Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Medallion city

If there are any readers new to this blog, let me explain that I am very fortunate to be an original member of Brit Bee, the best quilting bee in Britian.  We started about 4 years ago, a bunch of strangers on Flickr, and fast became firm friends.  We got to know each other so quickly, and were all shocked when one day our Terri told us she had been diagnosed with Cancer.

Our bee, our quilts, our meetings, our chats and sadly Terri's ultimately losing battle with Cancer are all parts of how we have become more than just a bee.  This weekend past was the memorial service for our dear Terri.  I'm sorry to say I couldnt make it in person, but my thoughts were there all day.  She was an amazing person whom I am honoured to have know.  But she didnt want sadness.  She didnt want dwelling.
We have been working on a group medallion for the last 2 years, and we chose this day for our grand reveal.  A fitting tribute I think.





Laura Janes







We each did our own centre, chose our own colour scheme guide, but the overall design was done by Hadley.  The #britbeeforever medallion.  13 Stars.  Yes, they are awesome, aren't they?!  What will we come up with next?

In other news. well there isnt really any.  No sewing done yet, spending all my spare time sleeping.  Moo got a sandpit today.  Not entirely a huge hit yet, but she is definitely interested for 5 minutes.  Teeth brushing continues to be an absolute nightmare.  They way she acts one might think I was extracting each one to brush it...  However sleeping is still going well, touch wood.  Tippietoes running is the favourite game of the day, and she is finally starting to make singing, pleasant, sweet noises for a change!  And she likes a wee bop in the high chair.  This morning it was Bob Marley's Jammin!

Eugh.  Bed time already.  Night night!


  1. Well, you know, clearly you're the worst mum in the world, fancy insisting on brushing her teeth ;o)

    The plotting for the next round has already begun...

  2. Now that's a brilliant Brit Bee round up! Well done chick! Jxo

  3. The medallions are beautiful, I've seen them about today. What I did with my kids was gave them the toothbrush to chew on while we had a story or two. Then we would rinse it off and have a drink of water before bed or as they were getting up. At the beginning it is more about having the brush, using it each day than doing a great job.

  4. Awesome is the word for these medallions. Get sleep while you can and keep trying gently with the toothbrush. I made up a funny song when my son was little and he liked to laugh at the song so he gave in to the toothbrush tickling around his mouth. Try all the ideas and see if she likes any of them, or let her brush yours while you brush hers, I know that worked for some of my friends.

  5. Your medallion looks fab! Glad to hear that Moo is sleeping well :)

  6. Glad your friend Terri had you lot for escape and fun!:)

  7. Great round up, and you may not have been there in person but you are always there in spirit. And tooth brushing advise? Do not have a clue how I got the girls to do it. All those early years re a bit of a daze for me.

  8. Gorgeous quilts! Glad Moo is enjoying running round and sleeping, sorry she hates her toothbrush!

  9. Fab quilts, well done team Brit Bee. Terri was lucky to have you lot as friends x