Saturday, 30 June 2012

Mixing it up again

Yes folks, our favourite Gap Quilter is making me post for her again....

The time is here, second quarter round up at Rhondas!  Everyone with finishes, head on over and start linking up.    

Meantime, Rhonda has organised a whole week of tutorials by lots of talented bloggers to give us more work to do inspire us to keep on making.  Here's what we have coming up.

                July 2nd           Nita from Our Patchwork Lives will be showing us how to do some Quilted Postcards 

                July 3rd            Janelle from Echinops & Aster  is sharing how to make a Table Top Ironing Board     
                July 4th           Chrissy from Sew Lux Fabric & Gifts does some handy Orphan Block Placemats

                July 5th                 T.B.A.
                July 6th            Connie from  Quilting by the River will show us String Sleeping Bags   
                July 7th            Kat from Domestic Kat will demonstrate how to make Skirt Bags 

So, you have from 1st to the 7th to link up your second quarter finishes to be entered into the prize draws, and dont forget,  have your 3rd quarter "I will finish" Lists ready to link the following week!

And just to make this post a bit prettier, I'm going to enter these two mixes into Cindy's Kona Solids competition!

fluffy mix 1
pina coladas and mojitos 
fluffy mix 2
fruit salad with pepper


  1. Gorgeous mosaics, I think the cocktail one is my favourite - I think I may prefer it to Archie's and Alfie's!!

  2. The colours look great together and thanks for all the info about the FAL.

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  4. What great colour bundles! =D

  5. Ah, gotta love a good boozy colour mix ;o) As for the FAL, I'm currently sticking my head in the sand...

  6. I'm impressed with myself as for once I am actually ready with my linky post. Woohoo!

  7. Is that the colour of a mojito in Shetland?! Lol!

  8. You're hilarious! I am so in love with the mosaics you made. They're absolutely beautiful :)

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