Tuesday, 9 November 2010


Its been a sleepy few days.  Luckily with my man home at the moment it was actually very nice just to sit on the sofa and do sod all!  Which is great since I really wasn't up to much.  I even scared Ellie cat yesterday when I went into automatic behaviour at tea time.  Somehow the boiling water for my cuppa went over my bowl of chili, my cornbread went into the microwave (instead of the cold chili) thankfully nothing went under the grill in place of the cornbread so no fires!  But, worst of all, Ellie cats desperately awaited biscuits went into the bin instead of her food bowl...  That's when I came round, getting a carefully extended single claw in the butt from a not at all impressed wee cat. 

Anyway... after a few days of feeling as life like as a deflated lead balloon and sleeping lots, I've finally had a good day and boy did I use it! 
Project "Pob doll"...  mission - create a doll caricature of my brother as he was at 17 to send in his place to his uni mates reunion. 

Now some things have to be said.  
 "Caricature -  A representation, especially pictorial or literary, in which the subject's distinctive features or peculiarities are deliberately exaggerated to produce a comic or grotesque effect." 

And, my brother did grow into his ears and is now a pretty handsome chap.  

Too much like a pumpkin..
I did not find the head easy at all...  In total I went through 7 head attempts!
better.. I think

Front, back and ears!

Eventually I settled on the shape and then it was all easy going, just piecing the parts together.  I drew a face on it, embroidered it.

Then stuffed it....  

Now I have a mass of red hair to sew on the head... Then I'll finish the stuffing, stitch him up, and make some clothes for him. 
Still a way to go yet!  In hindsight I made the features of the face too big.  And the ears a maybe a bit low.  And do the french knots really look like freckles?  Hopefully the hair will make a big difference...  frankly right now he looks pretty freaky!


  1. The freckles are good! I like the two dolls in your sewing room. Please blog about them so I can get a better look! :0)

  2. Aw thanks! I must say I'm feeling a bit happier with him now I'm sewing some hair on, he's looking a little less freaky. I'll try and come up with something to let you have a look at the other dolls I've made soon, thank you so much for asking :-)

  3. looks great so far.~Stacey