Thursday 26 May 2011

More mistakes to learn from... you'd think....

I've been back in the cupboard again, and It Is Good.  Even if I don't necessarily love everything I make, just the process of making something makes me so much happier!  I got a couple of W.I.P's tidied up and out of the way.  Remember the scraps cushion cover that I went a bit mental on with my learning FM Quilting zeal...?

I told you the front looked nicer than the, admittedly insane looking, back.  I also took my practice Lynnebobsquarepants block and quilted and bound it.  Don't know what on earth for, as I cant think of a useful place for it and its a bit pale and wonky looking for my liking, but it was just scraps and it was all good practice for Mays Brit Bee Blocks.

I cant show you my finished bee blocks... but I can tell you a few things...
I thought I'd be a smart arse and ease my jangly nerves of HST's by carefully drawing on the exact line my stitching was to follow.  I thought I was oh so clever using my invisible fabric marker pen, I even tested it first on a teeny scrap to make sure it would disappear first.  I marked all my squares, pinned them, sewed them up, and cut them into triangles.  A few hours later when the marker lines had all disappeared, I went and pressed my triangles.  Something to remember for next time - fabric marker pens with ink that magically disappears, equally magically re-appears twice as bright, twice as dark, and apparently permanent if ironed over...  Perhaps not quite the brainwave I thought it was to use said pens to mark a sewing line, on someone else's fabric!
I confessed all to May Queen Bee, and not only was she incredibly sweet about it, she actually encouraged me to keep going and even to do a second block!  I have to be honest, I was ready to have a little sniffle and mope - I really, really don't want to be the weakest link as it were...  So, a huge big thank you to May Queen Bee, and a huge big hug too as she really did give me nothing but kind words of encouragement that really made a difference.  My finished blocks are not perfect, but hopefully they are not a complete disaster!  Such pretty fabrics, and pretty fabrics can make anything look good!

Talking of pretty fabrics...

 A sneaky peek at a quilt I'm making - the bee blocks needed seams pressed open, which is something I had to learn how to do and get some practice in!  Never mind burning myself on the hot iron I almost scalded myself on the bloody ironing board....

The sewing cupboard might have to come second to cooking in the kitchen this week though, I made a classic, rookie Narcolepsy mistake...  Did the shopping when I knew I was feeling a bit, well, dopey...  And hungry...  When I got to the checkout I do remember thinking "great - didn't take too long and it's almost over, soon be back home and I can kip".  Then as I started unloading the trolley I realised it was rather more full than it should have been...  A stronger (less knackered) person might have stopped there, turned back and put away the extra unnecessary items remembering the size of the fridge back home.  Not me.  Mind you, even a strong person might have cried at the bill and I am pleased to say I managed not to.  Oh, and as for "didn't take too long" it was actually over an hour...  Spare a thought for my poor man sat outside waiting for me.  Though I don't suppose that was quite as bad a wait as when I "nipped to the toilets" in Perth whilst we were away - he was stood outside the ladies for 40 minutes as I apparently fell asleep on the lavvy...

And now for... Brit Quilt Swap!  Lots of exciting designs popping up every day on flickr...  I had a good look at  the mosaic my partner did of everything she likes, did a wee bit of stalking, a bit of Internet browsing and found this
It's a painting called Asian Dream by Adriana Oancia, and she gave me the okay to try and do something with  her work as inspiration.  She has an etsy shop if you want to check her stuff out, it's bloomin lovely
So, here is my idea sketch for what I'd like to try and do...  Hope partner approves...

The tree will be a mix of applique and machine embroidery, the branches on each panel representing seasons (of which I realise there are four but that was looking too complicated all together..) so bare branches on the first panel, wee green buds on the middle panel, and white/pink blooms on the third panel.  Easy, huh?!
Actually, all I'm worried about its the colour grading - how am I going to do it?  Haven't got the foggiest.  Same way I do everything I suppose, a bit of trial and a lot of error!   Over-ambitious?  Me?!

Congratulations if you've made it to the end of this post!  I promise when my man's back at sea I will make more of an effort to post more regularly and hopefully not do so many 3000 word essays...


  1. I love both your inspiration painting and your interpretation of it for the Brit Quilt Swap. It's going to be a great quilt.

  2. You make me laugh - and I am a total advocate of 'a pretty fabric hides everything'! LOVE the metro circle - you are a tease!

    I fell asleep (OK there was alcohol involved) in the toilet in are rather swanky pub in Covent Garden in my 'yoof', and the barman had to unlock the door from the outside, after I had been MIA for an hour, pull my knick-knacks up and escort me out for some fresh air!

  3. Metro circles is looking great! Shame about the pen, but thanks for sharing because I was about to pen mark some stitching lines on the top of my BQS quilt... I will defo check now!

  4. I think that your quilt is going to be one of the best in the bee because the design is so bloody marvellous. Can't wait to see it develope. I buy too much in the grocery store all the time. I avoid Waitrose most of the time not because of the prices but because I find so many more tempting things in there. Want to see more of your metro circles quilt. I love that fabric and your design looks gorgeous.

  5. I love your Brit swap design - make it for meeeeeeeeee! No need to apologise either for lengthy blogs - it's your blog - do what you want with it. And anyway you always have a giggle or two in there, so they're fun to read. Jxo

  6. Great to hear from you. Great projects!!

  7. The quilt you are planning for the swap is going to be lovely! That pillow is also great, I hope you find a place for it. Looking forward to seeing your other projects when you are able to show the whole thing.

  8. *drools* those colours on the metro circles is looking great!

    Love the tree painting inspired quilt design, can't wait to see it finished!

    Sorry you've had a few incidents, sewing and otherwise, hope you have a smoother weekend! xx

  9. Sarah, your posts make me giggle, even though you must get pretty frustrated! I love your cushion and your quilt looks like it's going to be amazing! Your tree idea looks very intricate, can't wait to follow your progress!!!

  10. Thanks everyone! You'll all get to see more of the metro living when the quilt's done... fingers crossed soon! And I still havent figured out how I'm going to do the colour grading behind the tree...