Thursday, 13 October 2011

the stars of Brit Bee

This months Queen Bee is our own bee Mama, Laura of Needles Pins and Baking Tins and she's gone starry eyed...
After working through the palpitations I went thru at the thought of tackling triangles again, I started playing about with my computer quilty program to get some star block ideas.

9 different star blocks

Left to right, top - 1 I like but I haven't a clue how to do it,
                            2 not sure...
                            3 bit boring for me...
              middle  - 1 Ooh, can I do this English Paper Piecing?
                            2 Now I've done a variation of this one before with EEP so I know it works..
                            3 you've got to be joking...  lol  Sorry Laura!
              bottom - 1 meh..
                            2 ooooohhh
                            3 how the....  nope.

Well, I think the common problem (aside from the triangular aspect..) is that I don't have the foggiest idea how to do most of these.  But when has that ever really bothered me?!

We've been given some lovely Hope Valley by Denise Schmidt to play with, with a white solid.  This month however definitely requires some test blocks first!  I have to admit, its a line I never really paid much attention to before.  Now that I have some in my hands... well, lets just say its been in the virtual basket more times than I'd care to admit.  Might even make it to check out if I'm not careful!

Hope Valley by Denise Schmidt that I probably should have ironed before I photographed.. sorry mum!

Since I've yet to do my own blocks from my month as Queen Bee in August (I know, believe it or not I was so excited about getting everyone else's in the post it completely slipped my mind that I'm meant to do some too...) I thought I'd have a go at a star or two in my bee fabrics.  They might not necessarily make the cut for my quilt, but if they work... well, two birds one stone if you get my drift!

That's the progress so far.  I think its going to work.  Laura, let me know if you want one in your fabrics and I'll do it before I finish this one otherwise I might lose the will to live English Paper Piece.

Now.  If anyone knows how to make (properly that is) any of the stars in my top picture, please feel free to point me in the direction of a tutorial or two!


  1. Have you tried quilters cache - there are hundreds of block patterns on there: you can search by block size or block name. I usually pick a size and then look for any that are paper pieced and have the word star in: not a great amount of help I know, but there are loads of lovely blocks on there.
    I love your computer generated stars, and of course the one you have done yourself!

  2. Some of those look terrifying - not for the bee, but you could make one of the complicated ones as a mega block - 30x30 inches or something like that/...

  3. Gorgeous fabric...wonder where I'd buy that?!! I'd hand piece the trickier stars but you could consider foundation piecing. #1 top row could be assembled like the rainbow star you did as a mug rug (but make the corners a square rather than two triangles). How about #1 bottom row without the dark triangles so it was 'just' a skinny star like these (Cathi is also working on the most gorgeous feathered stars you've ever seen!) Think #2 bottom row would look great in the stripe - I think your real problem is only choosing two! Love the one you've started for yourself!

  4. P.S. Sorry for the ridiculously long comment!!

  5. gosh im all starry eyed! Havent a clue on the pieceing im afraid, Im a bit of an impulsive cut it out and pray type person so i've yet to master anything like the above!

  6. ooo I love the bottom number 3 how the...nope! Great description :)

  7. I like the one you are making. I am trying to pick a star or stars for my Christmas table runner, but I don't think any of these are it but thank you for sharing them all.

  8. Yummie fabric and as Hadley would say, `Don`t muller the DS`,,,have a go with the paper piecing and I bet you`ll do great. Can`t wait to see what you come up with!

  9. If you like the bottom middle I have a similar one in my Mystery QAl - week 1 I think, it's for foundation piecing, you can get to the pattern via my blog.

  10. Sheila beat me to it - she is the queen of stars! I did that bottom-middle one all backwards as I just got in a muddle and lost a few of my points into the edge, so be warned!

  11. Cool, looking good so far! As for the stars, not a scooby, sorry!

  12. Shiela & Hadley both beat me to my answer.

  13. I am in the same boat as you. Haven't the foggiest how to do any of them but loving the one you are doing in your own fabric.

  14. Love your star done in your fabrics! I have a few foundation pieced star patterns I can photocopy for you if you want to have a go a FP? Jxo

  15. Wow. Just wow. Can I say I love all of the pictures? And i can't believe you're doing EPP for me!

    My favourites are:

    2, because its so unique and I haven't seen it anywhere before and it reminds me of an old boyfriends tattoo (long story)

    4 and 5, because they look like snowflakes, and are 8 pointed stars and we all know that points mean prizes,

    and 9. Because OMG. Its amazing, and you're hilarious. And mean! Tempting me with this little beauty. Gotta figure out how to make it...! I'm sure I could design a paper pieced pattern for it. I might do it for my block.

  16. I love the bottom row, middle, but like you - I wouldn't have a clue. I'm sure you can find out on t'interweb though.
    I've just ordered a full set of hope Valley FQ's. I'm making a quilt for a friend, so she's paying, but I hope there will be some left over. (no, there will be some left over)

  17. I'm sure we did #9 with Sheila and the mystery quilt too, I was going to do that! Hmm, let me know if you've beaten me to it! :) They all look fab!

  18. holy shit! middle #3. i almost, well. you don't want to know... ;)

  19. How'd I miss this?! Star inspiration! I am halfway through my first block and having to take lots of "Laptop"'s all a bit fiddly! What you are doing looks great, I've never EPP'd in my life, I think I need a lesson :) x

  20. I just popped in for a nosy, picked you up on Lily's quilts, Love your stars!