Thursday 4 October 2012

Where I finally "get" the noughts and crosses button...

I've been trying to think of what to write for blog posts this month, and just like with everything else, I've got too many ideas in my head now I dont know what to write first...  concentrate Sarah, concentrate...  Please laugh at this cos if its not funny its just sad, but, sometimes all it takes to knacker me out is thinking about too many things.  It prolly doesnt help that I've been awake most of the night for a few nights now.  

Anyway, one of the things I wanted to post about is not just Rhonda's finish along (my fourth quarter proposal coming soon...) but the other thing she's running (she's a busy lady) Quilting Photo a Day.  All the details are fully explained in this post, but essentially its blogging / tweeting / instagram-ing a photo a day of summit quilty that relates to that specific days inspiration prompt.  


Quilting Photo a Day

Being a sucker a good friend of ms Gap I'm going to give this a go.  Have to say tho, I'm awffy glad there's prompts for each days photo.  I was imagining my month of blog photos being something along the lines of 

  • Day 1  this is what I'm working on (photo of a few blocks on spare room bed)
  • Day 2  progress - I came upstairs to the sewing cupboard, cat came too.  We had a nap then went downstairs again for dinner... (photo of cat shaped dent in one block)
  • Day 3 progress - I've straightened that block Ellie sat on...
  • Day 4 progress - I've turned a block the other way around
  • Day 5 progress - I've gotten bored and pulled another stack of pretty fabric to look at
  • Day 6 progress - cat has nested in the pulled stash....
  • Day 7 progress - I've managed to put in a few hours, in which I've managed to lint roller the cat kipped on fabric and put some of it away....
  • Day 8 no photo
  • Day 9 no photo
  • Day 10 badly lit out of focus photo to prove that on day 8 I managed half a dozen more blocks but have been passed out on the sofa ever since...

So yeah, this challenge provides daily themes so that oughtta help avoid an entire month of crap like the above...

Ooh guess what.... I sent Aneela Hooey a link to my sweary mini.....  She said she liked how I'd kept it subtle!  
Talking of sweary mini's, I got my Sailors Mouth Swap goodies too, from Camille of Hermit Goodness   I really love Camille's intro on her blog -

"Sewing is my much needed down time, until it all goes wrong and I swear so bad a sailor would blush."   

She's definitely my kind of quilter!  I did not blush when I saw her makes for me, no sweary language bothers me.  My man, however, who spends two thirds of every year on ships... well that's a different story!  Anyway, I love what she made me.  She made me a fantastic cushion cover, and a cool hoop, AND a bag too!  How kind is that?!   Big thank you to Camille, its all wonderful!
Sweary picture coming up.....


  1. Hee hee, I quite liked your alternate list ;o)

  2. Haha I clicked on the link to your sweaty mini and must have stared at it for a full 30 secs or so before I actually saw the swear word Lol. I like how you kept it subtle too.
    My alternative list would look something similar- just replace cat with dog.

  3. Lovely swap goodies. And I would quite like you to follow your own path on the photo a day. Just saying!

  4. Looking forward to lots of photos then Sarah! Have they got to be taken on the day? Or can you just arrange it all now and post them on the correct day!?

  5. Oh I like the look of the quilt photo a day - I'll do it on IG.

  6. This whole post makes me blush!!!!

  7. Your list sounds a lot like mine!! And I also have the 'too many ideas fluttering round like butterflies (or banging round like baby heffalumps more often than not) and don't know where to start' thing...most of the time! Can I just say that I'm not particularly looking forward to the 26th as I'm in the Hadley camp for that colour!

  8. I love your alternate list - I imagine that mine will end up looking much like that, if I even get around to doing day one, lol! :)

  9. How I'm feeling, your list looks great, but I don't have a cat!

  10. Your imaginary blog post topics totally made me laugh! Part of me thinks trying to participate in Blogtoberfest would be good for me... a larger part knows it would take tremendous effort for me to post once a week. not quite 7 days in yet though, so maybe I'll make an unofficial attempt.

  11. Happy it made it there safe and sound :)

    Your posts sound about like mine would. I can't ever do those photo things. I only get to sew on my days off. The other days of the week I'm working/dicking around.

    Have I told you I love your sweet meow meow? If she ever wants stamps on her kitty passport send her my way.

  12. I also have so many ideas in my head that I can't focus or decide on just one! Which leads to major procrastination. Hope the prompts help you out!