense you want to call it.  After all.  I am not working BECAUSE it's been proven I am incapable of ignoring it, I need breaks, sometimes I hardly manage anything, its all break!  Annoyingly I still fall asleep / go auto even when I do take naps....   but at least with breaks I make slightly less mistakes...  Previously, every time I took a break, I went downstairs or outside and had a cigarette.  Now, I take a break, and... well, I just don't know what to do with myself at all.

I make a cuppa.  I want to smoke.  I sit and put the telly on.  I want to smoke.  Eventually this turns into "I want to eat" or "I want to sleep".  Unfortunately, perversely, I cant actually sleep ON PURPOSE.  Really I don't know whats worse.  Groggy confused out of it Sarah that's falling asleep far too much, or miserable Sarah that cant stop thinking about the extra calories and hating herself for not sticking to the diet...  So its been really hard to go to the sewing cupboard and face that.  Anyway.  All of this has been translating to very little sewing being done.  Just lots of thinking about it.  Dreaming about it.  Planning it.

I've gotten myself into a little bit of a hole with regards to the sewing I had planned, versus the sewing I've gotten done.... in relation to when its supposed to be finished....  Oops.  My man is off to sea again this weekend, so instead of the customary two or three days crying and feeling sorry for myself I'm going to get stuck in, use the bed next to the sewing cupboard, and not do anything other than sew and sleep!
I am determined.  I have things to finish!

Which brings me back to the stash purchase awesomeness.
12 weeks not smoking.  Less 4 weeks buying nicotine replacement, equals 8 weeks.
8 x  £7 for baccy
3 x  £3 for cigarette papers
8 x £0.90 for the coffee I'd buy at the newsagents when I bought my baccy
2 x £5  approximately for the occasional magazine I'd buy with my coffee and baccy

Which this time, not always, but for the moment, equals

from one addiction to another....  
And, because its about time, and because I will need the cheering up, I finally spent my Christmas gift voucher!  (I know, I know, I spent about 6 months waiting for them to get a specific line in, and they didn't, that's why it lasted so long)

merry Christmas (2010)  to me...
Now if I can just get the things I've started finished... then I can play with all this!
Although having seen Meg's winter survival guide I might just have to spend a day or so doing one or two of these first :-)


  1. I don't know what I am going to steel first - the Kristen Howell turquoise clouds or the Lotta!!
    Well done at persevering xxxxx

  2. Well on the 12 weeks, and what a fab reward!! How lovely when a treat is SO justified, LOL

  3. Aw pet! Keep going - you've done so well so far! I'm so proud of you for not giving in! In the grander scheme of thing it's still early days and your body is still adjusting. You are having a run on gorgeous fabrics coming through your letter box. Hope you get some fun sewing time with them this weekend. Hugs Jxo

  4. Huge achievement Sarah, and look at all that guilt free goodness you have!!

  5. There had to be a pay off to quitting smoking and this is it. I think I will take up smoking for 12 weeks so that I can save £82.20 afterwards and spend it all on fabric! Now there's a plan. ;-)

    Well done you for sticking to it when it isn't easy and it isn't fun!

  6. Sorry to hear you`ve lost your sewing mojo a bit...hoping all that fabric gorgeousness can bring it back. I`ve a sneaky feeling it will. Keep going without the fags and look forward to your next purchase!

  7. I knew I should have stopped reading after the warning! They're very pretty! Well done you! So glad you're keeping it up.

    Hope the bed next to the sewing machine works for you. Have you tried going outside but not smoking, I'm worried you're going to get cabin fever otherwise!

  8. Wow! What fantastic beautiful-ness! Good for you sticking to it. In the end, you will be a happier healthier you. And you'll have the most beautiful stash in the entire world. Everyone wins :)

  9. Well done you! It's a major thing you're doing and it's going to take your body some time to adjust. But what a fabulous bundle of loveliness you've got to help take your mind off it all. You completely deserve it so enjoy!!!

  10. It's incredible when you equate the money you save from not smoking to something sewing related and it's important to reward yourself in this way, as it sounds like you're going through a hellish time. I really hope the not smoking gets easier and that you can stick to it. I bet 12 weeks feels like a long time, but actually it's no time at all if you compare it to how long you've probably been smoking. So be proud of your achievement and carry on strong ;o)

  11. Dude! Not to go even more all surfer chick but that is awesome! Gnarly, even! And - just to clarify - I mean 12 weeks on the wagon! (or is that just booze? Let's say on the baccy bus, then) That really is something to be proud of and WAY deserving of that stash pile. I'm not a fabric afficionado so dunno what it is but have licked my phone screen right over that blue pile.

  12. Well Done! What a great incentive to stop smoking. I think you REALLY deserve those gorgeous stacks :)

  13. they always say that stopping is like going to a nudist camp ... what do you do with you hands! ... not that I've ever been to a nudist camp, but I know from when I stopped smoking that it's so hard to deal with the "what should I do" at all the times you used to be having a smoke! For me it was when I was waiting for buses or trains to get to work and I'd always have a smoke while I waited, but when I stopped it felt like I should be doing something! ... but that feeling will eventually go away :)

    Stick with it, you're doing fantastically! and definitely deserve that fabricky reward! Do you have an exercise bike or treadmill at home you could distract yourself with when you need a break? grabbing a 10 minute spell on the machine might get some extra oxygen to your brain and help your concentration, and help the dieting into the bargain! ... though I'd be taking the TV and cup of tea option! (with a biscuit obviously!)

  14. Wonderful reward! I tried a lot of different things to make up for the break time and in the end you get over it, although I still bend paperclips and chew on pens a fair bit. Continue to be strong and stubborn and it will be less hard in time.

  15. You have been an angel of goodness and thoroughly warrant such glorious rewards! It's not just an addiction you are fighting but habits too! Jolly hard and you have done wonderfully well - can you do as Giles says and develop other healthy habits!??

  16. yummy stash filling, hope it gives you some lovely warm feelings :)

  17. YEEAAHHH a well deserved merry christmas to you :) Gorgeous stash!

  18. I was just wondering how you were getting on with being a non smoker and now I know!! Well done!! You completely deserve all that lovely fabric and now you have something to do in your breaks - check to see if the postie has made it into your street! I know what you mean about not being able to 'power through' - no point in the slightest and might result in a nasty needle in finger incident. It's hard but even though you (we) technically have more time to sew than many others we're not going to get anywhere near as much you say, there's a reason we don't work but sometimes it's hard to remember that. Take care and have a good weekend - enjoy all your sewing and sleeping but don't forget to eat and drink! Sorry for the extra long comment, again!

  19. Oh Bum, 1- my package is too late! 2 - you're on a diet! 3 - you SOOOOOO deserve that stash, don't ever feel you need to justify it! (and 4 - for Lynz I hope her phone survived the severe licking it just got!) Happy sewing, snoozing, more stitching :)

  20. Well done for giving up smoking. Enjoy your well deserved fabric in your own time :)

  21. Oh, you totally deserve it. Is it OK if I say that I'm so proud of you?
    And I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you all the time - both for the not smoking and the diet.
    And I love the fabrics you bought, especially the blue pile. And those Echo prints, yay.
    And I have a silly idea. How about going outside as you used to do for a smoke and snapping a photo instead? Like in the film "Smoke"? (But if you haven't seen the film better don't watch it now, unless you can stand watching people smoking, it's full of such scenes)

  22. well done, it must take a huge amount of willpower! And how great that you can add up all that you have saved and develop a much healthy addiction instead! Keep going with it

  23. Oh, well done you (for the not-smoking and the fabulous taste in fabric!). I remember when I worked in an office all the people who used to take fag breaks didn't know what to do with themselves when they stopped smoking, and they said they stopped hearing all the office gossip! Anyway, I reckon you need to find a purpose to your breaks that isn't TV or eating
    (can't think of one though...unless you get a dog and take it for walks?!) In luurve with the Lotta, by the way, it's yummy!

  24. good work friend! i am very happy you are still on the non smoking side of this battle and it has to be awesome to see your fabric stash grow! does it feel better to spend money on fabric than on smokes? i do feel for you. i have brothers that have been trying to stop smoking for a long time. it is a hard battle but sooo worth it. your lungs thank you every single day!

  25. Oh yes, very well earned, well done! I think we all need a break even from things we love, even when we have a mile long list (sometimes especially because!), so don't beat yourself up about not getting as much done as planned, it will come... Now in the meantime, would you mind if I 'borrowed' some of those fabrics you're not using? ;o)

  26. Hi there!I've just found your blog and lurve it :)
    I had to comment here as I'm jumping into the non smoking boat too, utterly insane but having pneumonia didn't even stop me! I've just got hold of Alan Carr's (not the chatty man!) book Easy-way and it's fab, I highly recommend it as does my dad who used it to kick a 40 a day habit!
    You're doing really well and totally deserve the fabric as a well done to your self :)