Friday, 28 October 2011

still zombified but plotting...

The one where Sarah tries more foundation paper piecing, to similar results, and goes back to the sofa to sleep again... 

So I've been trying to get Lauras bee blocks done, and after managing a couple of trees I was full of confidence - however misguided.  This is the block I designed for the first star, and I'm calling it Star Sign

Innit pretty?  Not too triangular.  This is what happened after 2 hours of sewing.

Dammit, one of the white bits isn't long enough, its missing its point!

Pants.  those two orangy strips should not be the same print...

So, facing a whole heap of unpicking I went back to the sofa to sleep more...  I did a bit of thinkin too.

This album is 20 years old.  I mean, 20 years.  When this came out I was 13...  
To be honest, although I did like it at the time (still do) I was much more excited about this one which will also be 20 in November.

Possibly one that people are less likely to be familiar with, but criminal as that is I'll let it slip.  Teenage fanclub are a Scottish band, and an awesome one.  This is an album I will never tire of.  I think I spent at least a year listening to it EVERY SINGLE DAY on loop on my walkman (walkman? whats a walkman? Its a portable personal cassette player.  Cassette? Whats a cassette?  OMG)  as I rode the bus to and from school.  

What's put me in this mood?  Apart from generally being knackered and feeling 30 years older than I actually am...?  
Well, I just got to thinking about how this wee blog is now 1 year old...

Yay!  Happy birthday to my blog, happy birthday to my blog, [insert monkey references here... ] Birthdays, and blogiversaries etc usually mean giveaways.  Putting aside the fact that I'm slightly miffed I don't get a pressie for this, I have planned a little something to say thank you to you.  Yeah, you!  (well, not all of you, as much as I'd like to).
I hereby propose the crappiest giveaway in blogland.  Oh yes.  Nobody sponsors me.  I don't really have the nerve to contact a shop and ask for free stuff or whatever you do to organise such things in a proper, professional manner....  So.  I'm not telling what the "prizes" will be.  No glossy photos of the latest drool-worthy goodies.  If you've been reading more than just this post, and especially if you've commented in the past, I'm guessing you'll trust me.  I'm hoping so!  Go on...  

If you leave a comment today, let me know if you're brave enough, if you trust me, and if you're up for a mystery parcel!  You have until Friday November 4th to enter...  One entry, no hoops to jump.  No-reply bloggers must leave an email.  If I cant contact you I pick another winner.  

Mr Random Generator (or elliecat, haven't made my mind up)  will pick 5 winners.  I will contact the winners to request an address.  They will soon after receive a wee pressie from me.  I'm not saying what you'll get, and the five wont get the same,  but I will do my best to ensure that the 5 winners will get a wee parcel in the post that I hope will really make them smile.  
Because that's what you guys do for me.  You all make me smile.  A lot.  And sometimes laugh.  And sometimes collapse in a heap...  
thanks for sticking around! xxx


  1. Sarah, happy happy blogiversary! Your blog always makes me smile, sometimes at the gorgeousness of your sewing and sometimes at your funny stories. I adore your star design. 20 years ago I was crazy about Hunters and Collectors, and their album Human Frailty They are an aussie band. I wore the vinyl out on that one!

  2. It IS pretty! Paper piecing - I need some practice. It really does give good results. Happy Blog Birthday!

  3. are you kidding? a mystery parcel from my friend sarah? nothing would make me happier! twenty years ago i was 12... and completely in love with aaakkkk, i am embarrassed to say... new kids on the block. luckly i wised up pretty quickly and found nirvana, pearl jam, and alice in chains, and haven't turned back. and yes, i listened to all of them on cassette tapes!

  4. Gratz on your one year blogibirthday! Doh, don't remind me that Nevermind is 20 years old... >_<

    Good luck with finishing your block! Your design is lovely!

  5. Twenty years ago I ran off to sea to live the debauched life of a sailor. HeeHee! Happy first bloggy birthday. Meeting you here in blogland has been one of the highlights of my year!

    PS: I think I still have my Sony Walkman (bright yellow one) in a box somewhere. Can't bring myself to throw it out.

  6. Yay, happy first blogiversary and many more to come! I love the Star Sign and just as with the trees I know that you'll make it in the end and it will look amazing.
    And oh, I'd love a mystery parcel :)
    And since you'll letting it slip, I admit I don't know Teenage club, but I've just found them on youtube. What is your favourite song?
    And uhm, 20 years ago I was 17.

  7. Happy 1st birthday! You don't look a day over 33!!! V.generous of you to giveaway 5 things! I would count it a privilege to get something from you! Love your star btw, I just know it's going to look amazing! Jxo

  8. Wow - Happy first birthday.... I love your blog.
    The album Nevermind was the sound track to my student days, that and lots of REM. I'm going to look some of the old favourites out today and have a trip down memory lane thanks to you.... Fingers crossed for what sounds like the most exciting give away I have come across since I started blogging a few months ago x

  9. Happy Blogiversary Sarah. I love your star design.
    Cassettes?? I grew up with vinyl (and, OMG I remember 78s!!)

  10. Happy happy bloggiversary my friend!!

    Blimey, 20 years ago I was already over 20, just, that's not good!

    And no way this is the crappiest giveaway!

    Keep going on Lolly's star - you'll get there and mine will seem like a cinch after that! xxx

  11. Happy bloggy birthday monkey brains!!

    Dont stress the stars. It WILL be fab in the end. It looks gorgeous already!

    20 years ago I was 2 years old, toddling around with my very own cassette walkman, most likely playing disney songs, nursary rhymes, or dire straits... Weird kid, me. It was the most epic of all walkmans though... big and chunky and all multi colours (pink, purple, yellow, green). I think I also had a tracksuit to match....

  12. Happy blog birthday! Thank for the blast from the past! I have only just chucked out my Walkman! (yay, spell check recognised the word!) and husband still had his atari from the same era. I remember the magic of "the" album. For me it was Billy Joel songs from the attic. I still know ever word! Love the idea of a mystry giveaway don't believe it has a chance of being crappy though :-)

  13. Happy Blogiversary Sarah! I'm so up for a mystery parcel from you, please count me in! sklipikish[at]hotmail[dot]com

    I loved (still love) Nirvana, but I must check out Teenage Fanclub. There I was thinking I was cool, but I've not even heard of them :o(

    I hope you stick with the quilt pattern above by the way, despite your hiccups, it's a great design!

  14. Congrats on your one-year blogiversary! I love your Star Sign block design. Sorry you're having such trouble with the paper piecing-- but I admire your effort and persistence! I haven't tried it yet. I used to love a small Scottish band called del Amitri (from the early 90s) but they've since broken up. Are you familiar with them? Congrats again on blogging for one year!! Thanks for your giveaway opportunity!

  15. Happy Blogthingy Sarah! Thanks for blogging and letting us know what goes on in your world way up there in the North! 20 years ago I was trying to get pregnant - not suceeding very well and practising a lot if you know what I mean!

  16. Happy blogiversary! I always forget mine and never offer a prize so you are too kind :P

    And I trust you!

  17. 1 year old already - congratulations. I've just realised that 20 years ago I was interrailing through eastern europe. I think today I was either in Istanbul waiting for the train out or en-route to Athens via Thessalonika. I can't believe so much time has past...

  18. Well all you younguns can kiss my old hiney....20 years ago I was over 20 years old (unlike Miss Hadley who had to add she was just barely over 20). I think you should celebrate your blogiversary with cake or maybe chocolate. Oh I wish I had known I would have gotten some of that hot chocolate you love! I think this is a rockin' good giveaway because a surprise from you can only lead to good things!

  19. Hmm, plotting zombies sounds so wrong... ;o)

    I love the design of your star, I'm sure you'll get there, try some booze first :oD

    Happy bloggiversary, I've done the same thing in the past, and it's amazing the number of followers will fall for that ploy of 'you'll get something' which of course gives you time to think something up lol

  20. Happy blogaversary! I'm definitely up for a surprise gift from you :-) 20 years ago I was rocking out to Nirvana aged 16, and funnily enough I'm still rocking out to them and others :-) You can do the maths on that one :-) I intend to grow old disgracefully!

  21. 20 years ago I was 11, I too had a walkman and my mum was constantly telling me to 'turn that noise down!' Noise? What was she talking about, I was playing music haha!
    Happy blogversary, Id love the received a surpise from you, you can even send me a load of crap and i'll be happy! I just love getting mail, it makes me feel special :)

  22. I have to add of course that the reference to sending me some crap was in no means refering to something you may have made! Everything you make is genius in my opinon. Oh dear I fear the words hole and shovel may be relevant here lol!

  23. Oh dear - 20 years ago I was over 30!! enough said, let's move on! Love your star and the DS fabrics - I was late to the DS party and I'm trying to track them down
    Happy Blogaversary!

  24. I just love reading your blog Sarah! Congrats on having it for 1 whole year!

    Your block design is very pretty and definitely worth the effort you're investing in it.

    Anyway, I probably shouldn't join in on the "what I was listening to 20 yrs ago" conversation...

  25. Congrats on your first year!
    And I have to say that star looks on the ambitious side - go you, you will get there!
    I have about the same amount of success with paper piecing!

  26. mystery parcel sounds great congrats on a whole year !!!

  27. wow, 20 years ago I was 18 and just a few miles down the road from Bonnie Scotland (well in relative terms!). I remember Nirvana and the Teenage Fan Club well! ... and I remember pouring over the Argos catalogue at the dozens of different walkmans wondering how fancy a model I could afford! ... and I still have my collection of over 500 cassettes (mostly taped off the radio!) and I still usually buy my music on vinyl... bit of a ludite I'm afraid ;)

    Oh, and I'd love to receive a mystery parcel... and just think, if you don't tell me what it is you'll be able to keep asking me if I've worked out what it is yet!!

  28. Your star design is fabby....tho' I'm amazed you weren't having even more problems with it, I wouldn't know where to start.
    20 years, crickey, that's scary.
    Happy bloggiversary. You definitely know how to get the world's most nosy and curious person into the height of fevered anticipation. I don't know if I can cope with the thought of a mystery giveaway - but I will try! Juliex

  29. It occurs to me that a mystery giveaway is quite fitting for the season - Halloween is only a few days away.

    As to what I was listening to 20 years ago - probably Raffi. I was 4.

  30. ooooh, I would definately be up for a mystery parcel from you. And get Ellie cat to choose, much more interesting
    I hate that, when you notice that your fabric is missing the smallest piece: aaaagh, but it looks good all the same

  31. I love that you say pants instead of a swear word. Something about it makes me giggle like a school girl.

    20 years ago I was in first grade. (please no pelting me with pincushions!)

    Happy bloggy birthday! These blogs grow up so fast.

  32. Happy Blog Birthday to you. I would love to receive a mystery parcel and I love your block even if it is causing you problems.

  33. Love both those albums!! Happy bloggy birthday - I'd love to get a mystery parcel from you! Good luck with the block - keep persevering as I know you can do it!!

  34. Hmm, I was never big on the Fannies but my mate was a HUGE *ahem* fan. She was a Glasgow student as of '92 and saw copious amounts of them!!! Plus I was more of a Soundgarden/Pearl Jam girl than Nirvana. Always difficult, y'know *grins* And don't get me started on the Roses reunion. Can you say "carcrash"?!?

    P.S. Oh, aye, how could one not adore a mystery from your good self? Really, you always put yourself down, girl. Learn to embrace your excellentness! Yes, that is SO a word.

  35. Hahahahaha, 20 years - I can't believe it! shocking. Aaahhh cassettes, mix tapes (usually from old boyfriends, some with their own artwork!), recording songs off the radio and trying to stop and start at the right time! You've got me started down memory lane :)
    Congratulations on the bloggiversary!

  36. My life's been turned upside down several times these last 20 years! There's always a soundtrack playing along with everything though.
    Happy Blogiversary Sarah! I always enjoy stopping by here. You're very generous to be giving away 5 mystery gifts when you have so much on your Winter Stitching List already, lol.
    Your stitching is inspiring and I love your game for the Japanese Scrap Challenge :)

  37. Happy bloggerversary. I love the mystery of your giveaway and your star block design is lovely. I feel frustrated by paper piecing too

  38. Happy Blogiversary!! I love your giveaway idea ... count me in! xxx

  39. Happy bloggy birthday, Sarah! Love your blog! Cassettes? I had a cast recording of Cats the musical on cassette in replacement of a Take That one which my parents brought for my birthday (The TT one was faulty), now I have Cats on CD. I would love to get a mystery packet!

  40. See what I almost missed?! Happy bloggy-day, lovely lady. I'd love a mystery parcel from "you who makes cool stuff" :) I've got Nirvana on vinyl...and a record player in the loft somewhere!

    Oh and that star, looking fab, persevere! x

  41. Ay yay! happy BloggiBirthday Sarah.......& many happy returns ;-)
    As I'm as old as your mother (hi Mum!) lets quickly scoot past what i was up to 20 years ago shall we? lol.