Wednesday 18 September 2013

Away day

Some of you may have spotted, but in case you haven't, I've been on a virtual day out!  You can find me today at Lilys Quilts.

Sunday 15 September 2013

Little starts and finishes

I'm trying very hard to get back into sewing. I'm happy to say that my quilty obsessing has come back and I am back to the usual constant daydreams and quilt plans and virtual shopping and pretend bundle making and all that. Its only the actual sitting at the machine I've been stuck on!  My beanybump might not actually be all that big, but anyone would think I'm 39+ weeks I seem to be so useless at sitting upright or bending over.  Seriously, some days I cant put my bloody socks on!
Anyway...  I've been easing myself into sewing doing small bits at a time, and I have a couple of finishes to show for it now.

First up we have the California Dreamin' quilt.  Mum pieced this in an afternoon (when I was poorly and napping) from a fabulous pattern in the Fat Quarterly Shape Workout book.  I got my lovely mate Emily to do some meticulously spaced straight line quilting on it, and I did some "organic" hand quilting in the solids.

The second one,( pictured on its side cos I didnt want to get the bottom wet!!!) is my first and probably last entirely Half Square Triangles  quilt.  Wow, this was soooooo tedious to make.  Dont get me wrong, I really like it, and I'm happy with the block I chose, the solid I went for etc.  But eugh.  So many hsts!  Not exactly enjoyable to piece.  In fact, it wouldn't have been made at all if I hadnt had mum on trimming duty!  I do like the finished quilt though.  This was basted by Emily too, and I managed to quilt this one myself with a nice simple grid layout.

Feels so nice to have some finishes to show!  I have another quilt top finished tonight, which hopefully I'll be sharing with you all very soon....

Monday 2 September 2013

Hijacked by gap quilter...

Hey, its Rhonda the Quilter in The Gap.....Shhhh....Don't Tell Sarah!!!!!! Can you keep a secret? I sure hope so because I have hi-jacked Sarah's blog today to invite you to one! Well, ok! so let's be honest! It's not a complete secret! I'm good but not that good! Not good enough to get from Cumberland Gap all the way over the ocean to Sarah's computer or even good enough to convince EllieCat to betray Miss Sarah! So instead I had to let Sarah in on the secret....

Susan and I are going to have her a Baby Shower.

Now before those of you on the other half the world make that weird face - hear me out! It's very common here in the US (you know for us "normal" people - ok ok so that was a stretch). But seriously, let's face it! Bean needs some things!!!! Well actually I am certain Iain & Sarah have all Bean's needs covered but if we are all being honest we NEED to make make Bean things!!!!! RIGHT?!?!?! Things like quilts, clothes, bibs, burp cloths, sleep bags, change mats, receiving blankets, booties, neckerchiefs, fabric books, diaper covers, bottle slips, and the list goes on and on - I mean we are a creative bunch! And who better to make those things than a bunch of blogging quilters/sewers!!!! And I may or may not have a T-Shirt in my that says "Don't look at me, the cat did it" Sorry EllieCat!!!!

I love PARTIES!!!!!

Parties need games, right?!?!?! Games are always fun! Seriously, if you have never been to a baby shower - and I hear many of you on "that half of the world" haven't - you really need to consider this one just for the experience of it!!! Oh wait, I am sure you are wondering how this is going to happen when we are all scattered about the great earth.....well via online of course!!! How else would a bunch of blogging buddies get together to celebrate such a wonderful event? I have set up an Invitation Only Flickr Group so we can talk about all the things we could make, the games we will play, etc then the day of the event we will have a TweetChat with Sarah (we don't want her to know too much about what we are planning, right?!)!!! Sarah, Susan and I haven't quite got the date of the TweetChat ironed out but that announcement will come soon enough - probably around November! Oh and gifts can be mailed anytime between now and then but Sarah has promised not to open until the TweetChat so that we can all experience her Shock & Awe - just like a regular baby shower. There will also be games & prizes too! So, if you want to be sent an invitation to the Flickr Group simply send me an email to I really hope to see you there..... Please don't tell EllieCat....I think I forgot to invite her!!!!

******NOTE FROM SARAH!****** Please come and join in the games, the chat and prizes, you dont HAVE to make anything to attend!!!  Remember Rachels Baby Shower on Friends?  Yup, I'll be freaking out that much too....