Monday 19 March 2012

Pinning horror

One of the many "rules" of sewing I'm not very good at following is the pinning rule.  Pin things before you sew them so that they stay together up to the last minute and then you will get your perfect points and matching seams and all that....
I hate pinning to be honest.  I have a big thing about counting pins, and I get in a massive panic if I think I've dropped one...  
They slow things down.  They get blunt and sometimes leave marks.  You have to be careful when pinning things to make sure you dont shift the fabric when you stick the pin in (thus defeating the entire purpose).  I always get jabbed by pins.  You have to sew slowly so that you can take the pins out as you come to them.
Of course it probably doesnt help that I tend not to select the style of pin in accordance to how I'm about to use them.  No.  I tend to select my pins on the basis that some taste better than others....  Anyway.

I hate pinning.  I mostly dont bother.  Unfortunately there are some things that really do need pinning.   Like the many layers in bag making for instance.
 If you are of a nervous disposition look away...

(yes I have unscrewed the needle from the arm, thats not what you're looking at....)

I was a split second too slow at pulling the pin out.  That or it was another of my marvellously bent pins.  Whichever.  The needle and pin are now one, somewhere beneath the dogs.  Cannot for the life of me shift either.  Or get my sewing out to finish on old machine.  Not without cutting it out, and its 3 days work that was sooooo close to finish so I'm not about to cut it out.  

Am a little upset!!!  

Where I live you cant just take machine to repair either.  It cant be handed in for servicing.  
What to do?

In a vain attempt to cheer myself up, I've entered Katy and Brenda's bundle competition...CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT ABOUT IT.  Its a generous competition to win a bunde of your own choice, and for your bundle to be available in the shop for others too.  This is my pick.

Top L-R
Medallion in green from Flea Market Fancy by Denise Schmidt
Hello Pilgrim Jewels in purple by Lizzy Scott
Mono Pez in Sky Blue, from Pezzy Prints by American Jane
Circuit in black Mechanical Genius by Mo Bedell

Middle  L-R
Roundabout dots in orange fizz from Modern Workshop by Oliver & S
Heath in Metal Pink by Alexander Henry
Fizz in Yellow from Fruit Slice by Khristian A Howell
Color me Check in Natural by Studio E

Bottom L-R
Daisys Dates in Graphite from Reunion by Sweetwater
Circle Stripes in Cloud Gray from A walk in the woods by Aneela Hoey
Dots in Steel Gray from Half Moon Modern by Momo
Dash Stripes in Cloud Gray from A walk in the woods by Aneela Hoey

I always love greys.  I almost always love anything bright.  But aside from that, this bundle is probably based on my most recent fabric crush....

Washi Tape in Charcoal by Rashida Coleman -Hale for Timeless Treasures

Something else that cheers me up... My Stained Quilt Along group on flickr is up to 60 members!  And, we have our first finish!

staind picnic
Staind Picnic & Fairgrounds by Lynz @ Domestic light and magic

Isn't it wonderful?  Staind Picnic & Fairgrounds!  Its by the equally wonderful and awffy lovely Lynz who blogs at Domestic Light and Magic
I love it!


  1. Oh no! I've had a machine that ended up like that when my walking foot needed oiling (sorted it out with olive oil!) but at least I could get everything unstuck.

  2. Have you tried using a magnet to get the needle out? That may work....
    Love your fabric choices I entered too =D
    That quilt looks awesome!!!

    I'm holding a small swap over at my blog if anyone is interested please pop over for a look =D

  3. Yikes, I so want to come and fiddle with your machine to fix the problem, would likely just make it worse. Nice bundle fabrics and that quilt is very motivating. I never count my pins, and spill them all the time. I have an total phobia about needles getting lost and then getting stepped on or sat on etc.

  4. Ok I've kind of done that before but I just kept jiggling and turning the wheel and it all somehow got unstuck. I hope you can get it sorted :(
    Love the bundle choices and great geometric patterns :)
    Lynz did a fab job!

  5. I had that happen to me a few months ago. I was in a rush to finish some gifts for Christmas and missed a pin. Jammed down in the bobbin case. I put the machine on the floor, put my foot on the deck and used a pair of pliers to pull it out. It was really in there. Then I had to drive 100 miles one way to take my machine in to make sure I didn't mess it up. Luckily if I call ahead and tell them I am coming they will work on it while I wait. Minor adjustments and I was good to go. Hope you can get yours fixed soon.

  6. Sorry about your machine. I hat pinning too. Probably a rejection of the intensity with which my mother pinned everything with a million pins. She was a fabulous dressmaker....I was not.

    I love the Stained glass quilt. I woul never have thought to do it in those fabrics. My mind has been expanded!


  7. What a pain....I pin as little as possible, as well.

  8. Yep I'm a pin hater - and now I know why! I really hope you get it sorted :(
    Love your bundle, such happy colours!

  9. You're supposed to count them?? Sewing police may come take me away.

    Maybe some pliers and a whole lot of swearing will get it fixed. We have a lot of seeing machine repair guys that fix vacuums. Odd combo but they may have a few like that around you.

  10. Pliers was my first thought too...while turning the wheel. I hope you do get it out without causing damage to your machine or your project! Ugh...pins!

  11. Oh Sarah, how frustrating. Can you remove the foot? That might losen things? Or do you know any mechanics or engineers? It iesntreally haveto be a sewing machine person, so long as they are mechanically minded, and understand the importance of the fabric, they may be able to help. I'd send you my "mechanic" (aka husband, 'bodger Brian) if I could, but he's near Windsor, so not a lot f help!

  12. suggest you unscrew the plate and take the bobbin and bobbin case out - get out as much 'free' stuff as you can - that way you could pull from the top and poke up from underneath. when you're pulling up, start from one side of where it's disappeared and have patience :) good luck.....and i was resisting the stand qa but that quilt has got me itching to start cutting out....

  13. that's 'stained' qu (quilt along).....fat fingers.....

  14. Oh no! That kind of thing happens to me all the time but the advantage of having the most basic, old fashioned type of machine (none of that luxury drop in bobbin malarkey) is that I can get right into it with various inappropriate tools and a good dose of frustrated aggression. As a last resort you could take it to that quilt shop and look tear-stained and pathetic - someone would be bound to help.
    That quilt looks great!

  15. Oh my, that is awful, what happened to your project your have been working on for three days already. And then not even a service nearby. Surely hope you get it solved fast.
    Glad you could find some distraction in the lovely fabric combination you made.
    Wow, the Stained quilt by Lynz is amazing!!!

  16. Pins are a complete PITA! Hope you can get it fixed soon. Love your fabric bundle :)

  17. Oh, I also like to break the machine needles. And it is always on the last stitching :(

    Lynz quilt looks so amazing! I love it...

  18. Oh what a pain in the bum! Hope you can get it fixed. Love your fabric selection, you've always a great eye for colour and pattern. Jxo

  19. Oh what a pain in the bum! I hope you get it fixed somehow. Love your fabric selection, Jxo

  20. I think a large glass of gin is necessary in this situation!

  21. Well, shee-it!! That's a pretty pickle to get yourself in, innit? I like the wiggle out the bobbin and anything else you can and get at it with pliers plan. Good luck and don't get too mad at it - a little mad but not raging coz things will invariably get nasty and flung about. Or is that just me? *g*

    I double taked (took?)there, it's such an odd but pleasing experience to see your own quilt and kid's fingers on someone elses blog!! I really enjoyed making your pattern, it was a pleasure to work on!

  22. Ahhh nightmare! No sensible advice re your machine but I say ditch the pins and use Wonder clips! Lynz' quilt looks great, I might actually get some time soon to start on mine :-)

  23. I believe the down under version of what you would like to say is "oh bugger!"
    Hope you can restore it without resorting to cutting!!


  24. There has to be a way of getting that pin and needle out. Not sure what an wish I was there to help. Love your bundle and I would happily buy it given the appropriate budget.

  25. Bugger! I would do what others have suggested but don't forget to switch it off first (and please be wary of using a magnet near your machine if it has a computer in it). Then take out everything you can (have you raised the machine foot to reduce the top tension?) and gently wiggle and waggle to see if you can free it. I always stitch over pins (I'm a pinner - I'd rather spend 20 seconds pinning than 2 minutes unpicking!) and this sometimes happens but often I can free it up with minimal damage to the fabric. It's probably easier on my machine as I have a front loading bobbin so I can always open the 'front door' and get to the bobbin case, etc. - I wish you all the luck in the world, I just wish I was closer so I could pop round and see if I could help. Oh, and I love your bundle!!

  26. Good luck with your machine pickle - it's so good (sorry!) to see other people getting into a fankle, I seem to have spent most of the last few weeks unpicking, rethreading and trying not to swear in front of children. Lynz's quilt is fabulous. Juliex

  27. I don't know where in the UK you're based, but if it's near the Newcastle area I can point you in the direction of a couple of people.... not helpful if you're in Cornwall or Aberdeen!

  28. My suggestion is to try grabbing the pin or the needle with a pair of plyers thereby giving you more gripping power. I hope you are successful. Like Leanne, I want to come over and give it a go myself. But like Leanne, I would probably make it worse as well.

    I do love Lynz's quilt. I finally have all mine cut. I will be blogging about sashing choices on Thursday!

  29. Hope since you posted this you have had some luck tugging and pulling!! Bollocks!

  30. Yikes! Is himself home again any time soon? You know, for the brute force and ignorance approach? Otherwise, I'd favour the moving any 'free' stuff out of the way, then grab a pair of pliers, grip the sticky out bit with them and shoogle the wheel with the other hand. Then curse a bit, and maybe kick it ;o)

  31. Definitely an Oh Bugger moment! Hope you've got it all sorted now, plenty of great suggestions above. Are you left handed? will that explain why your pins are in the opposite direction to my own pinning habits. :) I too avoid pinning, but sometimes the evil deed really is necessary :) Whatever you do, don't hit it!

  32. Yea for a first QAL finish and I adore your bundle. Sarah at Fairyface D taught me to pin and sew over them and ever since, my points have significantly improved!

  33. dammit. i did the same thing the other night and i just worked with it while i muttered foul words under my breath. once the really dirty words started it magically came apart! i loooove lynz's stained. LOVE it!

  34. Glad you found time to pick a bundle - you do it so well! Grr ! But I know you got the bag finished as I have come back in time - is this how the Doctor feels!?