Sunday 13 March 2011

Oh dear, what can the matter be...

Deary me, I've hit double figures in the "followers" box...  Sorry, I mean, YAY ME!  but oh crap, the pressure... more than just a hand full of people are reading this...  Why?!  I write nonsense...  But then I enjoy writing nonsense so I'll just keep going and lets see what happens. 

I don't feel like I've had much of a productive week since the last post.  My hip's been sore, and pain + narcolepsy = utter uselessness...  It started off not too bad.  I had a couple of days of doing stuff, which was great.  Got my Single Girl ring sections done, and made a start on the scary business of Sewing Curves...

Single Girl Chain Piecing madness...
Sewing Curves seemed easy enough, 'til I found that my blocks wouldn't lie flat... 

Good old seam ripper came out to play rather a lot.  I got the first ring done though.

Then I had a really frustrating day of having energy and being awake, but seriously the attention span of a gnat, so I couldn't stick at anything for more than 5 minutes without starting something else and forgetting what I was doing.  Everywhere I turned I came across something I'd started doing and forgotten about!  Not much sewing done that day, but lots of little bits of housework got done so not all bad. 

After a day of not being able to stay put for long, my hip was killing me (probably should still have been resting it to be honest but I kept getting twitchy - another lovely narcolepsy side effect - so I couldn't stay still).  Anyway.  Cant do pain with out falling asleep, so there followed a few days of falling asleep all the bloody time.  Which is depressing.  Breakfast, fall asleep. Cup of tea, fall asleep.  Lunch, fall asleep.  Go to bathroom, fall asleep.  Cup of tea, fall asleep.  Dinner, fall asleep.  Put laptop on, fall asleep.  Cup of tea, fall asleep.  Go to bathroom, fall asleep.  Sit down and put telly on, fall asleep.  Go to bed, fall asleep.  Then in bed its sleep but waking up about 20 times...  Can you see how a few days of that can get a girl down?  3 days of never getting to drink my cup of tea whilst its still warm...  Fell asleep in the middle of my dinner twice.  That's the reason why, when on my own, I tend to like my dinner in a bowl, sitting on the sofa...  Total slob I know, but at least that way when I doze off in the middle of it nothing spills and my face doesn't land in it!

I did have a reasonably good weekend though, and I got my Single Girl quilt top done. 

Spot the spot... its just water from the not-very-good-steam-iron...
I'm happy enough with the rings, and I like my background colour, and its not joined up too bad... but... I'm just not too keen on it so far.  Its the size I think.  Its an awkward kinda size.  The rings are so big, the middle of the rings seems so huge.  I'm sure it will look a whole lot better with the quilting done.  If I don't mess that up that is!  Hand quilting...  I swear, every stage of this quilt makes me nervous!

Confession time.  This wasn't meant to be an entirely Single Girl related post.  I had a lovely wee project in mind to do today, and put in the blog.  Needless to say it didn't get done.  You see, I needed a specific piece of fabric.  I tried to find said piece of fabric.  I fell asleep.  When I woke up I found that I'd perhaps been a little over zealous in my searching...  basically I got stuck in the cupboard.  Sewing in a cupboard is kinda handy for me, I sit at the back of the cupboard on my wee swivel stool, and everything is more or less within reach.  I can get every stash box out to look through without leaving my seat.  Kind of have to put it all away again to be able to leave my seat actually, never mind get to the door...  Reminded me of when I was wee and I'd been in the bathroom too long,  my dad would stand outside the door singing "oh dear, what can the matter be, poor wee Sarah's stuck in the lavatory...."   Still, a few hours and a few naps later and I now have my fabric all wonderfully organised...although I do still have that annoying wee song going through my head.  As for the wee project, I'll have to try again tomorrow. 

Time for a wee bit of a goal to aim for.  I aim to post again Wednesday night, having done said wee project, and finished the quilt I started with mum.  Need to get it finished now, I've only gone and signed up for another Quilt-a-long.  (shouldn't that really be Quilt Along? I don't know, but its abbreviation is QAL which I'll be using from now on...)  Its with Lynne at Lilys Quilts and judging by the flikr feed its going to be a great laugh.  Its going to be another big one, (I'm so out of my comfort zone when its not 45x60!) but this one gets quilted as you go, so it'll provide me with the chance to get a bit more adventurous with my machine quilting!  And its more circles, which I clearly need practice on...


  1. I love the colours in your Single Girl quilt! I have been too scared of this pattern to give it a try. Good luck with the hand quilting :)

  2. Congrats on the followers...but not pressure, just keep writing nonsense...I think it's what people like best! Also, love your quilt progress! :)

  3. I LOVE your Single Girl quilt!! Don't worry, the quilting will finish it beautifully - part of its charm (I think) is all that white space.

    And yeah, no pressure on the following front. As a confirmed nonsense writer and fan-of it's totally part of your charm!

  4. Thanks all! Glad to know the nonsense is acceptable as I dont know if I could do any different! I do hope the quilting makes a difference though, looking at it again and it still looks odd to me... Kind of like I've not finished and there's still more to add...

  5. Hi! I came over from Lily's QAL. I like you single girl quilt - but I see what you mean about the size of the center of the circles. I think the quilting will take care of that :) Are you going to hand quilt it? I have been wanting to try that.

  6. I'm going to try to anyway!

  7. I love the rainbow colors on your single girl! It is just fantastic!

  8. Way to go on the single girl! Yeah, and if this is nonsense ... keep on writing it! Lovely blog ... Yay!

  9. Ya know least with Narcolepsy you have an excuse. I wonder around the house wondering what it was I was doing then head off to another on that for few only to be distracted by the simplest thing. Tonight for example, I spent one hour in my quilting studio. While down there I cut one block out, picked out my fabrics for the QAL, and photographed from stuff for a giveaway NEXT WEEK for my blog. I am pathetic. I could have had that block sewn if I wasn't so easily distracted. UGH!!

  10. Sarah & Mary - Thanks!
    Quilter in the Gap - lol that pretty much sounds like my days...

  11. Oh I think it looks good!!! It took me all of three days to cut (and re-cut) my templates!

    My close friend has Narcolepsy, too. "Wake me up when the light turns green", he tells me!

  12. i think it is beautiful! you are so inspiring. i can't wait to see what you make in lily's qal!

  13. Hey Sarah! LOVE that quilt. I actually like all the "space" inbetween. It looks really modern with your choice of background colour. You really do have a good eye for colour you know.

  14. Madame Parfait - thanks, took me a whole weekend and thats just for the 4 rings... Nice to hear someone else has Narcolepsy! I know I'm not the only one but it just seems like it sometimes!
    Nicke - thanks! Havent quite decided on my fabrics for Lilys QAL yet, cant believe others are piecing already...
    Thanks Portia, thats precisely the bit I worry about the most! Just find the end result so difficult to visualise.

  15. Hi Sarah,

    I agree with Portia, the background colour makes it look more modern and edgy than a plain white. Keep going, it'll be totally awesome once you have finished it (and it's pretty darn cool already)

  16. Thanks Law! Have to admit, I do love the grey. I love using white and its usually first choice, but I've got a few other colours to have a go with for future quilts. Hope I can get them to combine as well as the grey has!

  17. Oh, it's great and I'm a fan of grey (you know my first little quilt is mostly grey).
    And I like your way of writing so keep it up :)