Monday 24 February 2014

Cupboard love

Well.  Me, man, Molly moo and MissEllie made the big journey south (still very north...) successfully!

Funny how it only takes a minute to take over when there's a moo involved...

But we're settling in nicely.  


Narcoleptic's Baby in a Cupboard!

Pretty cool changing station, no?

Wednesday 12 February 2014


Well chums, my little Molly is five weeks old now, and it has been a rough ride!
I've not been very well - thank you so much for all the lovely comments on the last post - but I'm getting better now.

And Molly... Well, she is fighting fit. Fighting being the key word...  my goodness she has a strong set of lungs on her and a steely determination NOT to sleep.  She screams, she grunts and strains and whines and groans and, well, there's no "ooooh" "aaahh" or "coooo".  Nope.  Frankly she sounds more like a constipated angry parrot.  All the time.  Even when she's (eventually) sleeping....  She has an enormous appetite and is growing really fast.

I havent done any sewing to tell you about.  I havent done anything at all other than change nappies, do laundry, make feeds up, stick bottles in her mouth, cuddle, rock, walk, and play with her, and cry and tear my hair out every day and night about what on earth my wee miss is so angry about!!!  I've had the all clear that there is absolutely nothing wrong, its apparently just a phase she will grow out of eventually.  Cheery thought.....

I do have a wee bit of news though.  Me and my wee family (Molly moo and Miss Elliecat) are going to live with Granny and Grampa for a wee while, since daddy will be going back to sea shortly.  Seriously cannot wait!!!  Fingers crossed our travel arrangements (two ferries) dont get messed up with all this stormy weather.  You never know, with granny and grampas help I might even get to sew again one day!

Off to get some earplugs and more headache pills, hope no one reading has been too affected by the rain.