Tuesday 3 May 2011

Nowt much yet.

Sorry my blogging has been a little sporadic of late, I think I'm done with my mopey cow funk now.  Or at least I hope so!  I dont have a great deal to show on this post, last week was another little experiment in "how long can sarah go without getting as much as 1 hours uninterupted sleep at night?"  Apparently its 5 nights in a row, and then I get 2 days of not being able to stay awake for more than an hour or so...  such fun!  I now have a pain in my throat when I bend my head down, I think I must have dozed off and dropped my head down too quickly and squished / pulled something...  Oh, and today I fell asleep dusting (who wouldnt, its bloody tedious) and I auto dusted a candle and glass dish off the mantle piece!  I'm not too bothered about losing the dish, I was way more annoyed about the resulting broken glass meaning the hoover had to come out again... 

Anyway... since last post I've done 2 stints of sewing.  Very poor going but I aim to triple it this week!  I had another go at the Lynnebobsquarepants block, (just in time too as my pre cut (yay!) fabric pieces for the first block in Brit Bee have arrived...no pics on that till next month, bee rules!)  So here's my second attempt, I made it a bit bigger, maybe that helped.

I know, I know, Red White & Blue...  Coincidence I assure you ;-)  This one went much better than the last, lets hope its a learning improvement not just a fluke! 

Look!  Most of the points even match up!   I had a few goes practicing more quilting on Friday - I'll let you see in the next post...

Meantime I'll be giving miss Elliecat a talking to.  I'll be telling her that although I do appreciate her enthusiasm at my horticultural attempts, her attempts are, I'm afraid, not appreciated...

Ellie cat attempts some repotting...
  Here's hoping I'll be posting again in a few days with something a bit more interesting, I've certainly got plenty of ideas and w.i.p.'s piling up...


  1. Hello lovely. Just stopping by to say hi as I haven't for a while...:) (I have had the bangiest headache for about 4 days now and my Petit Mal stuttering has made a return too for some reason :( But I've been a buggar for remembering my Epilim so my fault I guess!)
    I like the red,white and blue!!

  2. Your block looks brilliant. Don't worry about slow blogging weeks. Only you know when you're in the mood to write or not. And on a positive note, even if you broke something you are steps ahead of me because you DID dust. Evil bloody task and one I try to avoid!

  3. Your block looks fantastic!! It IS practice helping - your next ones will be just as fabulous, I promise!

    Sometimes I blog every day for a week and then not for a fortnight. Just take it as it comes, chickie.

  4. Fab lynnebob! At least you've had the sense to practise! I haven't even done that yet! Patience & practise pays off, clearly! Well done. Jxo

  5. Hi Sarah, the Lynnebobsquarepants looks perfect - yay for the matching points :)
    And the limited colours and patterns give it a totally new look.
    I'm sure your next block will be just as great as this one.

  6. Thanks everyone, so relieved I've still got readers!

  7. Dusting? ....no, you'll have to explain that one.