Wednesday, 1 February 2012

three updates...part two

Elliecat "I don't understand.  What do you mean you didn't cut this fabric specifically for me to sit on?"

I thought I'd start with this little Ellie gem for Nicke, as a thank you since she was awfully kind to pass on to me the  Versatile Blogger Award.

In return I need to tell you seven things and pass the award ever onwards.  So, 7 things in a minute.  As for passing it on, I'll pass it to lovely Judith who has finally gotten her patterns on a shop site :-)  and to lovely Cindy who has finally finished her birdy stitches! woohoo!  They are lovely ladies, who do lovely blogs.  Check 'em out.

Right.  7 things...

1.  I hoard.  Not terribly, as I tend to hoard with a recycling intention, but whilst living in my boyfriends small house, I owe it to him to spring clean once in a while to shut him up  keep him happy be fair.... Mum helped enormously and between us the house has been freed of

  • one deep windowsill of glass jars
  • 54 dvds and cds
  • one bag of books
  • one printer
  • 4 pairs of trainers
  • 8 handbags
  • one A1 Drawing Board
  • one bag of clothes
  • one bag of assorted (non quilting cotton) fabrics
  • one massive black bag for the trash...
Not that I'm counting or anything.

2.  Mum and I had a Harry Potter Marathon - we did 2 films a night for a week.  I cried within the first two minutes of the final film, and lost count how many times throughout it.  I'm a bit of a soft sod...

3.  I am getting rather obsessive and even more freaky as the years go on.  New to mum this visit were the joyously weird "butter must be taken from a specific end of the butter tub or I freak out", the fussy "fabric has to be folded in a specific way"  (mum caught me re-folding a few...  I tried the old "I dropped it" but she just raised an eyebrow and said "no you didn't" and I had to confess...)  and the downright irritating "saying something twice (something twice)  which frankly concerns me....

4.  I think 3 counts for at least two... that was proper mental.

5.  My favourite dinner (one of mums specialities) is Cheese Charlotte - a bread and cheese souffle.  Here's one I made earlier...

6.  I cant sneeze properly.  When I was a kid I so dreaded giving classmates any more ammunition to take the piss out of me and laugh, and I'd seen them laugh at another kid for his nose running and him not having a tissue (I'm sure I don't need to go into any more detail there...)  so I made sure that any time I felt a sneeze coming along I held my breath.  Now I cant sneeze.  I feel the sneeze coming, and go thru the whole "ah... ah..aaaah.." bit, but then its like an invisible hand holds my nose for me and I usually just say the "choo!" part without ever actually sneezing.  Its kinda sore and sounds really stupid...

7.  I'm left handed but only for writing - I don't need anything from Ned Flanders Left-orium....

And finally, another big thank you - this time to Dianne of Quiltova.  She sent me a lovely Pay it Forward package!  Dianne is a lovely lady, and my parcel was so thoughtful, it really brought a smile to my face.

Derngate Doors
Derngate Door designed by C.R. Mackintosh

She knows I love Mackintosh, so she did me this fabulous mug rug based on a Charles Rennie Mackintosh door.  Isn't it brilliant?  She also did a lovely wee house, and she sent me these...

"Camel Balls"  

Shhhhh!  Don't tell her I'm a vegetarian....


  1. Thank you so much, my dear! You're the best! And once again, this is just simply hilarious. HILARIOUS. Any of that cheese soufflé left?

  2. Awww, love Ellie cats face - her eyes seem huge: a bit of a garfield look there!

  3. lol, I could see me developing a "certain way of folding fabric" ... I already have particular ways that my shirts and jumpers must be hanged in the wardrobe ... I think I could do with you and your mum coming to help de-clutter my house! heh

  4. I really enjoyed this post ....... yup still giggling x

  5. lol :) Can't stop giggling imagining your silent sneezing! x

  6. You be very funny lady you :-)

  7. Hee Hee! so much to laugh about in this post, and that's before I got to the Camel balls! The cheese souffle looks totally yummy, and I'm a leftie too, but not just for writing :) x

  8. You are a nut my friend, but in a great way xxx

  9. Your posts make me smile. I actually laughed out loud at the saying everything twice bit. I used to say everything twice also, because I thought people were not listening so I made sure they heard me. It took my husband a while to help me break the habit by assuring me that he had indeed, heard me the first time. :) I also fold my stash fabric a certain way.

  10. I love that list - and no more nuts than the rest of us....probably! What an amazing Mackintosh mug rug. Juliex

  11. Well, we all have our foibles! Glad you like the door!

  12. Hilarious! You are certifiably bonkers! Thank you for thinking of me for the VB award - I've actually already had it, last year! But it's wonderful to be nominated again!

  13. Oh this post made me laugh out loud! You so deserved the award!

  14. Oh Ellie Cat! Caught in the act! And don't you look a picture! Can your mum come and help me de-clutter too Sarah? What a fantasitc mug rug, and woahhhhhh, camel balls?

  15. Oh Sarah, that was a good 'un. Have pinned Ellie (won't hurt)- I have a cat folder.....
    It does sound like you are becoming a bit more barking, but hey, we all have our wee habits........

  16. well what a post still laughing and camel balls too !!!

  17. still laughing as i type - camel balls - who on earth would feel right about putting them in your mouth???? - and also laughing at the comments - so wonderful to be held in such high esteem!!!

  18. ROFLMAO at 3 and 6 (although more at 3, and more because I know I have so many of those 'things' myself, including butter fixations...)

  19. That opening photo of Ellicat on the fabrics with the innocent look is priceless (and the caption is too funny). Congrats on the Versatile Blogger award! Sounds like you and your Mum are very close and that she is a great help to you :0) That Cheese Charlotte looks beautiful-- makes me want to start expanding my cooking repertoire. Those Camel Balls are too funny, but don't think I could actually eat them after having read the name.

  20. Certifiable my dear friend.....but it is for those 7 reason we love you so. we love you so.

  21. Ha. Ellicat looks so shocked! Naughty kitty!

    You are quite odd really aren't you? But we love you all the same :-) I have a "toilet roll MUST roll from the front" thing, and a "check my pockets 5 million times for my keys before I leave the house" thing...

  22. Such a great post!! Yeah we all have mental things - I'm the same as Laura - the toilet roll MUST roll the right way, I once lived with a girl that also had it but the WRONG way!!! We changed it every time and ended up just standing it on top of the toilet because it was getting ridiculous!
    I also cannot blow my nose (well I can but I just don't make that weird noise people always make) and I can't burp - literally I can't do it!!

  23. I've got quirks too. I tend to wander about the apartment when I can't decide what to do or can't remember what I decided to do... It's probably a big time waster.

    That souffle looks amazing! I love pretty much anything with cheese.

  24. Love the photo of Elliecat! I think we all have quirks - I hate it when people put toast crumbs in the butter and I also don't like butter in the jam jar...use a new knife for goodness sake!! Love the souffle though - looks dangerously nice!