Friday 28 June 2013

Claiming my blog for bloglovin

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Will blog properly soon.  Honest.
But right now I apparently need to "claim" my blog on bloglovin.
Later! x

Sunday 2 June 2013

Reasons to be cheerful part two

Sister in law is pleased with her "you've got mail" cushion.  Phew!!!  At an average of 2hrs per envelope it wasnt the speediest of works!


Having offered "skully" hoop for a giveaway, it took a few weeks to find the bast@rd.  But I did.  

 Reene, I will do my best to try and think of something sweary, but it wont be easy for me ;-)   I'll get it to you soon as I can.


I've caught up on another month of bee blocks.  Jo's low volume and liberty TRIANGLES.  Yup, I sewed triangles and it worked for a change.
And my mate Gap Quilter pushed her luck asking me for 36 half square triangles AND an embroidery that will remind her of me. I promise you, this will remind her of me.  (And no.  I didnt.  Its my nickname for her.)

I needed some company, and mum came to the rescue.  She's been busy too.  

I needed a laugh, and Miss Elliecat obliged.

And final reason to be cheerful?

Beanz.  The Shooman variety.