Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Past and future post

Thank you so much to everyone who commented on my last post, helping me figure out the steps to succuessfully choosing fabrics.  It was a great read finding out how you all go about it, what you all think about it, and awffy nice of those of you who said I'm not doin too badly so far!  And as for those who encouraged me to increase my stash.....  WOOHOO!   hehehe...

I have some winners to announce!  The "lucky" winners of my fugly fabric from the post before my last post have been selected.  I did the whole "names on a bit of paper to be pulled out of the bag" but totally forgot to photograph it.  Terribly poor show I know, but you're just going to have to trust me cos I cant be arsed doin that again, I just binned all those teeny bits of paper (after chasing Ellicat round the room to get a few of them off her).  Not doing that again.
Anyway... We have winners...

                           For the checks and swirly blue FQs   -  Maxine

                           For the shiny red paisley stuff             -  Josephine
                           For the toy box panel (with scary monkey)  -  Gwen

And going back even further to the Stained QAL cutting post...  that feels like all I've been doing for the last 2 weeks...

cutting out of Fabric One...  

Just for anyone who actually looked at the cutting guide (and ran away screaming) here is proof that I am that fussy....  Well, I wouldnt ask you to do something I wouldnt...would I?

All the pretty little cut pieces in their organised little baggies...  Stop laughing Cindy...

And just to make things a little more interesting...

                                                                      .... I used two different fabrics to cut number 11...

But despite the over whelming feeling that all that cutting took weeks and weeks, I have actually been sleeping a lot, and, and I did sew something.
Leila @ Where the Orchids Grow did a wonderful post with a paper piecing pattern.
Cuppa tea love? paper piecing tutorial
Now I was very keen to give it a go, but... well...  it was for freezer paper piecing which I've not tried yet, and it had a few too many toatty wee triangles for me to cope with...  So, I used Leilas pattern as a guide and had my first go at drawing my own foundation piecing pattern!  I cut down on the triangles a bit too...  

Getting started with my Foundation piecing pattern

My take on Leilas fab cuppa pattern
Mum has a habit of leaving her hot cups of tea on books.... mum also got a Kindle from dad....  So to deter her from leaving cups of tea on the kindle, I made it a nice thick cover!

Mums kindle cover 

And on to future post... I will get the "put the blocks together" Stained QAL post done asap, fingers crossed it might even be up tomorrow... but we'll see...


  1. Congratulations to the winners!
    Thanks so much for joining the party :)
    I love the kindle cover - Gone with the wind is my favourite book EVER! - very jealous!
    Oh and I have yet to start cutting so don't feel you have to rush with those instructions ;)

  2. LOVE your kindle cover!
    Just realised I should write ablog post about the fugly winners I just emailed!
    Fiona x

  3. I cut out my stained glass pieces last week. It took a while but it was easier with your diagram. I used those binder clips to hold each block section.

    Theyn they went together easily. I couldn't stop! Now all the blocks are done but I need to frame ea h block and put it together.


    As son as I can figureiut the flickr thungi will post it for you to drool over!
    glen in Louisiana

  4. What a great Kindle cover. I also put my hot cups on the books to protect the table, I think I would like your mum very much! I have put my fabric up for the Stained QAL, I hope to start cutting this week.

  5. I must get your instructions for a kindle cover because my dad got a kindle for my mum for Christmas too and I just know she will be putting her hot cups of tea on it!

    Congrats to the fugly winners! Hope the fabric ugly ducklings turn into quilty swans in your capable hands!

  6. Yes, there are so many things that books can do that ereaders can't--protect table tops, press flowers, prop up uneven chair legs, hide contraband... On the other hand, books don't provide a reason for making lovely covers like this one, do they?

    I've only just finished cutting the sashing--haven't started on the coloured sections yet--they're going to take a bit longer since I'm congenitally incapable of following instructions as written. 11 different fabrics--I can't see using fewer than 15. But I see that you've already started adapting your own pattern, so I don't have to feel too bad about it, do I.

  7. oh my gracious!!! i love this cover more than i can possibly tell you!

  8. The cover turned out so lovely!! I love how you have put your own spin on this pattern you did an excellent job Sarah!

  9. Love the Kindle cover Sarah, I bet your Mom will love it too.

  10. Opps I totally forgot to comment on your previous post and say thanks! So thanks or putting the question to the floor, the answers gave me a lot to think about....and I am pretty sure I have chosen my fabrics! Interesting to see that you cut one from a mix of fabrics, as that was something I was wondering about doing. Onwards to the cutting out :) Oh and your Kindle cover looks great!

  11. Love that kindle cover! It is just perfect and your mum will be well and truly pleased. Congratulations to your fugly winners as well.

  12. Vay nice Kindle Kover Sarah ;-) vay, vay nice.

  13. Love the cover you made for your mum!

  14. Who is a very clever girl then!? Love the paper piecing and I'm with you freaking out at all those teeny pieces!

  15. Oh the kindle cover is absolutely fantastic... way to go!
    I don't think I can be trusted with my rotary cutter over 1/2 term, the kids are driving me mad, so not a good combo - but I will get my Stained cutting done next week I hope!

  16. that's really lovely, and so cute!

  17. Lol, fab idea with the kindle cover

  18. Cool piecing Sarah! You da gal! Jxo

  19. Very cute. Paper piecing is fun isn't it?

  20. Love the kindle cover. And no rush with the instructions for the Stained QAL. I've only just startedc cutting!

  21. That kindle case looks great - very cute to incorporate the book!

    No rush on the putting blocks together post on my behalf... I'm still cutting!

  22. Love the Kindle cover - very clever piecing and use of fabric!! Congratulations to the winners - I'll have to negotiate a fee with Archie or he'll refuse to pick a winner for me!

  23. The Kindle cover is just fantastic!!

  24. Oh, how fab is that kindle cover?! and very good practice for Brit Bee March ;) x