Wednesday, 26 October 2011

snooze and I've almost missed it

This is going to be a very poor post, I wish I could do better, but right now I cant.  A friend came to stay for the weekend; an occurance so rare that was the 3rd time it has happened since I moved here over 9 years ago...   seriously.  So, I'm hoping you'll forgive me for not having blogged cos the weekend was busy, and as always a bit of busy means that I am WIPED OUT.  Proper zombified.  Except vegetarian.  I dont like brains.. thats why I have so little...

However, two things to say.  First, look what I got!

A starter pack of Aurifil and colour card from Lynne!  Isnt she a superstar!  I've been so keen to try this stuff, and I'll admit right now that I'm not someone that's ever really considered the thread... well, so long as it didnt totally clash and show up bad...  But, I've read such an unbelievable amount of praise for this stuff I cant wait to give it a go.  People even say it makes stuff go thru your machine quicker and easier...  and you know how I feel about "easier"!  So, thank you very very much to lovely Lynne, and I'll let you all know what I think of it when I've tried it!

Secondly...  Most of you will know already from ms Flying Blind and her fantastic build up...  the time has come for the JAPANESE SCRAP CHALLENGE VOTING!

Photo of all challenge entries by Sarah, taken from Sarah @ Pings and Needles, (really hope she doesnt mind!)

Click Here if you need to refresh your memory a wee bit...  

Click Here  to go and vote!  (I dont mind that you dont vote for me, I just want you to vote!)

Thank you, and if you dont mind I'm going back to bed now...  


  1. Oooh lucky you. I'd love a kona card mainly because I can never remember what fabric I've ordered before when I want to order more and I've heard great things about that thread too!

  2. I love aurifil - I can't possibly admit to how much I have now stocked up on but I haven't got the colour card - thats probably a good thing! I've only used the 50wt which FMQs lovely and never causes me problems like other threads. Enjoy...

  3. I thought for a minute , you'd got a kona colour card. I've not tried the aurifil - I think my machine would appreciate it, so I should.

  4. Lucky Sarah - let's hope your luck holds good with the voting! Rest up then get experimenting with some lovely thread!

  5. Yayyyy for visitors! :) Now for some R&R, and then a little play time with that lovely Aurifil :) Enjoy!

  6. Oh you lucky thing - I have one little spool of Aurifil, which only gets used for the 'good sewing'!!

    Good luck scrap-buddy xxx

  7. Aw pet! Sorry you're wiped out - but sounds like it was worth it having a friend over. I have voted for my 3 favourite people, of course! Jxo

  8. Yay for the Aurifil, I won a couple of mixed packs recently, but I'm still revering them in their packaging ;o)

    Good luck in the comp, I voted :o)

    Hope you get lots of sleeeeeepppppp

  9. oh friend, i hope you are enjoying your comatose lounging on the couch! :) i hope you are up and sewing soon! i am super jealous of your thread! i have been enjoying some sulky thread lately, i am sure it is not as good as the aurifil but it is a ton better than the coats and clark that was driving me mad!

    and, i totally just voted for you! i hope they let me vote twice, because you and hadley have my votes!

  10. excellent - I've been waiting for the voting on that challenge! I'll be voting for your game!

    I'm glad to hear all these raves about the thread... my prize in the Men Quilt Too was a large selection of that very same thread :) :) :)

  11. I love that game you made, you got my vote, luckily I got three votes, as the competition is fierce! It's nice you had so much fun, wiped out is a bit of a price but hopefully not that much.

  12. I've been and voted, but. Think Sarah s really mean only giving 3 votes - I think 9 would have been much better as I think ALL the projects are fab!

  13. Sorry you're wiped out at the moment, I hope you feel better soon. I've voted - good luck!! I'm also looking forward to trying my Aurifil thread, I've heard such great things about it!

  14. I voted too, of course :)
    I wonder how you will like the Aurifil thread.
    I'm afraid I just use polyester thread as I can buy it in a shop near me if I run out - there is one Polish brand they have that is OK to sew with and has nice colours. But I'd love to try something really good one day :)