Saturday 18 January 2014


Hello blog folks, this is my first blog post on behalf of Sarah as she's not feeling very well at the moment.
We would just like to take a moment to thank you kind people in blogland for your kind wishes, prezzies and cards for Molly our beautiful daughter who was delivered to us safe and sound at Aberdeen maternity hospital.
Sarah will return to blogland as soon as she feels better and tell you all funny baby, cat and sewing stories.

Many thanks again.

The Man (Iain).

Friday 3 January 2014

Numpty and the nerves....

Last I blogged there were 2 more cushions to come.  I gave one away without remembering to take a photy.  Numpty.  It was rather cute too.  18" black yarn dyed linen, with a panel of 1" hexies from side to side (approx 10" x 18") in simply colour fabrics.  

The other was a secret santa for brit bee, and I was lucky enough to be making for my mate Katy.  Knowing she liked Tula Pink, and has an almost completed spare room with Tula cushions, I had this idea.  I think she was pleased ;-)   Its more black yarn dyed linen, with the raccoon print from Acacia peeping through with some reverse appliqué.  I tried to get the quilting looking like woodgrain too.  

I received a lovely cushion too by the way, but I promised the maker I'd keep it offline for a wee while so you'll have to wait too.  

In other news....  I'm hopefully off to Aberdeen tomorrow morning.  Beany is scheduled for arrival on Monday morning.  Eeeeek.  (understatement of the year already).  Happy thoughts for a healthy bean and a speedy, accurate sewing up job on mummy please.....