Sunday 23 September 2012


Do you ever set out to sew and end up feeling like a fraud?  Like you have no business buying fabulous fabric and planning awesome quilts, when you cant get a single sodding block right?!  That's the week I've had...


With both Brit Quilt Swap 3 and Sailors Mouth Swap all done and sent off, I was feeling a bit more like catching up on things could be achievable...

 Brit Bee - Miss September, our lovely Laulipop, wanted two blocks of 4 mini Churn Dash blocks.  She was kind enough to cut us all the bits too!  These blocks took me the longest to do though, so much trimming at every stage... forgot to trim one block at the final stage and I ended up with one block a bit bigger than the other....  oops....

My second bee, Modern Stitches Bee, kicked off in August, and I got off to a terrible start by not getting my blocks done til last week...  oops...

Leanne asked us for scrappy two colour Granny Squares blocks.  No matter how much I pinned, I starched, I took it at a snails pace, putting the borders on still went a bit wonky...  oops...  I might have lost one or two points...  And I may or may not have had to do it more than once due to a bit of an unwanted wave or two...  oops...

September was Chrissys turn, and she requested the Four Acres block from the 99 Modern Blocks book.  Now, I had some experience with this block before.  Unfortunately not good experience either.  Last time I made it my logs went totally wonky.  As in not a single 90 degree angle to be had on the entire thing...  This time, however, I was utterly determined.  I took it one log at a time.  I pinned and took it slow, I had even measured a quarter inch from edge of each new log and drew a line on with my Frixxon pen to sew along.   I finger pressed each one as I went along.

When I had my two lovely square framed blocks, the next step was the painful "cut into four" bit.  As I had to cut them, I took them to the ironing board to press them properly first.  BIG MISTAKE.  Two reasonably good blocks ruined, neither were even or square after that.  One was so bad I had to ditch it completely and start again.  When I had version two ready to press, I starched first.  This time, not only did it go wonky, I discovered that the brown I'd used had a distinct aversion to direct heat too...

Nothing to do but grit my teeth and get on with it.  Again, I have one block a bit bigger than the other...  ooops.

But aren't photos brilliant?!  Don't you just love that in the photos, all 6 blocks look reasonably pretty, and apart from the odd vanishing point, I'd say in the photos they don't look quite so disastrous.
It might have taken all week, and that was with 4 blocks pre-cut, but I did get them all done, and 4 siggy blocks (forgot to send one for Brit Bee August... oops...) and posted off this morning.  Phew!

Also got my stack of charms cut for Rebecca's Low Volume Swap, and got them in the post too.
Best of all though, I got STACKS of post this week....much to the bemusement of postie...  The Japanese Charm Swap is gathering momentum and I now have 46 sets of charms out of 56...  I am getting quite excited!  Hard to believe it, but so far most of them are looking even nicer in real life - and they looked pretty awesome in pictures too!  Fingers crossed this time next week I might have them all in and ready to sort.

Other than all that... I've had nothing but making lots of sweary mini's on my mind!  Couldn't possibly have had anything to do with the language in the cupboard this week, no, not at all....

Friday 14 September 2012

Bad (be warned.)

There will be swearing, dont read if it offends you.  I'll delete any comments that complain about it...  

No blogpost for over two weeks? Bad. 
Weekend with good friend - Good. 

Loch Lomond
Day out at Loch Lomond with a little Thistle
Day at Aberdeen Beach with my man.

Journey home - Bad. 

ferry home
Not rain, this is seconds after a massive wave covered the window...  it was a rough night on the ferry home!

Welcome at home - Good. 

kickin back
Do you think Ells is comfy?!

Woefully late in posting my Brit Quilt Swap 3 - Bad, very bad. 

The "stars and stripes" mini and the super geek sewing zippy I made

Reception it got despite its lateness - Good, very very good! 

My mini quilt from Narcoleptic in a Cupboard!
Closey up of the mini (picture knicked from Mr Curly Boy himself, hope he doesnt mind!)

Late in posting photos of what I RECEIVED for BQS3 - Bad. 

Received BQS3 goodies
Perfect, wonderful swap parcel from AlexsallyDaisy

What I got in Brit Quilt Swap 3 - Good, really very good :-)

Received my BQS3
PERFECT!!!  Awesome touch!  Thank you!

Shamefully late in posting my Sailors Mouth Swap - Bad. 

Pin cushion
Pin cushion for my Sailors Mouth Swap partner

Language used in Sailors Mouth Swap - Bad. (Good!!!)

Sailors Mouth Swap
"Does a Hexie Fuck in the Woods?"  

Usual "I left the house" sickness - Bad. 
Cheer up fruity brunch - Good. 

Waffles, with fruit salad, plain yoghurt and Maple Syrup.  This is mans plate, not mine... Honest... It is!!!

Backlog of bee blocks to catch up on when less snotty - Bad.

The first week of Japanese Charm Pack Swap parcels arriving.... Woohoo!
Charms arriving thick and fast - Good. Good. Good!