Wednesday 5 August 2015

New pet

I made my choice....

Set and ready to sew!

I had a good read of all your helpful comments and looked into the various machines recommended.   It was always a question of "do it all" household machine or "one trick wonder" specialist.  I was a bit scared of the latter to be honest!

However.  I went to visit a machine, had a wee play, and had to take it home with me....

I'm still biting my lip about it, but, I got a Juki!

It had to linger in the box over the weekend as I was just too tired to contemplate sewing - or rather I could have sewn but these days I have to always be thinking "but you need to be rested for Moo" so I slept instead.  Totally boring.  But there you go.  Anyway.  Tonight was the night...

HOLY CRAP it's fast.  I've lost count of how many times in the last hour I've damn near screamed as I accidentally put the tiniest bit extra pressure on the foot pedal and it just about took my fingers off...  But goodness me it sews so good...  I mean, like, wow.  I still cant believe I've got it!
I havent got the knee lift attached yet, and it will no doubt take me a few weeks to get used to the speed, and god knows when the threading will make sense to me and eugh the bobbin is a pain, but wow.  I really do have my dream machine!!!

Its too early to ask me for a review yet, I just dont have the words, I'm too busy freaking out every time I see it sat there...  It needs a name though.  My first machine was "tank", the last one "beast"... I think this one probably merits those monikers better but I want it to like me so I need to come up with something a bit nicer this time.  Suggestions welcome.

Meantime, Moo updates, still no talking yet, although granny managed to teach her how to say "up" and thats a fair bit nicer to hear when she wants her stories than the "ugh, eeeeuuuuugh" noises (accompanied with arms flailing and facial straining) we were getting previously.  We had a lovely morning of sunshine the other day so quick as a flash granny got her in her wee shorts & vest onesie thingy and into the garden.  Just need another 3 or 4 sunshine days to ensure that her summer wardrobe gets at least one outing each...  She also tried to gouge my eyeball out a few nights ago.  That was nice.  Still amazed that I didnt end up with a black eye, but all I got for my agony (and believe me, it hurt like f@*$) was the teeeeeniest wee cut in the big dark bags below my eye and the distinct impression that I sound like a big ol' baby.

WIP updates, I got my #britbeeforever medallion finished (we were to do our own final border) and I got the back prepped and, yay, its off to Trudi for some quilting.  Bit of a travesty there as I've sent it to the most talented quilter I know and asked her just to ditch quilt the rounds so that I can detail the borders at my leisure later!  Well, I wanted it done to an extent that I can bind it right away and hand quilt it over the next few months.
Also, I got my retro flowers top done.  It certainly does not bear close inspection but I knew when I started it that I wanted to just do it and get back into the habit of sewing rather than painstakingly sit and "rip til you get it right".... I didn't trim the DP's.  I didn't even press them - apart from finger pressing.    Lets be honest, it's for me, it's my indulgence; it's not being made to be judged it's being made to be snuggled.  And we all know that a fair bit can be hid in the quilting and post wash shrinking anyway!  Here's hoping anyway.

I'll leave you with this picture, which I've found cheers me right up.

When I cut the bricks for my #britbeeforever medallion I started cutting 5" charms at the same time.  Then I hunted out some LV charm swap packs.  Then I raided my stash for all my favourite LV and LV colour prints.  Now I have 250+ charms, and a further 77 prints, all different, no doubles.  I see a massive big super simple light and pretty charm quilt in Juki's future!  Cant wait!


  1. i have the brother style of this and i love it, it quilts like a dream

  2. There you go, you have that machine I have been eyeing, and now I can hear all about it from you.
    Words are a funny thing with kids. My older one could speak a great deal by the time he was 1.5 and my younger one had just about 20 words when he was 2 but he could sign language - his own invention that we all learned - like no one's business. As she needs the words she will have more and more.

  3. I have this machine plus the JUKI F600... LOVE them both !!!

  4. I have a similar machine by Brother and love love it. Have fun!!!!

  5. Looks very professional (to my layman's eye). Have fun!

  6. Yeah! Told you you'd love it! The bobbin is a pain, but it does get easier -as you do it more does the threading. also there is no warning that you've run out of thread, and I've sewn for ages without noticing! But oh she is sweet and fast, and there's never any sign of her being temperamental (unless I've done something wrong). Any names? A good solid, no nonsense name, like Betty or Hilda - someone you can rely on!

  7. yay! you got a Juki! You'll love it (once you stop panicking) - I love mine SO HARD! Also, you crack me the hell up, lady!

  8. So glad you made your choice, I really considered a Juki before getting my Janome 6600 but chickened out.
    Am trying hard to think of a clever female, fast runner but not getting anywhere. Enjoy,x

  9. I just got the Juki not too long ago myself. So far so good, but I think I need a few days of intense sewing to get the hang of it. Have fun!

  10. Wow, the new machine sounds fantastic. Enjoy! Katie has reverted to screaming and flailing when she wants something despite being perfectly capable of full sentences........ugh. Once Molly starts I bet she won't stop, except when she decides to have a Katie phase! My latest quilt top sounds exactly like your retro flowers - but it will be enjoyed just the same and is so much better than not getting anywhere for lack of time, sleep and patience.
    That fabric pull is gorgeous too. Juliex

  11. Lovely new toy! And I love the LV fabric - going to be very pretty! Xx

  12. Ooh enjoy!! Monica for a Moniker?

  13. GREAT choice. If the speed bothers you too much you can get a speed regulator, not a STITCH regulator but a SPEED regulator that you just turn the knob to choke down the machine to a comfortable speed. You might like that option!

  14. Oh btw, as you start using your machine, instead of dropping the feedogs for FMQ, set the stitch length to zero (or as near to zero as you can). The machine will quilt differently. I prefer to use the stitch length regulator trick on all my machines, instead of dropping the feeddogs.The stitches seem better. Make lots of practice mats to get used to the machine. I resisted doing that for too long. Once I started doing practice mats, the whole use of the machine got better and better! (And so did my quilting) lol

  15. Are you getting used to your new machine? Does it have a name yet?!