Tuesday 9 April 2013

Second Quarter 2013 FAL : the proposal

or "Bung in everything you can think of and hope for the best!"

After last quarters piss poor result this time I'm gonna list as much as possible so that I don't feel there's a wip I *have* to do, I can do whichever I feel inclined to.  I'm hoping that this might help really, cos goodness knows I'm not so hot at doin what I'm supposed to get on with!  So, prepare yourself for the most ridiculous FAL list yet.

To start with, lets carry over the stuff from last quarter that I didn't look at.

One almost, but never completely finished hoop.

This is a 20" panel for a cushion front.

This is my beloved vintage stripes quilt bits.  Dont know why I keep putting this one off!  Its all there, its all in various bits that just all need put together.

Now lets add the things I didn't quite get finished in time.

When I made my giant star quilt, each HST had another half - it was supposed to be an identical quilt but I couldn't resist mixing it up a bit.  Still have a few days worth of squeezing it through the machine to get the quilting finished, but my frixon pens all ran out and my quilting guide marker is knackered.  

My beach trash hexies.  These are so close!  I am hand quilting with perle, and then it will be made into a  20" cushion.

Now lets add the things that should have been in last quarters list, as they've been sat patiently waiting for long enough.

The two quilt as you go panels I made need to become a tote or a zippy.

Confession time.  I loathe the machine quilting I did on my stained II quilt.  Instead, I started hand quilting in each patch.  Mum did some too.  There's still a few to go before I can rip out the awful machine quilting.  THEN it will actually be finished.

This lass needs shoes.  And a wedding dress extraordinaire.  She has a date this summer!

And finally, lets add the things that I've started in the last 4 weeks...

Need to fix it, somehow!

I have a wee pile of these, and the wee pile should get much much bigger as this is to be a quilt I'm really excited about!

My Brit Bee round II blocks are in!  I'm ready to go with these.

I need to do a few more of these spiderwebs whilst I wait for my bees to send some.

My awesome sister in law is waiting patiently for her envelopes cushion....

No, it is not a scrappy trip along, but it is 1/3rd of a quilt top started then forgotten about....

And last, but most definitely not least, the 2 quilts I picked up from Project Linus.  Here we have 2 tops with batting, one has a back ready, the other needs a back pieced too, then baste, quilt and bind.  

Lets not go into the fact that I started yet another cushion top this afternoon.... and this evening I started another wee hoop....  And I have 3 quilts in my head that I desperately want to do but have *just* enough sense not to start, yet...  Seriously.  Attention span of a gnat.  

Now, must pay a certain someone some attention....


  1. flipping heck, that is some muckle list you've got yersel there hen. some really pretty stuff too

  2. Your cat looks just like my missing Alfie. He certainly is top of the list :)

  3. Jeez! Good luck, is all I can say. Can I add mine to yours? you wouldn't notice a few extras!
    2 questions.
    1. Whats the thing with the wedding dress and a date this summer?
    2. How did you do the circle in the square? Is it reserve appliqe?

  4. That's some list! I'd be too ashamed to list all the things I've started and not finished ;)

  5. Er, good luck with that! I do like your approach of 'list everything and work on what I want', I think it's marvellously sensible, even if it does make for a scary read! I find that collecting fabric for a quilt I want to start and putting it in a box with my design sketches is usually enough to allow to me get on with things I've already started...
    Which project are you starting with?!

    P.S. I hope this makes sense but I can't tell 'cos I'm chock full of cold, ugh!

  6. Sarah you make me feel like I have a miniscule list! I know the feeling - the things I have to do, I struggle with, but everything else looks interesting.

  7. Do what makes you happy :) great list, best I don't take this approach, I really would be at it for years!

  8. Oh I like this approach as I also appear to be piss poor at doing what I should be ;-)

  9. I like your 'all or nothing' philosphy! There's enough to keep you going all year! Jxo

  10. I've gone for the same approach - what could possibly go wrong?!?

  11. You are kidding me?? I've giving you a virtual kick up the bahookie to get you started ;) but I agree with Trudi that you should do what makes you happy. BTW, I love Vintage Stripes so you can begin with that one if you like!

  12. Whoo girl you are crazier than me! That's quite a list.

  13. LOL i've got 7 or 8 of these projects lying around... Have set some goals for this months. We will see how far we will get..... Without starting a new project, that is! :-)
    ipatchandquilt DOT wordpress DOT com
    esthersipatchandquilt AT yahoo DOT com

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  15. Well you have all bases covered with this list! Good luck. Di x

  16. Love that Ellie cat is trying to get you off the computer! You have loads of projects to choose from!

  17. AND you have a bag to test... ;o)

  18. Sounds like a perfectly sane plan to me! I'm already regretting not putting a couple of my wips on my FAL list ;o)

  19. I see no problem with that list. In fact in my head I was saying "Is that all". You'll be fine. hey we could have a lock in at the shop one Friday and do some serious finishing off sewing chatty stuff.

    1. Thank you for a Fabby Friday night's lock in and brill' banta at the class.

  20. Bloody hell, that is a big list to aim for!!!! Best of luck. :o)

  21. Ooooh I think I need a lie down - I'm exhausted just reading about all that lot!!

  22. OMG that's a long list! And you've got a rude word on your quilt... Love that skull embroidery and the envelopes and so much more!

  23. Blimey! Your list goes on and on and on and on and....you get the drift :) attention span of a gnat hee hee love it all though especially spiders web, bee blocks, stripey sheet quilt and the little lass :) x

  24. So much cool stuff. The hoop looks virtually done - if it's quick, do it first then you'll have a smug feeling to sustain you until the next finish.

  25. This is a wonderful list. If you make even a few you will have such lovely finishes.

  26. That's a very impressive list? Lots of great projects on it