Thursday, 18 November 2010

Project Pob Doll - Mission Completed!

Its been a long job, but I must say a thoroughly enjoyable one; finally Pob doll is complete! 

This is the original pattern.  I have loads of doll patterns, but I just cant stop making this one, I love it!  Probably because this is what mum used to make dolls for me when I was wee...  That and I just love the face, no other doll patterns amuse me as much!  To make Pob doll I needed to give him a big nose.. 

 The hair was a little trickier than usual, my fault though.  I just HAD to use this tweed wool & mohair mix because it was the perfect colour for red head Pob.  Unfortunately it was a bugger to sew with and kept breaking if I tugged, and as some bits were thicker than others it needed a good old tug.  Its also thinner than the stuff I usually used, so I had a lot more hair to sew on than normal!  Being a tweedy wool its also ever so slightly oily, so it kind of sticks to its self as opposed to fluffing out and covering the "scalp".  So, again, lots more hair to sew on!

I do think it worked out okay in the end though. 

Making the clothes is always the most fun part of the doll.  Pob doll had to be scruffy indie student, so one of my favourite tshirt logos was the Happy Mondays "Madchester".  My other favourite was the inspiral carpets Moo cow, but for embroidery I went with Madchester for its bold colours and easy stitching...  Okay, so I've probably broken some copyright law somewhere, but its a one off, its not being sold or anything... 
One printer, one iron on transfer pen, some interfacing, embroidery floss and here you go.  (note for future - iron on transfer pen v.v. effective, ironing board cover should be protected...)

Next up, the jeans.  I couldn't find an old pair of light washed out denim, so had to make do with what I had.  I did have a go at "aging" the jeans...  cheese grater, bleach and a toothbrush, then a couple of tumble dries..

Footwear...  Hate doing doll shoes.  These are my attempt at dessie boots...

Not too impressed with how they turned out, but I was completely out of ideas.

Last but not least, the first of my own wee labels...  Ellie cat features too..

Anyway.  Job done!  One Pob doll on its way to a students reunion weekend...  Hope he survives...


  1. That's uncanny Sarah, all his mates are really going to feel as if he's right there with them.I should think they'll probably expect 'him' to buy a round !Better stick a few notes in his back pocket.
    You've made a terrific job of it - love the embriodery and worn jeans details and you're so right about the wool, perfect.
    Nick's going to be delighted.

  2. awww thanks mum! Nick is pretty chuffed :-) I've to post it out to Fadge asap... Hopefully Will might want it for his wee one.

  3. it is AMAZING Sarah

  4. Omigod, he's amazing!!! And now I'm trying to work out if you're big brother is Madchester-era yoonie, are you about the same age as me since I left school in '92. (I'm 36)

  5. He's great! I love his hair and clothes.