Monday 17 November 2014

Gnashers and other gnews

Wow.  Thanks so much to everyone who commented on my last post, the fabric post...  I was so anxious writing it.  It was wonderful to see folks purchases popping up on IG and stuff too, really made me smile!  I took the plunge and spent my whole birthday fabric money in one go.  Typically as soon as I did I had palpitations.   But, thats a lot of fabric... and I'm not able to sew much right now... and its all gone, what if I make something and find I need an extra bit of something, I wont have my voucher to use!  My man and my mum promptly told me to go read my own blog again!
So, this is what I got!

Some Doe, and some Cotton and Steel Blenders. LOVE the Cotton and Steel blenders.  Would have bought more if they'd all been in stock!

Its been a busy old time for me lately, and it wont be news to most of you that business means massive amount of sleepiness too.   A house to sell, a house to find and buy.  All went well though, amazingly enough we managed to squeeze it all in.  Man is back to sea now (leaving me with the boring paperwork and utilities and what not to sort - pooooo) so it wont be until sometime next spring that we start any kind of move.  Cant believe we managed to get it all done though, so pleased with that.

I was immensely lucky and managed to get away for a very special weekend too.  I'm sure some of you will have read all about it ages ago, but I'm going to brag away anyway cos it was SO. FREAKIN. AWESOME...
We had the first (hopefully of many) Brit Bee Weekender retreat!  So much fun.  So much cake.  So much sewing.  So much laughing.  So much talking.  So much eating.  So much love too, they really are the most fabulous of ladies.  A few members were missing, and missed sorely, but stonkingly good fun was had by all there.  I even got a wee bitty sewing done.  Borrowing first Katys then Trudi's fabulous machines I got the free motion quilting done that I wanted to fill in the solid part of my spider web quilt.  I'm trying to hand quilt the webs now.  Averaging one or two a week, I might get there by Christmas...

My main creation however, Molly moo (well I had to slip that in, what with finishes being so sparse at the moment!) is, as always, taking most of my time.  She has 5 teeth now, feeds herself (and the floor), crawls (on one knee and one foot bizarrely) and stands up as much as possible.  So, we cant take our eyes off her for a second right now!  She's so funny though, and has such ridiculous faces.  (top right there admittedly not one of them)

I dont mind so much the lack of finishes.  Not when there's the off chance of getting a moo kiss or two.  They're something special.  She grabs my hair with each sticky hand, pulls me in, and plants a wide open mouth on me, gnashers and all.  Quite painful all round!  Meantime there are quite a few things I'm trying to work on, a few things close to completion.  And I have some special things for you hidden up my sleeve that I'm bursting to mention, but all in good time....  I'll spill the beans soon, you'll like, I'm quite sure!  There's no hidden gnashers or sticky paws.  Til next time (sooner than last time, promise) and watch this space!