Thursday 12 March 2015

Daisy doo

I'm just dropping in to quickly wave and blow kisses, and hope you've not forgotten me!  I will get back to blogging in a couple of months, when i have a table in a room of my own in my new house, cant wait!

There's a lot going on (well a hell of a lot for me anyway) and very very little of it is sewing unfortunately.  We're a step closer to getting to the new house though, and I'm hopefully close to setting up an actual final moving date for a few weeks time.  Eeeeek!  Am so keen to get in the new house, but at the same time really scared of not having granny in the same house....  Granny and grampa will be a few months away from being in the same town too...  Dont worry, man is home, I'm not alone!

Anywaysees.  I did get a teeny bitty sewing done.

I attempted some needle turn applique cos I wanted some kind of orange peel / fake cathedral windows block for the long standing WIP that is my sampler in repro 30's prints.  Some of the petals' curves got a little bumpy, but all in all I'm happy with it for a first time go!  Goodness I wish I could get some good solid piecing time.  I have this WIP burning an image in my retinas, and another 3 quilt tops (with the fabric bundled and sat waiting natch) I'm sooooo keen to make.  Oh and I bought 2 huge 28" feather inserts with a view to making 2 covers to match the big blue beeast.  One day...

Right, I'm afraid my eyes are totally going and I need to kip, again.  I shall leave you with a wee pic of my cherub....  (who has given me a whopping big cut down my schnozz, the delicate lamb...) Cheerio for now peeps, pip pip honk honk!  x