Friday, 23 October 2015

tracks of my week...

My esteemed bloggy buddy Lynz has been doing some fabulous posts under the heading "tracks of my years".  Not wishing to inundate you with hours and hours (months more likely) worth of tunes, I'm sticking with tracks of my week...

Either 1984 or Jan 85, either way I was 6 years old.  Its Sunday night.  I'm in bed already hiding my cassette recorder under my pillow in order to listen in to the UK Top 40 (quite unbeknown to me I was following in my fathers footsteps!).  I can still remember screaming into my pillow and kicking my feet with excitement to hear this...

Phew!  What a hunk!  It's been in my head all week as I keep hearing a cover by Hot Chip.  Now this is a bit geeky maybe, but I've had it in my head that there was a cover version of it in the charts at the same time as Bruce, as I remember being absolutely furious at the cheek of it!  I was assuming I'd dreamt this, but some googling has actually verified this!  The things you remember eh.  Apparently this wasnt my first popstar crush either, as Eddy Grants' "I dont wanna dance" was 1982 and my parents say I was nuts about him....

I finally succumbed to Netflix.  Its been so awesome!  I'm useless at watching stuff these days, cant stay awake at all if I'm simply sitting watching something, but sitting at the desk in the sewing room I can cut fabric and watch the laptop with reasonable success.  Yay!  No fingers lost yet either!
I really enjoyed a movie by my beloved Belle & Sebastian frontman Stuart Murdoch, "God help the girl".  This lovely wee tune in particular has enchanted me.

I remember in my teens my dad telling me an article he'd read said we stop listening to new music in our twenties.  It claimed the average person spent their life listening to whatever they chose between 14-24.  Oh how we laughed.  Not us.  No way.
Well, dad did fantastically well, embracing new tunes well into his 50's and only leaving pop because his hearing went.  Me?  Hmmm.  Honestly lucky to hear a handful of songs in a year that are new and bearable!  This however, is a rare thing - a current track that I actually love!


  1. I too love the Boss but I had never seen that video. He is impossibly young in that one, which is also one of my favourites. Surprisingly I've been enjoying Taylor Swift these days.

  2. Ooh, that Slaves track is my brand of obnoxious! A+. My best mate at school was a huge Springsteen fan - I'm on Fire is one of the best songs ever written, IMHO. But, really, if you can't find new music you love you're looking in all the wrong places - there's loads out there, dude!! Although I keep finding new-to-me-stuff that isn't actually new - Elvis being a favourite in the last year. Heh heh. Current fave new stuff is by Metric and Silversun Pickups, though.

    I sew while watching Netflix, too! I've binged all sorts of stuff that doesn't hold enough of my attention to just watch it - trashy Vampire Diaries and the like.

  3. Bruce grew up near where I did so his songs-esp "Allentown" -are the songs of my youth too. It was a sad day when Clarence Clemons died a couple years ago.

    Isn't the combo of Netflix and a sewing machine the best !~!

  4. I don't think I even knew there was a top 40 when I was six! Over recent months/years I've found myself becoming more fond of folk music (not all of it, though!) - I think it's a combination of the guitars and age..!