Friday 15 November 2013

Nice news

I had some nice news today, I won a free copy of the Giant Chevron Quilt Pattern by Jess of the Elven Garden!

Available from Etsy here

Its a really cool design and I look forward to the day I get a chance to try it!

Meantime I have no news as such to tell, no sewing done thats for sure.  I'm too ouchy most of the time to do much.  My days lately have been taken up with alarms and timers going off to make sure I eat when I need to, to get blood tests done when I'm supposed to.  Not to mention trying to think *what* on earth I'm going to eat....

One aspect of Narcolepsy is not being able to deal with stress, so I'm pretty much sleeping all the time at the moment.  Thank goodness this is (touch wood, cross fingers etc) only for the duration of the rest of the pregnancy, I dont know how people with regular diabetes cope!  

Nevermind, mum is coming up to look after me soon, and I cannot wait!!!  I'm itching to sew, I just need someone to stick me in front of the machine, pass me stuff so I dont have to bend or twist,  and prod me awake every 2 minutes and then help me get up out of the seat afterwards....   Roll on Beanys arrival in January!!!!

Wednesday 6 November 2013

LV temptation

So there's a low volume charm swap on the go at the moment (I think it might be full by now) run by Rachael from The Floral Suitcase.  Since this years Brit Bee is to be done from stash, and a lot of us have requested low volume backgrounds, I understandably had to join this swap.  Well that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

Add to that the fact that I now have SPD and moving HURTS, I'm not getting much of anything done.  Out of sheer boredom I have therefore compiled, for absolutely no reason, a guide to what (I think qualifies for) Low Volume Fabric can be found ON SALE at the moment, and where.  

Yes, I'm only showing stuff that's ON SALE.  Aren't I sad. an evil temptress.  good to you....?

If there's anything there that you dont think is LV, feel free to tell me, but beware I might argue, I'm seriously bored and hormonal...

These links didnt come out as LINKS.  Bummer.  I dont know how to go about fixing that so you can copy and paste, eh?!!   Not that any of you will have been tempted to shop or anything....  Oh no.

Monday 4 November 2013

The Pooh bag - the best Diaper Bag in the World Ever.

A little while ago, I was given a most beautiful, practical, fun, and generally amazing pressie for when the bean comes.  I cannot promise this post wont be a bit cringy, cos I just cant stop looking at it and thinking "wow!  I am so lucky!"  So, feel free to just look at the pretty pictures and bag details below...  but OMG.   I am so lucky.

My mate Katy once blogged about some very special fabric, Pooh fabric, all the way from Australia.  I, cheekily, didn't waste any time telling her I wanted some of it..  To be fair though, I didn't actually expect or intend for one second that she do so!  But she's lovely.  And she got some and set it aside for me in secret.  Meanwhile, I was chatting to Rhonda telling her that I reckoned the bag Katy was designing would actually be the *Perfect* diaper bag...  Katy spotted that too...

When I went to Edinburgh for the Stitch Gathering, Katy presented me with this.    (I cried a bit, and gushed a lot.  And I might have hugged her a few dozen times.  And I will again when I see her next.  Tis freakin AWESOME.  And I am so lucky!)   I now present to you,

the Best Ever Diaper Bag In The World Ever.

Thanks to Alice for modelling, and apologies to Katy that I'm not better at photo taking.... I just dont do it justice at all.

1.  It is POOH FABRIC.

2.  It is a classy grown up look with pooh sketches and teamed with charcoal black.  (the piping has teeny wee flowers on it, which I notice and love, and so very subtle that man will never notice).
This is important to me cos man needs to be able to carry it happily.  Or at least with little objection!

3.  It has an adjustable strap to fit any size.  A good solid bottom, and bag feet too.

4.  It has the most unbelievable amount of storage.  Its a lovely big bag, but it also has a zipper pocket along the length of the back, 3 pooh pockets under the flap, an elasticated pooh pocket on the side (bottle pocket methinks).  And that's just the outside!

5.  The inside is all wipeable vinyl coated fabric.  So no worries about wipes or creams leaking etc.  There are 3 roomy pockets along the back and one large pocket divided into two along the front inside.  And there is still a massive amount of space in the main body.

This is going to take nappies, everything for changing, a change of outfit, bottles, snacks, blimey - it will hold everything we could possibly need to take out!

And did I mention how bloomin lovely it looks too?

Thank you Katy :-)  We love it.

And just in case you love it almost as much as I do, its worth noting that Katy is currently developing the pattern to be available soon, and I think she is still hoping to do a Bag-along to make variations of it!