Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Motivation boost

I cant seem to think properly any more.  

My motivation is pants.  

I cant decide what to do for the Modern Christmas Table Runner, as I'm getting too many little sparks of ideas and none of them would seem to make a whole table runner, so I just haven't managed to finalize one.
I cant decide what to do for the Brit Quilt Swap Pillow Fight - I've got about 4 pillow designs I'm playing with, I just cant get the colours right.

I cant decide which Star to do for Brit Bee October - I've been playing around with a few designs, and I did a trial of one, but I cant make my mind up at all which one to actually commit to and cut the fabric!

I've got one quilt (the not-so-hidden-stars quilt) which still isn't finished as I cant decide how to continue with the hand quilting I was doing.

I've got one quilt awaiting basting, (the Stained Pink Quilt) but havent taken it any further as I have 3 ideas of how to quilt it and I cant seem to decide which to go with.

I've got one more block to do for my own Brit Bee Quilt - and I cant make my mind up what I want that block to be.  

Really, I only need to make a decision on ONE of the above and at least then I'll have something to get stuck into. 
But I cant decide which one to go with....

Meanwhile, look what I got in the post today!

New York Beauty mini quilt by Siobhan Toner

A pay it forward gift arrived for me :-)  Siobhan of Shevvy, quilting in London made this absolutely gorgeous mini quilt for me, and I feel terrible that I couldnt get a photo that did it enough justice as it is beautiful.

attempt at close up of the quilting!

It really is fantastic, I'm in awe.  All those pointy bits....  All those curves and circles!  And the quilting is brilliant too.  Boy oh boy I have so much still to learn!  Thank you Shev, you're a star (and a very clever quilter!!).  Thank you x


  1. have you decided yet? love that mini! my gracious it is gorgeous! you are one lucky ducky!

  2. Fab mini quilt! Don't stress about the table runner. I hand picked your partner and she is lovely! She'll like whatever you do.

  3. What an amazing mini quilt! It's good to see different uses of Central Park too! This really works. I'm glad I'm not the only indecisive person, but your right, just start with one, anyone and your mojo will kick in again! Prioritise your list and get the most pressing one done first, then give yourself a wee reward for getting it done! Jxo

  4. Great PIF gift -- lucky you! I am a bit similar to you - wracked with indecision. But I think I have made some progress - posting some ideas on Flickr helped and looking in my stash at fabric! You can always bounce some ideas off someone - I found Helen aka Archie the Wonder Dog immeasurably helpful in the Goodie Swap - she is a star!

  5. What a wonderful PIF gift!! It's just beautiful!! How exciting for it to arrive unexpectedly, too. I thought I was the Queen of Indecision, but you are in close competition with me!! But at least you have too many ideas rather than too few. All of the projects sound wonderful. Maybe pick out of a hat? Toss a coin? Leave it to fate? Good luck with figuring it all out-- one thing at a time!

  6. would it help to list the ideas you have for the modern Christmas runner and then see what ideas it throws for other people to suggest, or is it a closely guarded secret until it's finished?

    I don't know how it would be done, but I think a table runner would look nice with some lace-style material cut to look snowflake-ish attached to the backing so it peeks out like a petticoat does from under a skirt but with jagged snowflake edges, and then extra lacey snoflake-type pieces appliqued to the top side, overlapping the back side part... don't know if you can picture it like I'm thinking, but it works in my head ;) ... if it's old-hat then ignore me ;)

  7. Gorgeous!! That should give you some inspiration to make some decisions!!

  8. I think you got better pics than any I did before I sent it, I'm glad you like it. It took me long enough to decide what to do so don't stress over your list. I'm sure it will all work out in the end.

  9. Hold your nose, close your eyes and dive in!

  10. wow, what an amzaing mini quilt, very talented

  11. Wow! Shevvy's mini quilt is stunning, you lucky, lucky lady :) As for the motivation, I KNOW exactly what you mean, list your thoughts about one on here and see what peeps have to say :) it may help, it may force you in your own direction. But your mojo will come back :)

  12. Oh that mini quilt is just beautiful! Love the colours and the pattern, and the quilting, and...

    As for the indecision, throw us up some pics and run a poll :oD

  13. Oh that Shevvy has done you proud!!!!!! I love it!!
    Do as the man says - post up some choice pics on flickr for the runner and cushion and let your partner (or someone else) choose!

  14. That is a beautiful little quilt, lucky you! I am sure you will make a decision or two on the rest soon and then you will unstuck and it will all be fine.

  15. Why don't you do mini runners of all your ideas and stitch them all together to make one long one? Would that work or are they all too disjointed to work as a group?

    As for the ideas for the pillow and the star one, get a pin and a blindfold and pick one! If you don't like the one you've chosen you know you know which one you REALLY want to do but haven't admitted! hehe!

    Lovely quilt, you've hit quilting gold with that present! x

  16. Love your mini quilt - stunning! I hope your quilting mojo turns up soon and, as Nicky said, feel free to bounce ideas off me...I'm sure we can come up with some wonderful ideas for the runner. Love Magpie Mimi's idea about the pin for the cushion and star design! Take care xx