Friday, 21 October 2011

in case it wasnt big enough the last time

Well, if you've read my blog before you might remember the list...  It was scary.  However, I missed out on the big summer sewing list review thingy from lovely Sarah Fairy Face (for some reason I keep spelling her name wrong!  It's not like it might have been one of the first words I ever learned to spell or anything...I think its the Fairy thing, I keep wanting to call her Sairy!  sorry)  A-N-Y-W-A-Y.   You can probably guess whats coming here...

FairyFace Designs

With a little tweaking first, I'm adding my whopper to the group!  Woohoo!  Now, obviously I'm a tad concerned about failing abysmally, hence the tweaking, but after the awe inspiring summer finishes from flash and ubermom I am inspired to give it a go, and I wont be at all disappointed if I can match HALF their awesomeness...  

Little Sarah's Whopping Winter Stitching List
part one - the commitments

1.  MUST keep up to date with bee activities!  This period should involve 5 or so bee months, cos I've still got Octobers Star blocks to do...  and don't forget the Bee Blessed blocks!
1a  Do my own blocks from August, and after Christmas start putting my Bee Quilt together!

2.  Make another Reversible Bucket Bag (deadline 30th October)

The Reversable Bucket Bag by Sarah

3.  Make Table Runner OR 6 place mats (deadline 30th October)

4.  Make the 3 Mini Quilts I've been asked to.  (deadline sometime early November)

5.  Brit Quilt Swap PILLOW FIGHT!  pillow cover and wee extra  (deadline 20th November)

6.  Modern Christmas Table Runner Swap   table runner and ornaments (deadline 20th November)

7.  Christmas making!  Boxy pouches, cushion covers, needle cases, pin cushions...

8.  Make a quilt for bestie in Germany and her wee bump 

       part two - I've started so I'll finish

9.   Must do another 50 or so hexies for the Hexalong

10.  Must do a pattern for hand quilting the Not-so-hidden-stars quilt to finish it.

11.  Must decide how to go about quilting my Stained pink Quilt.

12.  Must get on with my 5" charms quilt top

         part three - where I wimp out and say that one of the following will do for me ;-)

  • Dresden needs unpicking and re sewn to fix crappy seam allowance
  • Decide on a palette for Dead Simple QAL
  • City Quilt that I started cutting a month ago, finish cutting it at the very least!
  • Complete cutting instructions for City Weekend I & II
  • Make City Weekend I  taking photos for tutorial
  • Make City Weekend II  taking photos for tutorial
  • Complete pattern and instructions for Soul Tracks Quilt, then make, photograph and do tutorial.
  • Attempt a free form "stack and slash" quilt top.

I think that's possibly enough for the next few months, wouldn't you say?  I'm a little worried about 2, 3 and 4 as its now the 21st...


  1. Wow, that's a big list! At least you've set some deadlines though, deadlines help with motivation :)
    Ashley x

  2. Oh you will be fine!!
    Really love the Stained Pink!
    Flash you say - like it!

  3. Rather you than me - especially with the deadlines.

  4. I feel so much better now after reading your list - I thought mine was bad enough. At least you have the courage to put it out there! Mine stays embarrassingly secret! Jxo

  5. Hi, Sarah. Wow what a list! Being a list person myself, I stand in awe of yours! Your Stained Pink quilt is lovely, and I covet your purse/bag with that marvelous cartoon fabric. Perfect. Really liked your TicTacToe creation too.

  6. Weirdly, I don't think this looks as bonkers as your first list! I think it's coz it's prioritised - you can totally do this!

  7. Yep this one looks better... much more achievable. Well done on sorting your head space out. As flash says, stained pink looks ruddy awesome. Did I miss its ta-dah post?

  8. yeah, you'll have this done by bonfire night, pma! But seriously, you will because you've set priorities and you'll work your way through it!

  9. Good luck with the list - your stained glass quilt top is very pretty.

  10. More power to you! That's quite a list.

    I think my list would just be to make 2 Christmas stockings and start sewing together the piles of squares I cut for a twin size. Even those I'm not sue I'll be able to manage.

  11. At least you have a list Sarah - still hiding my head in the sand!

  12. I love the stained pink quilt! So pretty :)
    I'll give you a *kick* up the bum to meet those deadlines!! Sure you will!

  13. Oh my goodness! Even I am having heart palpatations! Must find little bag to breath into....

  14. That's one hell of a list but I'm sure you can make a huge dent in it and we'll all be cheering you on - good luck!

  15. Your list is awesome! Scary, but awesome. Just tick them off one by one rather than looking at the list as a whole. It is easier that way!

  16. I love lists me. I love ticking things off a list. Tick, tick, tick. Makes me feel most efficient :-)
    But i'm not sure i'd like Your List. No.
    Bit too daunting that ;-)
    Ever onward then Sarah, ever onward, one tick-at-a-time :-) x

  17. Three mini-quilts by early November?! You go girl, that sewing machine will be doing overtime :) Love the list, it's very orderly! x

  18. sure you can do it, after all, you've already started some at least. The most I have is a mostly sewn bear and piles and piles of fabric for my ridiculous list lol

  19. Cool, I made the list! But feel free to shunt me down a bit, you've got so much to do, mentaler!

  20. wow, I am exhausted reading your list! I love your bucket bag

  21. oh your list is amazing! first on my list is to make a list! i read today that there is something like 64 days until christmas! i am so screwed... new rule in my house... no blogging, just sewing... we will see how long that lasts... like 5 minutes maybe, i have to keep up with my peeps!

  22. I love that your list is longer than mine!

  23. Wow, impressive list. Can't wait to see some of your projects!

  24. Yup that is one great list - welcome to the insanely ambitious gang ;-) but it will be fun and bet you get loads done! Love love love the Stained Pink too. Thanks for linking up :-)