Friday 18 March 2011

Owly Quilt

I'm a day late on my goal then...  Well, Monday was a write off.  I had to get my shopping done, and nothing wipes me out like a trip to the supermarket.  Actually anything involving leaving the house for more than 10 minutes seems to wipe me out these days!  So, one day late but Owly Quilt is done.  Here are a few pics..

I leave the room for one minute...

That's four wobbly lines along each strip of sashing, and ditch stitch round the "logs" (well it is 1/4 of a log cabin).

Lots and lots and lots of wobbly lines...

This time I tried doing the binding by machine.  I had intended to try the self bind method, but there were a couple of spots where my backing wasn't quite wide enough to fold over twice.  So, I made some binding with left over sashing solids and with a lot of pinning atttached it all, front and back, by machine.  So much faster, and I do love anything that makes things faster...  but to be honest I'm much much happier with the finished look of my usual hand stitched binding, this somehow felt, well, not quite the same.  However.  Owly Quilt is done!  (Well, its in the washing machine actually so it'll be wrinkling and crinkling as I write)  Poor Owly Quilt is going nowhere, other than into a plastic bag to keep dust off it.  First time in months I have a finished quilt with no home to go to. 

Today I made a plain white cotton blouse with loose long sleeves and elasticated cuffs, and a pretty pink knee length skirt with inverted pleat at the front.  At least its what I think is an inverted pleat, I was just making things up as I went along and I'm no dressmaker.  Its my homage to all the super talented ladies I've been following during their Me Made March.  I've been really enjoying all their posts and am thoroughly impressed with all they've been up to.

Oh, want to see some pics then?

Well jeez, you didn't think I was suddenly going to appear in person did you?!

Who's a little cutie pie... 


  1. Almost had me there for a minute. Lol Mum

  2. Oops, forgot to say OWLY QUILT is geoooorgeous, I don't think he'll be homeless for long ! x

  3. Thank you! And mum, did the words "Pink" and "Skirt" not tip you off?!

  4. You cheater! ;) I was super impressed that you'd made a skirt AND top AND finished a quilt and wanted whatever you'd found to give you the energy to make all that at once! The owly quilt and outfit for dolly are really pretty.

    Now get sewing a top and skirt for yourself!!! Cheeky minx!

  5. Doh, you had me going there!! I amholding you to our challenge you know!!

  6. Aww c'mon ladies, dont I get brownie points for my efforts even if they were for a doll not for me?! (The price of enough fabric to cover my ass would get me more than enough for a whole quilt...that's painful!) Anyway, I hemmed something! And, AND Miss P, I used your teachings on neck holes and did facings and everything...

  7. Love your Owly quilt - and your cat :)

  8. I really like the quilting, it looks great. And the quilt is so cozy, no wander the cat had to try it out :)
    BTW, I'm a cat person and all these photos with your cat in make me go Awww ;)

  9. NIce quilt! I love teh lines on the sashings be they wibbly or not - adds to the charm -es[ecially if it's a crinkly wrinkly quilt!

    Doll is cute and the skirt V pretty - I must admit I was trying to picture an adult pink knee length skirt and when you said pleat - well. I was lost!