Saturday 1 March 2014

A Moo first

Today a very special group of wifies are meeting up for the weekend, and I cant be with them.  Again.  I've had my little sob and my little footstamping "snot fair".  Now I just want to tell them how much I miss them and how much I wish me and Moo could be with them.

I am of course talking about my Brit Bee chums.

I have another reason for this post though, and that is to thank them.  Little Molly Moo received her very own brit bee quilt!
Isnt it absolutely gorgeous?

And so very perfect, every last detail.  I LOVE the block.  The fabrics are all beeeeeautiful.  The quilting is gorgeous loopy lovehearts.  And I love a stripey binding.  

And the backing just couldnt be better.  It says everything.


See how excited she is?!  Unfortunately she's still a month or two away from photogenic smiles or holding herself up or still....But hey, awake, no bottle and not screaming!   We'll get there though, and this quilt will be with her all her life, so there will be plenty more pics to come. 

Thank you ladies, sending MASSIVE Moo cuddles to you all.