Saturday 21 December 2013

Almost there.

More teamwork!  Mum has been an absolute star and has been in chain production of cushion backs for me!  (there is another but it must remain secret for now...)

Only one more cushion to finish and the factory closes for Christmas.

The Christmas pot plant (potted plant- U.S.) is up and looking glorious in black, white and red.  We're awaiting the strictly final with some mulled apple juice (man I'm missing my mulled wine!) and there appears to be an alien in my belly creating all sorts of odd pointy shapes that frankly freak me out a bit....  I had my flu and whooping cough jabs yesterday and I have 2 sore arms with big hard hot itchy sore egg like mounds on them....  Had another delivery of nursing gear, so I'm almost (touch wood, cross fingers etc) ready....  and, weather permitting, man comes home tomorrow!  
Merry Christmas one and all 

Tuesday 17 December 2013


Since mum arrived she's been helping me, encouraging me, and by doing a little at a time we managed to get the last 2 commissions of the year finished on time.  Phew!  Fortunately mum did the quilting for me on these, as I am just not up to sitting upright for long at all now!  So, here we have the Giant Pluses in Powerpop with Sketch background, 

and here we have my reduced version of the Made in Cherry star quilt with Amy Butlers Daisy Chain.  I've had the fabric, the solid, the binding and the back all set aside for this one for over 2 years, so I'm delighted to have finally made it.  Have to say, I rather like this one myself!

And before I forget again, the first thing mum got stuck into for me when she arrived was the centre for my Brit Bee quilt this year.  This time, as you may have read here or here, we are mixing it up a little and we have one design which we are all making - the only differences will be how we do the centre stars.  This is my centre star, and my specifications for colour scheme are blues, greys, low volume, and lilac purples.  Mum did a Stellar job piecing my star (and she will hopefully be teaming up with me all year in case I cant sew with beany right away).  Anyway.  Its been sent on to the rest of Brit Bee, and I shant see it again for well over a year.... exciting!!!

Blimey that's scary, my life in the next year....  Next time I see this block I hope I'll have a happy, healthy little 1 year old!!!!

Tuesday 3 December 2013

Beanys Baby Shower

Dear Beany
Beany, I cant begin to tell you just how lucky you are.  Mummys has the bestest most talented, kindest, most thoughful, most generous and bloomin lovely mates ever.  And they all cant wait to see you.  Just look at the amazing gifts they've sent you already!  

Jan & Jude







Anneliese, Trudi, Sheila

Leanne, Emily, Susan, Helen & Helen

Sarah, Alison, Catherine

Catherine, Kerry, Emily


On your behalf beany, I'm sending massive thank you wishes to all these wonderful people, with heartfelt gratitude.  I'm completely overwhelmed by it all, and dont feel I could thank you all enough! 

Thank you all  xxx