Tuesday, 22 February 2011


Yay!  I did it, I got all three quilts finished!  And as bizarre and unsettling as my time / sleep for the last few days would seem to a normal person, I'm feeling pretty good for it to be honest.  Possibly a little short on whatever vitamins are gained from sunshine, but as far as I've been aware there really hasnt been much up here in the last few days anyway!  There I was relying on Ellie cat to make sure I still got up in the "morning", turns out Ellie cat would much rather snuggle in bed than eat.  That or she knows me too well to even bother trying to force me out of bed!  Oh, I should maybe clarify, Ellie cat isnt IN bed she's ON it.  We're cute, not freaky.  Anyway, 3 WIP's cleared.  Feels so good to have them done and posted having been working on each of them little bits at a time for the last 5 or 6 weeks... 

Zigzag part one - non natural wadding, straight line quilting on both diagonals and vertical, flannel back, narrow blue binding.  This one is really light and puffy, it will keep its shape no matter how much its washed.

Zigzag part two - 100% cotton batting, quilting has been done with vertical zigzags, flannel back, wider polka dot binding.  This one doesn't have the airy, puffy look, but it will get the supersoft and crinkly look as soon as its been washed! 

And finally, The Nicey Jane Quilt - 100% cotton through and through, flannel back, ditch quilting and a little decorative highlight stitching on the frame blocks.  This time I've washed and tumble dried before sending, so it looks exactly like its always going to look, if you get what I mean...  Now you can see the crinkly look I've been wittering on about!

I have to apologise for the really poor photos.  And that's after me playing with them for ages on the editing thingy.  I must, I will try and do better in future.  Its stupid, in retrospect, to not try harder with the photos, I mean, it's the last time I see the quilts, I should take better pics for my records!  But when it comes down to it I always seem to be in a hurry to get it down to the post office the second its finished.  Probably something to do with the fact that my head is always full of half a dozen other quilts in planning...

Anyway, I will practice this week and see if I cant come up with a better way/place to do it.  And I'll have help too.  Mum is coming to stay with me for a week!  I cant wait :-)  A whole week just the two of us (and Ellie cat too obviously), I feel spoiled rotten already!  I'm gonna sound like such a mummy's girl in this post, and probably the next one or two... but I don't care.  Just for the records my dad's completely awesome too, he's just not that into spending hours with fabric in a cupboard!  It'll be a bit of a squeeze fitting two in there, but I'm looking forward to every minute of it. 


  1. So pleased you finished your quilts! I think Nicey Jane is just so beautiful! Love how you were talking about the wrinkling - quilts are supposed to look like that right? Haven't got round to sitting at the machine yet....been baking too much...

  2. Thanks, I hope the recipiant likes it as much! I think the wrinkly crinkly look is what quilts are meant to look like, but I'm no authority! Its just a teeny tiny bit of shrinkage in the cotton batting (which is already prewashed and preshrunk before I use it). I've got a quilt I made years ago with synthetic wadding and it comes out the wash looking exactly the same, and I always feel its a bit of a pity!

  3. Congratulations! Really pleased you achieved your goal, and they look very pretty, you should be very proud!

    That's really lovely that your mum is coming to keep you company and sew with you, hope you have fun!

  4. wow 3 quilts at once! that, and all those different finishes sounds so accomplished! I will have to talk to you later about those finishes and stitchings... as soon as I get close to completing my first quilt :)

    Maggie cat got me outside in the sunshine for an hour this afternoon... I listened to my book and drank my cup of tea and was very happy it was warmer outside than in the house.!

  5. Mimi - thanks! Mum and I have been planning what to sew all morning, fun already!

    Giles - Hi! Nice to hear from you. Believe me, finishes and stitching etc sounds more complicated than it is! But if there is anything I can do to help at all just ask. I'm still a beginner myself really, I just see something and try it out! I'm a big fan of audio books too, whenever i try to read a book it just makes me fall asleep and i end up having to re-read every other page... Glad you're getting some warm sun, I think we're a few months away from that yet :-( Never mind, Ellie cat loves it when i put the fire on!

  6. 3 quilts is quite some task, you must be delighted with them - they are beautiful!

  7. Hi Sarah, head over to my blog for a nice surprise :) Kate

  8. two hippos - thank you, I'm pleased i finally got them all finished!
    Kate - AWESOME! Thank you! x

  9. Hey Sarah
    The Etsy code is working. :)

  10. Hey Sarah
    Hope you don't mind, blogged you here:



  11. I noticed you have used "Pure" on one of your gorgeous quilts and was wondering if you could advice me on which solids go with this fabric. I am going to use it for the Dresden Plate QAL at Lily's but as I had to order them in the US (I am in the UK) it will some time to get here.

  12. Judith - I've emailed an answer.. hope thats ok.

  13. 3 quilts already in 2011. Beats the pants off me! And they are all lovely. I love the zig zags. I would be so proud of them if I were you.
    Re your mum - don't apologise. You've only got the one so make the most of your time together!