Friday 4 April 2014

hello again

Oh dear, long time no blog post.  Did you think I'd given up?  No, I'd hate to stop blogging completely, I've been missing it loads, but there hasnt been the right combination of time and energy.

I dont want this blog to become a baby-centred blog, but obviously your first child is a big part of anyones life, and with my life there doesnt appear to be much room for anything else!  So, there will be sewing, but there will be baby stuff too; after all, this was never meant to be a sewing only blog in the first place.

Molly turned 3 months old this week.  Weird.  Already its hard to believe that she was ever so tiny, she is growing so fast.  And as for remembering a time without her....  Was there ever?  Really?  Nah.... dont believe you.

She smiles now, pretty much on demand too which is fun.  Grampa gets most of them, but then he's a funny guy.  She is no longer screaming all the time either.  Phew.  But she is a bossy wee lass.  She is wonderfully well behaved most of the time, and so unbelievably adorable when she smiles, but yes, when she has had enough of anything she lets you know in no uncertain terms and you'd better bloody fix it fast mummy.  Unfortunately mummy is mostly clueless as to what particular thing little moo is tired of, and never fast enough at fixing things...  Just as well granny is here!

In other news, Miss Ellie had us all worried with 2 weeks of puking.  Most expensive hairball ever.  Huge relief all round that it was just a hairball.  I say hairball, but it was actually more like a 4", solid hair turd.  Gross.

The biggest news though is that I got to sew some this week!  Massive amount of help and encouragement and Molly watching from granny, and I am finally up to date with my bee commitments.  Although  I feel so bad for Fiona who will be receiving 3 months in one go...  So sorry!

Sneak peeks only I'm afraid.  It was so good to sew again though.  A little frustrating to have such limited supplies with me mind you.  God knows what I was thinking when I packed the fabric I brought.  Well, I guess its safe to say I probably wasnt thinking much at all, about anything, at the time.  As much as I love being at mum and dads, I'm not enjoying being separated from my stash, not at all.  A limb is missing...  Is it too unreasonable to consider spending £300 odd on a return flight and taxis just to spend an hour in my cupboard again?  (and come away with a 30kg suitcase full?)...