Wednesday, 5 October 2011


I know I go on from time to time about being "a bit swamped" with things I plan, and things I start, and things I swear I haven't given up on, and things I need to do.  It is entirely 100% my own doing, I'm not looking for sympathy!  Its just that I have the attention span of a gnat.  And I have as many ideas as a normal person (wot has ideas) but don't have a fraction of the energy to get ideas done.

Anyway.  I figured it was about time I actually shared with you some of the "never ending list", rather than just referring to it and whimpering in a corner.

Lets start with Bee related stuff.

  • mail Susan's September Bee Blocks (make signature block first) - I am now last and soooo gutted.
  • choose some star block ideas for October Bee
  • do trial run of star blocks for October Bee
  • pick what worked best and actually do Octobers Bee Blocks
  • do my own 2 August Bee Blocks!
  • sash all received August bee blocks in order to piece my bee quilt top and back

Next, the things I've signed up to.

  • Japanese Scrap Pack Challenge  -  I have 5 days left to complete my entry, get good photys of it, and blog it.
  • Modern Christmas Table Runner Swap - Partners will be assigned any day now..  I will have a Modern, Christmas Table Runner to make, along with a Christmas tree ornament and a wee extra.  
  • Brit Quilt Swap PILLOW FIGHT! - Partners will be assigned next week I think.  More stalking, then a pillow cover and wee extra to make.

Then we've got the things that are essentially for Christmas, but all Christmas thoughts need to be planned NOW and the Christmas Pressie Factory opened this month...

  • decide on quilting plan for Stained Pink Quilt
  • cut a template for hand stitching guide for Not-so-hidden-stars Quilt
  • do 3 mini quilts as requested for friends
  • design quilt pattern to use Cape Ann Layer Cake
  • start piecing my 5" solids charms quilt top
  • make commissioned bucket bag
  • make 241 tote
  • make two table runner and place mats set
  • make two large applique & machine embroidered cushion covers
  • make some pin cushions and needle cases
  • make some boxy pouches

Then we have a few things I started that need a whole lot more done to them...

  • Hex along needs dozens more pieced hexies
  • Dresden needs unpicking and re sewn to fix crappy seam allowance
  • decide on a palette for Dead Simple QAL
  • City Quilt that I started cutting a month ago

And this is just some of the list.  Seriously!  Its always a work in progress ;-)

And just cos I dont want this to be a post without a pic, here's a sneaky peak at todays sewing...  more on that in a few days!

Oh, and cos I should have in previous post and forgot - check out Blogtoberfest Who's Playing? List and why not visit a site you've not seen before and say hello?   Like Nicke who admittedly isnt an unknown blog to me, but she's jut made the awesome-est kick ass miniquilt that I really really want....  WARNING - Not safe for work or kids!


  1. Wow! That`s a list and a half...where to start? See you are making a City quilt - one of my all time favourites. Have to make one but can`t decide on colours!

  2. Wow! Lots of projects going on there! It is helpful to make lists though-- I think you've inspired me to do the same. Have fun with all your projects and just do what you can! They all sound very exciting. And thank you for reminding me to start making a Christmas list NOW of items to make!

  3. wow, you need to sub contract your ideas! I think if you were awake 24 hours a day you'd have your work cut out with that long list!

    lol, a quilt that's not suitable for work or children??! the mind boggles ;)

    And thanks for mentioning the Men Quilt Too! competition, and my quilt and blog in particular... I have had several visits and a couple of new followers from you ... I'm loving meeting all these new quilty people :)

  4. see thats why I don't join swaps and bees. I couldn't cope with that sort of list, too much pressure. Poor you...

  5. That's some list - I think I have at least one like that and I completely understand your 'loads of ideas and no energy to follow them through' thing, I don't know how on earth you're managing to keep up with your daily blogging but well done!!

  6. OMG, how much have you got going on at the moment!?! It's kinda stressing me out and the lists aren't even mine ;o) Hehe!

    I love Nicke's 'naughty' quilts by the way, sooo cool!

  7. Oops, popped in, nipped over to Nicke's and forgot to come back!

    Lists are your friend!

  8. Oh heck, blimey, that is one serious list, so really really don't be down on yourself for not having energy to do them all - that would be superhuman! You've inspired me to do a new list though, I was getting a bit distracted.

    By the way did you get my siggy? I sent it a while ago x

  9. That list is too long - I'd never get started - and certainly never finish it!

  10. That is one daunting list lady! Cut it down. Sort the wheat from the chaff and all that!

  11. Although don't cut the october blocks... Thats an order!

  12. I'm trying to choose a phrase here. Holy crap? Bloody hell? You complete nutter? (or something stronger a la Nicke - I pinned that mini yesterday!!) Geez, pet, no wonder your brain gets all swamped! YOU are swamped! I'd be in a tizzy just with your bee and swap commitments. You're either my hero for having that much on the go or a bit bonkers. Prolly both. *g*

  13. nicke's recent post was quite funny!

  14. Lists like that are not your friend, they are a nagging wife/husband!!

  15. thanks for the mention! your lists make me tired and i am not a narcoleptic!

  16. NO wonder you're tired! I'm exhausted just reading what you want to do! Think it's time to recruit some wee elves to help you out while you're sleeping! Jxo

  17. love that blue and white fabric! Your list is endless and you have my sympathies but I can't let you out of the swap now. Your partner would be devastated!! ;-)

  18. wow, that a lot of things to do: good luck. I love making a list when I feel overwhelmed with things that need doing in the house: it's great to cross them all off

  19. Not much on then :oD I'm seriously afraid to write a list of those sorts of things to do...

  20. Good luck with everything on your list! I bet it was fun writing that all out, huh? I love making lists. :)

  21. Having read your 'little list' I'm just having a little lie down.
    To recover ;-)

  22. Hi, I've just come to visit you from the table runner swap. Love your blog but I wouldn't want your to do list (at least not until it's done!) :)